Marketing to Mums : How to sell more to Australia's most powerful consumer - Katrina McCarter

Marketing to Mums

How to sell more to Australia's most powerful consumer

By: Katrina McCarter

Paperback | 24 August 2016

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Mums are the powerhouse of the Australian economy – they’re responsible for more than 80 per cent of consumer spending. How well do you know them?

Whether you are a small business owner who needs to increase sales on a low budget, or a corporate marketing manager, wondering why you’re not selling more of a certain product, award-winning businesswoman Katrina McCarter has important information that can help you become more profitable.

Marketing to Mums offers a simple 8-step framework that shows you how to successfully market your product or service to mums.
  • Recognising the diverse nature of mums
  • Avoid the nine mistakes most businesses make
  • Attract mums to your business, then turn them into raving fans
  • Harness the power of social media and word of mouth advertising
  • Grow your business through partnerships

By understanding who mums really are and how they make decisions, you will increase sales and improve your bottom line without breaking the bank.


'Being a mother can be hard enough, and the pressure of the media only makes it more challenging at times. Media is a powerful voice and has the capacity to shape emotions, perceptions and outcomes, and make us feel less than or like we don't belong. On the flip side, it has the power to move and uplift us and it's imperative that brands understand how to achieve this when reaching out to the powerful mums demographic. Brands need more than stereotypes and misnomers if they are to capture our hearts and minds, and ultimately, our wallets. I highly recommend Marketing to Mums for anyone striving to do this, and applaud Katrina McCarter for her work in this area. Happy reading.'

Emma Isaacs, Founder and Global CEO, Business Chicks (and mother of four)

'Katrina McCarter is one of the leading Australian authorities on marketing to mums. She is the first person to really back her strategies and suggestions with in-depth research. That's what makes Marketing to Mums such an impressive and powerful book for anyone serious about success with the huge mum market.'

Andrew Griffiths, Australia's #1 Small Business and Entrepreneurial Author

About the Author

Katrina McCarter is the founder and CEO of Marketing to Mums, a research and marketing consultancy. She is a marketing strategist who specialises in understanding mothers as a powerful market sector, through experience and research. Katrina is highly regarded for her creative growth strategies and her ability to negotiate strategic partnerships, and works with both small and big businesses to increase sales and profits selling to mums. An award-winning businesswoman and mother of three, Katrina is an accomplished speaker and regular contributor to business media including and has been featured on Today Tonight and in The Age and Sydney Morning Herald, The Brisbane Times and Smart Company.

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