Mallawindy - Joy Dettman



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Ann Burton was born on a river bank the night her father tried to burn their house down.

Six years later her sister Liza disappears while they are staying at their uncle's property. What Ann sees that day robs her of her memory and her speech.

Ann escapes her anguished childhood, finding love and a new life away from Mallawindy.

But there is no escape from the Burton family and its dark secrets.

Ann must return to Mallawindy and confront the past if she is ever to be free.

'A highly competent and confident debut novel' - SUNDAY TELEGRAPH

'A compelling story, well holds promise of further enthralling fiction from its author' - CANBERRA TIMES

'A stunning debut; a rich and engrossing read; a tale of page-turning suspense and mystery; a postmortem of family ties; all this and more, Mallawindy will grab you hook, line and sinker' - QUEENSLAND TIMES

About the Author

Joy Dettman was born in Echuca, Victoria and now lives in Melbourne. Joy, a mother of four, is a full-time writer of award-winning short stories and the highly acclaimed novels Mallawindy, Jacaranda Blue, Goose Girl, Yesterday's Dust, The Seventh Day, Henry's Daughter and One Sunday.

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