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Magnetic Storage Systems Beyond 2000 : NATO Science Series II - George C. Hadjipanayis

Magnetic Storage Systems Beyond 2000

NATO Science Series II

Paperback Published: 1st December 2001
ISBN: 9781402001185
Number Of Pages: 497

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An up-to-date and comprehensive review of magnetic storage systems, including particulate and rigid media, magnetic heads, tribology, signal processing spintronics, and other, future systems. A thorough theoretical discussion supplements the experimental and technical aspects. Each section commences with a tutorial paper, which is followed by technical discussions of current research in the area. Written at a level suitable for advanced graduate students.

Preface. Rigid Media. Tutorial Overview of Digital Recording Systems; B.K. Middleton, M.M. Aziz. Particulate Magnetic Recording Media; D.E. Speliotis. Modem Hard Disk Media Issues; D.N. Lambeth. Perpendicular Magnetic Recording; Y. Nakamura. Perpendicular Recording Media for Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recording; M. Futamoto, et al. Patterned Magnetic Thin Films for Ultra High Density Recording; J.C. Lodder, et al. Lorentz Imaging of Sub-Micron Patterned Elements; K.J. Kirk, et al. Self-Assembled Magnetic Nanostructures: Fe(110) Islands on a Mo(110) 10) Surface; P.O. Jubert, et al. Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Magnetically Patterned Co/Pt Multilayers; G.J. Kusinski, et al. Nanoscale Materials for Extremely High Density Recording; D.J. Sellmyer, et al. CoPt Nanoparticles for High Density Magnetic Recording Media; Y. Huang, et al. Magneto-Optical. A Universal Compact Magneto-Optic Faraday Rotat∨ V. Parfenov, V. Parfenov. New Magneto-Optical Recording Media; J. Ferre. Thermal Stability in Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Recording Media; T. Suzuki, et al. Materials Characterization. Magnetic Measurement Techniques; H. Szymczak, R. Szymczak. Magnetic Method for Anisotropy Axis Distribution Analysis; C. Papusoi, et al. The Use of Generalized DeltaM Plots in the Interaction Field Analysis; M. Cerchez, et al. Magnetism and Microstructure: Imaging Techniques and Structure-Property Correlations in Information Storage Materials; K.M. Krishnan. In-Situ Observations of Magnetization Reversal Processes of Submicron Square Permalloy Elements Using Lorentz Transmission Electron Micros© M. Sessner, et al. In-Situ Observations of Magnetization Reversal Processes of Structured TMR-Elements with Lorentz Transmission Electron Micros© S. Henzelmann, et al. New Techniques for Investigation of Magnetic Structures with In-Plane Applied Magnetic Fields in Lorentz TEM; M. Heumann, et al. Efficient Kerr Micros© B. Argyle, J.G. McCord. A New Concept in Magnetic Force Microscope Cantilevers; A.G. VanDenBos, et al. Applications of Tip Calibration in Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM); P.J.A. Van Schendel, et al. Regime for Spin-Resonant Computers Using Noise Pulses; E. Apushkinsky, M. Astrov. Theoretical Modeling. Introduction to Thermal Activation and High Frequency Dynamics; R.W. Chantrell. Computational Micromagnetism of Magnetic Structures and Magnetization Processes in Thin Platelets and Small Particles; H. KronmÜller, R. Hertel. Finite Size Effects in Small Particle Systems; O. Iglesias, et al. Micromagnetic Analysis of the Physical Basis of Vector Preisach-Type Models; L. Stoleriu, et al. Micromagnetic Evaluation of the Interactions in Particulate Systems; A. Stancu, et al. Static and Dynamic Interactions in Fine and Ultrafine Particulate Systems; C.G. Verdes, et al. Switching/Nanophase Materials. Synthesis of Passivated Cobalt Nanocrystal Arrays with Controlled Size and Shape; V.F. Puntes, et al. Magnetization Reversal and Anisotropy in Exchange Coupled Structures; C. Prados, et al. Magnetic Aerogels; Ll. Casas, et al. Glassy Features and Surface Effects in Maghemite Nanoparticle Systems; D. Fiorani, et al. Enhancement of Magnetic Properties; Co Substitution in Nd3(Fe1-xCox)27.5 Ti1.5(x=0,0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4) Intermetallic Compounds; D.K. Gioureli, et al. Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Nanocomposites; A.M. Testa, et al. Study of Nanostructured Cu-Ferrospinel for Magnetic Storage Media; I. Nedkov, et al. High Speed Switching in Recording Media; W.D. Doyle, et al. Magnetic Heads - Tribology. A Highly Sensitive Spin-Valve Transist∨ O.M.J. Van 't Erve, et al. Epitaxial Growth of Iron Nitrides by MBE in the Presence of an Atomic Nitrogen Source; D.M. Borsa, et al. An Introduction to Magnetic Recording Heads; M.H. Kryder. The Tribology of Flexible Magnetic Recording Media; J.L. Sullivan. Macro- and Microtribology of Magnetic Rigid Disk Drives; B. Bhushan. Surface Analysis of Media/Head Interactions in Informat

ISBN: 9781402001185
ISBN-10: 1402001185
Series: NATO Science Series II
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 497
Published: 1st December 2001
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Country of Publication: US
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