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Magnetic Storage Systems Beyond 2000 : NATO Science Series II - George C. Hadjipanayis

Magnetic Storage Systems Beyond 2000

NATO Science Series II

By: George C. Hadjipanayis (Editor)

Hardcover Published: December 2001
ISBN: 9781402001178
Number Of Pages: 497

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An up-to-date and comprehensive review of magnetic storage systems, including particulate and rigid media, magnetic heads, tribology, signal processing spintronics, and other, future systems. A thorough theoretical discussion supplements the experimental and technical aspects. Each section commences with a tutorial paper, which is followed by technical discussions of current research in the area. Written at a level suitable for advanced graduate students.

Tutorial Overview of Digital Recording Systemsp. 1
Particulate Magnetic Recording Mediap. 25
Modern Hard Disk Media Issuesp. 55
Perpendicular Magnetic Recordingp. 75
Perpendicular Recording Media for Ultra-High-Density Magnetic Recordingp. 103
Patterned Magnetic Thin Films for Ultra High Density Recordingp. 117
Lorentz Imaging of Sub-Micron Patterned Elementsp. 145
Self-Assembled Magnetic Nanostructures: Fe(110) Islands on a Mo(110) Surfacep. 153
Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopy Investigation of Magnetically Patterned Co/Pt Multilayersp. 157
Nanoscale Materials for Extremely High Density Recordingp. 163
CoPt Nanoparticles for High Density Magnetic Recording Mediap. 171
A Universal Compact Magneto-Optic Faraday Rotatorp. 177
New Magneto-Optical Recording Mediap. 181
Thermal Stability in Magnetic and Magneto-Optical Recording Mediap. 201
Magnetic Measurement Techniquesp. 225
Magnetic Method for Anisotropy Axis Distribution Analysisp. 243
The Use of Generalized [Delta]M Plots in the Interaction Field Analysisp. 247
Magnetism and Microstructure: Imaging Techniques and Structure-Property Correlations in Information Storage Materialsp. 251
In-Situ Observations of Magnetization Reversal Processes of Submicron Square Permalloy Elements Using Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopyp. 271
In-Situ Observation of Magnetization Reversal Processes of Structured TMR-Elements with Lorentz Transmission Electron Microscopyp. 277
New Techniques for Investigation of Magnetic Structures with In-Plane Applied Magnetic Fields in Lorentz TEMp. 281
Efficient Kerr Microscopyp. 287
A New Concept in Magnetic Force Microscope Cantileversp. 307
Applications of Tip Calibration in Magnetic Force Microscopy (MFM)p. 313
Regime for Spin-Resonant Computers Using Noise Pulsesp. 317
Introduction to Thermal Activation and High Frequency Dynamicsp. 321
Computational Micromagnetism of Magnetic Structures and Magnetization Processes in Thin Platelets and Small Particlesp. 345
Finite Size Effects in Small Particle Systemsp. 363
Micromagnetic Analysis of the Physical Basis of Vector Preisach-Type Modelsp. 369
Micromagnetic Evaluation of the Interactions in Particulate Systemsp. 373
Static and Dynamic Interactions in Fine and Ultrafine Particulate Systemsp. 377
Synthesis of Passivated Cobalt Nanocrystal Arrays with Controlled Size and Shapep. 381
Magnetization Reversal and Anisotropy in Exchange Coupled Structuresp. 385
Magnetic Aerogelsp. 391
Glassy Features and Surface Effects in Maghemite Nanoparticle Systemsp. 397
Enhancement of Magnetic Properties by Co Substitution in Nd[subscript 3](Fe[subscript 1-x]Co[subscript x])[subscript 27.5] Ti[subscript 1.5](x=0,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.4) Intermetallic Compoundsp. 405
Magnetic Properties of Iron Oxide Nanocompositesp. 411
Study of Nanostructured Cu-Ferrospinel for Magnetic Storage Mediap. 419
High Speed Switching in Recording Mediap. 425
A Highly Sensitive Spin-Valve Transistorp. 441
Epitaxial Growth of Iron Nitrides of MBE in the Presence of an Atomic Nitrogen Sourcep. 445
An Introduction to Magnetic Recording Headsp. 449
The Tribology of Flexible Magnetic Recording Mediap. 467
Macro- and Microtribology of Magnetic Rigid Disk Drivesp. 487
Surface Analysis of Media/Head Interactions in Information Storage Systemsp. 497
Modulation and Coding for Digital Magnetic Recording Systemsp. 505
Iterative Equalization and Decoding for Magnetic Recording Channelsp. 519
Exchange-Biased Magnetic Tunnel Junctions Prepared by In-Situ Natural Oxidationp. 531
XPS Analysis of Thin Insulating Barriers in Magnetic Tunnel Junctionsp. 537
Giant Magnetoresistance of Fe/Cr Superlattices in Wide Frequency Rangep. 541
Enhancement of Coercivity Induced by Film Morphology Changes in Co/Cu Multilayersp. 545
Laser Irradiation Effects on Microstructure and Magneto-Transport Properties of PLD Co[subscript 0.08]Ag[subscript 0.92] Filmsp. 551
Epitaxy and Magnetism of Fe and FeCo on GaAs (001): Growth, Onset of Ferromagnetism and Magnetic Anisotropiesp. 555
Future of Magnetic Recording Systemsp. 559
Hybrid Recordingp. 571
High Density Recording Phase-Change Optical Disk Technologyp. 585
Beyond Magnetic Storage: Atoms and Moleculesp. 599
Author Indexp. 607
Subject Indexp. 609
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ISBN: 9781402001178
ISBN-10: 1402001177
Series: NATO Science Series II
Audience: General
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 497
Published: December 2001
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc.
Country of Publication: US
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