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Magnetic Hysteresis In Novel Magnetic Materials : Proceedings Of The NATO Advanced Study Institute On Magnetic Hysteresis Held In Mykonos, Greece, 1996 :  Proceedings Of The NATO Advanced Study Institute On Magnetic Hysteresis Held In Mykonos, Greece, 1996 - George C. Hadjipanayis

Magnetic Hysteresis In Novel Magnetic Materials : Proceedings Of The NATO Advanced Study Institute On Magnetic Hysteresis Held In Mykonos, Greece, 1996

Proceedings Of The NATO Advanced Study Institute On Magnetic Hysteresis Held In Mykonos, Greece, 1996

By: George C. Hadjipanayis (Editor)

Paperback Published: July 1997
ISBN: 9780792346043
Number Of Pages: 905

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This book offers a detailed presentation of the physics of the various hysteresis models that are currently used to explain the magnetization reversal process, including coherent and incoherent magnetization processes, micromagnetism and its application in thin films, multilayers, nanowires, particles and bulk magnets, domain wall pinning and domain wall dynamics, and Preisach modelling. Some of the faulty concepts and interpretations that still exist in the literature are rectified. Magnetic imaging techniques are reviewed, including TEM, SEM, magnetic force microscopy, and optical microscopy.

Temperature, field and angular dependence of coercivity, magnetic interactions and magnetic phenomena are reviewed and their effect on magnetic hysteresis is discussed.The magnetic properties of novel materials are discussed, including nanoparticles, nanocrystalline granular solids, particulate media, thin films, and bulk magnets. Finally, present and future applications of novel materials are presented, including magnetic and magneto-optic recording media, magneto-electronics, sensors, magnetic circuit design, and novel structures created from rigid, high-energy permanent magnets.

Coherent and Incoherent Magnetization Processes in Non-Interacting Particles, Analytic and Numerical Micromagneticsp. 1
Interaction Effects in Fine Particle Systemsp. 21
Monte Carlo Simulations of Small Interacting Magnetic Particlesp. 37
A Monte Carlo Simulation of the Hysteresis Behavior of Small Magnetic Particlesp. 45
Micromagnetics of Thin Films and Multilayersp. 49
Micromagnetism of Small Structuresp. 69
Magnetic Hysteresis in Bilayerp. 79
Micromagnetism and the Microstructure of Modern Magnetic Materialsp. 85
Stochastic Model for Domain Wall Dynamics and Ferromagnetic Hysteresisp. 109
Influence of Defects Shape and Period on Domain Wall Coercive Fieldp. 115
Avalanches Size Distribution in Model Hard Magnetic Materials Having Different Texturesp. 121
Domain Wall Dynamics and Preisach Modellingp. 125
The Effect of Thermally Induced Relaxation on the Remanent Magnetization in a Moving Preisach Modelp. 147
A Vectorial Preisach-type Model for Magnetic Hysteresis for Interacting Stoner-Wohlfarth Particlesp. 159
An Experimental System of the Classical Preisach Model of Magnetic Hysteresisp. 165
Analysis of the Identification Methodologies in Preisach Modelingp. 173
First Principles Determination of Hyperfine Fields in Pt/Fe (111) Multilayersp. 179
Critical Behavior of the Thermal Conductivity near a Magnetic Phase Transitionp. 187
Imaging Magnetic Structures in the Transmission Electron Microscopep. 195
Domains, Domain Walls and the Magnetisation Reversal Processp. 207
Magnetic Force Microscopy of Sintered NdFeBp. 215
Magnetic Viscosity and Hysteresis Phenomenap. 221
Quantum Hysteretic Phenomena in Mn[subscript 12]-Acetate Magnetic Clustersp. 233
Anomalous Magnetic Aftereffectp. 243
NMR as a Tool in Structural Studies of Modern Magnetic Materialsp. 253
Particulate Magnetic Recording Mediap. 259
Angular Dependence of Magnetization Reversal and Neel Brown Theoryp. 283
Anomalous Hysteresis Properties in Ferrimagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Nanoparticlesp. 293
Magnetisation Reversal in Cobalt and Permalloy Nano-Elementsp. 304
Magnetization Dependence on Temperature and Grain Size in Nanostructured Samplesp. 315
Effect of Preparation Conditions on the Structural and Magnetic Properties of Fe-SiO[subscript 2]p. 321
Magnetic Characterization of Ni Nanoparticles Dispersed in Silicap. 327
Fine Particle Magnetism in SmCo[subscript 5] Produced by Ball Millingp. 333
The Application of Spark Erosion to the Synthesis of Thin Films Containing Ultrafine Particlesp. 339
Compaction of Chemically Prepared Amorphous Fe-B Nanoparticlesp. 345
Magnetic Behaviour of [actual symbol not reproducible]-Fe[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Nanoparticlesp. 351
Hysteresis Loops and Remanence Curves of Small [actual symbol not reproducible]-Fe[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Particles with Different Packing Densitiesp. 357
Irreversible and Time Dependent Magnetic Behavior of [actual symbol not reproducible]-Fe[subscript 2]O[subscript 3] Interacting Particlesp. 363
Anomalies in the Relaxation of Small Magnetic Particles at Very Low Temperaturesp. 375
Magnetic Properties of Nanocrystalline CoFe[subscript 2]O[subscript 4] Particlesp. 383
Coercivity Enhancement in CuFe[subscript 2]O[subscript 4] and [actual symbol not reproducible] due to Oxidation and Jahn-Teller Distortionp. 389
Influence of Fe-Co Nanoinclusions on the Magnetic Behavior of Fe-Co Ferritesp. 395
Interactions and Demagnetization in Nanostructured Magnetic Materials: Nanocrystalline Particles and Granular Filmsp. 401
Interaction Effects on Magnetic Relaxation in an Fe[subscript 20]Ag[subscript 80] Granular Filmp. 407
Giant Magnetoresistance and Magnetic Interactions in Granular Co[subscript 10]Cu[subscript 90]p. 413
Magnetic Hysteresis in Novel Nanostructured Filmsp. 419
Microstructure and Coercivity in Thin Films and Multilayerp. 453
Structure and Magnetism of Epitaxial Rare-Earth-Transition-Metal Filmsp. 467
Magnetic Anisotropy of Ultra-Thin Films and Multilayersp. 479
Domain Confinement in Mesoscopic Epitaxial Cobalt Patchesp. 485
Temperature Dependence of Hysteresis Loops of Ni Films - Characteristics of Fine-Grained Structurep. 499
Perpendicular Anisotropy and Domain Structure in Granular Magnetic Solidsp. 505
Novel Hysteresis Phenomena in Ti-Fe Granular Thin Filmsp. 511
Stoichiometry and Magnetic Properties of Reactively Sputtered Fe-O Filmsp. 517
Variations of Coercivity (H[subscript c]) and Remanence Magnetization (M[subscript r]) as a Function of Layer Thickness in NiFe/Ag Ultrathin Multilayersp. 523
Experimentally Observed and Theoretically Simulated Inverted Hysteresis Loops in Pd-Ni and Pd-Ni Multilayersp. 529
Instability of Perpendicular-Magnetization Hysteresis Features in Pt-Ni and Pd-[CoPd] Multilayersp. 533
Visualization of Domain Wall Propagation in Ultra-Thin Co/Pt Films Using Transmission Electron Microscopyp. 537
CoNiO/NiO and NiMn Exchange Biasing Materialsp. 543
Magnetization Process in Co/Cr/Co Trilayers with Ferro- and Antiferromagnetic Interlayer Couplingp. 549
Magnetoresistance of MBE-Grown Co-Cu Multilayersp. 555
Giant Moment in Sputtered Fe-N Films Grown Expitaxially on Si(001)p. 561
Review of Bulk Permanent Magnetsp. 567
Nanocrystalline Hard Magnetic Rare Earth Alloysp. 599
Exchange Interaction in Multiphase Systemsp. 609
Magnetization Processes in Composite Systemsp. 619
Microstructural Investigations of Exchange Coupled and Decoupled Nanocrystalline FeNdB Permanent Magnetsp. 631
A Study of the Effect of Magnetizing Field Strength on the Measured Values of Intrinsic Coercivity and Remanence in Commercial Rare-Earth Magnetsp. 639
Domain Wall Pinning by Radiation Damage in Sm[subscript 2]Fe[subscript 17]N[subscript 3]Powdersp. 645
Permanent Magnet Powders Produced by Gas Atomizationp. 651
Magnetic Viscosity Measurements on FeNdB Magnets with Different Microstructurep. 657
Magnetic Phase Transitions and Magnetic Crystalline Anisotropy in SmFe[subscript 11-x]Co[subscript x]Ti Compoundsp. 663
Upscaling the Production of Sm[subscript 2]Fe[subscript 17]N[subscript 3] Permanent Magnetic Powdersp. 669
High Coercivity in Ultra-Fine Grained PrFeBCu Alloy Prepared by Torsion Deformationp. 673
Canting Effects in Nucleation and Reversal Processes of RE-TM Compoundsp. 679
Soft Magnetic Materialsp. 685
Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Soft Magnetsp. 711
Losses and Domain Structure vs. Induced Anisotropies on Zeromagnetostrictive Amorphous Alloysp. 731
Temperature Dependence of Coercivity of Some Soft Magnetic Materialsp. 737
Evolution of the Magnetic Properties with Annealing Temperature for CoMnSiB Microwiresp. 743
Magnetic Hysteresis in Amorphous Glass-Covered Wiresp. 749
Absence of Field Cooling Effect on the Hysteresis Loop in Amorphous Fe[subscript 93]Zr[subscript 7]p. 755
Magnetic Properties of the Bulk Iron Borate Fe[subscript 3]BO[subscript 5]p. 761
Present Status and Future Magnetic Data Storagep. 767
Permanent Magnet Design: Methods of Magnetic Circuit Designp. 781
Permanent Magnet Design: Magnetic Cladding and Periodic Structuresp. 811
Permanent Magnet Design: Hollow Cylindrical and Spherical Structuresp. 845
Some Aspects of the Design and Operation of the Polyphase Hysteresis Motorp. 873
Low-Hysteresis Co/Cu Multilayers for Position Sensorsp. 881
Author Indexp. 887
Subject Indexp. 891
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ISBN: 9780792346043
ISBN-10: 0792346041
Series: NATO Asi Series. Series E, Applied Sciences
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 905
Published: July 1997
Country of Publication: NL
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