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Love In A Cold Climate : Popular Penguins

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Published: 1st September 2008
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Nancy Mitford's Love in a Cold Climate is a wickedly funny satire, brilliantly lampooning upper-class society. When Polly, a beautiful aristocrat, declares her love for her married, lecherous uncle - who also happens to be her mother's former lover - she sparks off a scandal that has both disastrous and delicious consequences. Love in a Cold Climate is an unforgettable tale of the absurdities and obsessions of the elite.

About The Author

Nancy Mitford (1904-1973) was born in London, the eldest child of the second Baron Redesdale. Her childhood in a large, remote country house with her five sisters and one brother is recounted in the early chapters of The Pursuit of Love (1945), which, according to Mitford, is largely autobiographical. Apart from being taught to ride and speak French, Nancy Mitford always claimed she never received a proper education. She started writing before her marriage in 1932 in order 'to relieve the boredom of the intervals between recreations established by the social conventions of her world' and had written four novels before the success of The Pursuit of Love in 1945. After the war she moved to Paris and she spent the rest of her life in France. She followed The Pursuit of Love with Love in a Cold Climate (1949), The Blessing (1951) and Don't Tell Alfred (1960). She also wrote four works of biography: Madame de Pompadour, first published to great acclaim in 1954, Voltaire in Love, The Sun King and Frederick the Great. As well as being a novelist and biographer she also translated Madame de Lafayette's classic novel, La Princesse de Cléves, into English, and edited Noblesse Oblige, a collection of essays concerned with the behaviour of the English aristocracy and the idea of 'U' and 'non-U'. Nancy Mitford was awarded the CBE in 1972.

Oh! How exciting! You are engaged?'

He gave me a sidelong whimsical look.

'Oh yes,' he said 'engaged!'

'And are you to be married soon?'

But why, I wondered, had he come away alone, without her? If I had such a fascinating fiancé I would follow him everywhere, I knew, like a faithful spaniel.

'I don't imagine it will be very soon,' he said gaily. 'You know what it is with the Vatican, time is nothing to them, a thousand ages are like an evening gone. Do I not know a lot of English poetry?'

'If you call it poetry. It's a hymn, really. But what has your marriage got to do with the Vatican, isn't that in Rome?'

'It is. There is such a thing as the Church of Rome, my dear young lady, which I belong to, and this Church must annul the marriage of my affianced ? do you say affianced?'

'You could. It's rather affected.'

'My inamorata, my Dulcinea must annul her marriage before she is at liberty to marry me.'

'Goodness! Is she married already?'

'Yes, yes of course. There are very few unmarried ladies going about, you know. It's not a state that lasts very long with pretty women.'

'My Aunt Emily doesn't approve of people getting engaged when they are married. My mother is always doing it and it makes Aunt Emily very cross.'

'You must tell your dear Aunt Emily that in many ways it is rather convenient. But all the same, she is quite right, I have been a fiancé too often and far too long and now it is time I was married.'

'Do you want to be?'

'I am not sure. Going out to dinner every night with the same person, this must be terrible.'

'You might stay in?'

'To break a habit of a lifetime is rather terrible too. The fact is, I am so accustomed now to the engaged state that it is hard to imagine anything different.'

'But have you been engaged to other people before this one?'

'Many many times,' he admitted.

'What happened to them all?'

'Various unmentionable fates.'

'For instance, what happened to the last one before this?'

'Let me see. Ah, yes ? the last one before this did something I couldn't approve of, so I stopped loving her.'

'But you can stop loving people because they do things you don't approve of?'

'Yes, I can.'

'What a lucky talent,' I said, 'I'm sure I couldn't.'

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