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Logic and Philosophy in the Lvov-Warsaw School : Synthese Library - Jan Wolenski

Logic and Philosophy in the Lvov-Warsaw School

Synthese Library

Hardcover Published: 31st December 1988
ISBN: 9789027727497
Number Of Pages: 374

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The Lvov-Warsaw School was active in all spheres of philosophy. Its members worked in the border area between philosophy and disci- plines such as psychology, linguistics, and literary theory. But its most important achievements were without doubt in logic and philosophical analysis based on logic. The present book is concerned with fields to which the Lvov-Warsaw School made its most important and famous contributions. Data on the School as a whole are included only in the first and last part of the book. This work is based on my monograph (1985), which appeared in Polish. But it is not merely a translation, because some fragments of the Polish version have been omitted (e. g. , the chapter on ethics), and some have been revised. Many persons helped me in my work on the book in Polish as well as on the present edition. I must first mention the late Izydora D~mbska, to whom this book is dedicated. On various detailed issues I have availed myself of advice and information given to me by Stefan Amsterdamski, Zdzislaw Augustynek, Kazimierz Czarnota, Henryk Hii, Boleslaw Iwanus, Jacek Jadacki, Jacek KabziIiski, Stanislaw Kiczuk, Tomasz Komendzinski, Janina Kotarbinska, Czeslaw Lejewski, Jerzy Perzanowski, Marian Przet~cki, the late Jerzy Slupecki, Klemens Szaniawski, Stefan Zamecki, Zbigniew Zwinogrodzki i Jan Zygmunt. I am indebted to Jaakko Hintikka for suggesting that my book be trans- lated into English and published by Reidel. Olgierd Wojtasiewicz helped me to prepare the English text.

I / The Origin and Development of the Lvov-Warsaw School.- 1. The Rise of the Lvov-Warsaw School and the Periods in its Development.- 2. Kazimierz Twardowski and the Lvov Stage.- 3. The Lvov-Warsaw School Between the World Wars.- 4. World War II and the Post-1945 Period.- 5. The Typical Philosopher of the Lvov-Warsaw School.- Photographs.- II / Some Philosophical Views of Kazimierz Twardowski.- 1. Twardowski and the Philosophical Tradition.- 2. The Conception of Philosophy.- 3. Psychologism.- 4. Twardowski on Language.- 5. Twardowski on Truth.- 6. Analysis of the Word 'Nothing'.- 7. Problems in the Theory of Science.- 7.1. The Concept of Reasoning.- 7.2. A Priori (Rational, Deductive) versus A Posteriori (Empirical, Inductive) Sciences.- 7.3. The Humanities.- 8. Conclusion.- III / The Conception of Philosophy in the Lvov-Warsaw School.- 1. ?ukasiewicz.- 2. Kotarbi?ski.- 3. Ajdukiewicz.- 4. Cze?owski.- 5. Conclusion.- IV / The Development of Logic in the Lvov-Warsaw School: The Warsaw School of Logic.- 1. A Concise History of Logic in the Lvov-Warsaw School.- 2. Sociological Comments on the Warsaw School of Logic.- 3. General Remarks on the Further Chapters on Logic in the Lvov-Warsaw School.- V / The Classical Sentential Calculus.- 1. ?ukasiewicz's Parenthesis-Free Symbolism and his Criteria of Construction of Logical Systems.- 2. The Functionally Complete Classical Sentential Calculus - Axiomatic Approaches.- 3. Partial Sentential Calculi.- 4. The Sentential Calculus with Variable Functors.- 5. Ja?kowski's System of Natural Deduction.- 6. The Metalogic of the Sentential Calculus.- 7. Addenda. Concluding Remarks.- VI / Non-Classical Logics.- 1. Many-Valued Logics.- 2. Modal Logic.- 3. Intuitionistic Logic.- 4. Ja?kowski's Discursive Logic.- 5. Concluding Remarks.- VII / Le?niewski's Systems.- 1. Introduction.- 2. Intuitive Formalism.- 3. Semantic Categories and Constructive Nominalism.- 4. Some Formal Properties of Le?niewski's Systems.- 5. Protothetic.- 6. Ontology.- 7. Mereology.- 8. The Controversy over Le?niewski. Conclusion.- VIII / Metamathematics, the Foundations of Mathematics and the Semantic Conception of Truth.- 1. Metamathematics.- 2. Tarski's Semantic Theory of Truth. An Introduction.- 3. The Semantic Theory of Truth. The Formal Aspect.- 4. The Semantic Theory of Truth. The Philosophical Aspect.- 5. The General Conception of Semantics.- IX / History of Logic and Interpretations of Traditional Logic. The Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics.- 1. History of Logic.- 2. Interpretations of Traditional Logic.- 3. The Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics.- 3.1. The Warsaw School and the Main Trends in the Philosophy of Mathematics in the 20th Century.- 3.2. The Critique of Psychologism.- 3.3. Nominalism.- 3.4. Logic and Mathematics versus Reality.- 3.5. Concluding Remarks.- X / Logic, Semantics and Cognition: The Epistemology of Kazimierz Ajdukiewicz.- 1. The Conception of Meaning.- 2. Radical Conventionalism.- 3. Rejection of Radical Conventionalism.- 4. Toward Radical Empiricism.- 5. Semantics, Epistemology, Ontology.- 6. Concluding Remarks.- XI / Logic, Semantics and the World: The Ontology of Tadeusz Kotarbi?ski.- 1. Genuine and Apparent Names.- 2. Ontological Reism: The Basic Thesis.- 3. The Problem of the Interpretation of the Fundamental Thesis of Reism.- 4. Pansomatism and Radical Realism.- 5. Reism and Materialism.- 6. Why Reism?.- 7. The Troubles of Reism.- 8. Concluding Remarks.- Appendix to Chapters X - XI / Further Epistemological and Ontological Problems Discussed in the Lvov-Warsaw School.- 1. Scepticism.- 2. Foundationalism, Fallibilism, Conventionalism, Truth.- 3. What Exists?.- 4. The Mind-Body Problem.- 5. Time, Space, Causality, and Quantum Theory.- 6. Conclusion.- XII / The Philosophy of Language.- 1. Conceptions of Meaning.- 1.1. Ajdukiewicz.- 1.2. Kotarbi?ski.- 2. Analytic Sentences.- 2.1. ?ukasiewicz and Tarski.- 2.2. Ajdukiewicz.- 2.3. Kokoszy?ska.- 3. Empty Names.- 4. Concluding Remarks.- XIII / The Philosophy of Science.- 1. Reasoning and Its Modes.- 2. Induction, Probability, and Justification.- 2.1. ?ukasiewicz; Pozna?ski and Wundheiler.- 2.2. Hosiasson.- 2.3. Ajdukiewicz.- 2.4. Cze?owski.- 2.5. Zawirski and Mehlberg.- 2.6. Kokoszy?ska.- 2.7. Concluding Remarks.- 3. The General Picture of the Scientific Method and Scientific Theories.- 3.1. The Ontology of Science and the Methods of Investigating Science.- 3.2. Heuresis.- 3.3. Justification.- 3.4. The Structure of Scientific Theories.- 3.5. Theories versus Facts.- 3.6. The Problem of Unity of Science.- 3.7. The Development of Science.- 3.8. Concluding Remarks.- XIV / Once More History and Beyond.- 1. The Lvov-Warsaw School and Logical Empiricism.- 2. The Problem of the Unity of the Lvov-Warsaw School.- 3. The Lvov-Warsaw School or the Lvov School and the Warsaw School?.- 4. The Importance of the Lvov-Warsaw School.- Notes.- List of the Philosophers of the Lvov-Warsaw School Mentioned in this Book.- Index of Names.- Index of Subjects.

ISBN: 9789027727497
ISBN-10: 902772749X
Series: Synthese Library
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 374
Published: 31st December 1988
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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