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Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State : A Brief History with Documents - Jeffrey Brooks

Lenin and the Making of the Soviet State

A Brief History with Documents

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Vladimir Ilich Lenin (1870-1924) led the first successful revolt against market-based liberal democracy and founded the Soviet state in 1917, serving as the new nation's chief architect and sole ruler for the next five years. He created an innovative political, economic, social, and cultural system that in its heyday would challenge the military, technological, and cultural might of the United States. This collection of primary sources allows readers to learn about Lenin through his own words and explores the complicated relationship between Lenin's actions and his ideology. Jeffrey Brooks and Georgiy Chernyavskiy have translated newly available documents that make it possible to provide a more accurate portrait of this ruthless strategist. Document headnotes, a chronology, questions for consideration, and a selected bibliography offer additional pedagogical support and encourage students to analyze the actions and beliefs of a man who transformed world history and whose legacy continues to affect social and political movements throughout the world.

Forewordp. iii
Prefacep. v
Introduction: V. I. Lenin's Life and Legacyp. 1
V. I. Lenin and the Founding of the Soviet Statep. 1
The Russia of Lenin's Youthp. 3
Lenin as Revolutionaryp. 7
World War I and the Russian Revolutionp. 12
Bolshevik Rule and the New Soviet Statep. 17
War Communism: Ideology or Pragmatism?p. 20
Lenin's Last Active Years: The New Economic Policy and Other Innovationsp. 22
Lenin's Declinep. 25
Lenin's Legacyp. 29
The Documentsp. 35
Lenin and the Bolshevik Seizure of Power, 1900-1917p. 37
Lenin as a Theorist of Revolutionp. 38
From The Urgent Tasks of Our Movement, December 1900p. 38
From What Is to Be Done? 1902p. 39
From The Party Organization and Party Literature, November 1905p. 42
From Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism, 1916p. 44
From The State and Revolution, 1917p. 45
The Path to the Bolsheviks' Seizure of Powerp. 48
From The Tasks of the Proletariat in the Present Revolution (April Theses), April 1917p. 49
From Speech in Favor of the Resolution on the War, April 27 (May 10), 1917p. 51
From Resolution on the National Question, May 1917p. 52
From An Open Letter to the Delegates of the All-Russian Congress of Peasants' Deputies, May 7 (29), 1917p. 53
From The Political Situation, July 10 (23), 1917p. 56
From The Impending Catastrophe and How to Combat It, September 10-14 (September 23-27), 1917p. 57
From One of the Fundamental Questions of the Revolution, September 27 (October 10), 1917p. 59
The Monopolization of Power during the Civil War: 1917-1920p. 61
Toward One-Party Powerp. 62
From To Workers, Soldiers, and Peasants! October 25 (November 7), 1917p. 62
From Resolution of the Central Committee of the RSDLP(B) on the Opposition within the Central Committee, November 2 (15), 1917p. 63
Decree on the Arrest of the Leaders of the Civil War against the Revolution, November 28 (December 11), 1917p. 64
From Draft Decree on the Dissolution of the Constituent Assembly, January 6 (19), 1918p. 65
From Speech to Propagandists on Their Way to the Provinces, February 5, 1918p. 67
Interview Granted to an Izvestia Correspondent in Connection with the Left Socialist-Revolutionary Revolt, July 8, 1918p. 69
The Bolshevik Terror and the Stigmatization of Public Enemiesp. 71
Draft Resolution on Freedom of the Press, November 4 (17), 1917p. 71
Letter to G. I. Blagonravov and V. D. Bonch-Bruevich, December 8 (21), 1917p. 73
Telegram to V. L. Paniushkin, June 15, 1918p. 74
Letter to G. E. Zinoviev, June 26, 1918p. 75
From Report of the Council of People's Commissars on the Fifth All-Russian Congress of Soviets, July 5, 1918p. 76
Telegram to the Penza Gubernia Executive Committee of the Soviets, August 19, 1918p. 77
From Letter to Maxim Gorky, September 15, 1919p. 78
Problems of War and World Revolutionp. 79
The Socialist Fatherland Is in Danger! February 21, 1918p. 80
V. I. Lenin and others, From Resolution on War and Peace, March 8, 1918p. 82
From Letter to the Workers and Peasants apropos of the Victory over Kolchak, August 24, 1919p. 83
From Letter to American Workers, August 20, 1918p. 86
From Speech at the Opening Session of the Congress, March 2, 1919p. 88
From "Left-Wing" Communism-an Infantile Disorder, April-May 1920p. 89
From Report on the International Situation and the Fundamental Tasks of the Communist International to the Second Congress of Comintern, July 19, 1920p. 90
From Political Report to the Ninth All-Russian Conference of the RCP(B), September 20, 1920p. 92
War Communism and the Invention of a Command Economyp. 94
From The Immediate Tasks of the Soviet Government, March-April 1918 (published in Pravda on April 28, 1918)p. 94
From Organization of Food Detachments, June 27, 1918p. 97
From Speech to the First All-Russian Congress of Land Departments, Poor Peasants' Committees, and Communes, December 11, 1918p. 99
From Political Report of the Central Committee to the Eighth All-Russian Conference of the RCP(B), December 2, 1919p. 101
Threats to the Revolution: The Development of the New Economic Policyp. 103
Disputes and Opposition in the Party, 1920-1921p. 104
From The Party Crisis, January 21 (February 3), 1921p. 104
Summary of Lenin's Remarks at the Conference of the Delegates to the Tenth Congress of the RCP(B) - Supporters of the Platform of Ten, March 13, 1921p. 106
From Preliminary Draft Resolution of the Tenth Congress of the RCP on Party Unity, March 1921p. 108
Anti-Bolshevik Popular Uprisings and the Shift in Policyp. 111
From Report on the Political Work of the Central Committee of the RCP(B) on Tenth Congress of the RCP(B), March 8, 1921p. 112
Rough Draft of Theses Concerning the Peasants, February 8, 1921p. 114
Lenin's Objective in the New Economic Policyp. 115
From Report on the Substitution of a Tax in Kind for the Surplus Grain Appropriation System, March 15, 1921p. 115
Draft Resolution on the Question of the New Economic Policy for the Tenth Conference of the RCP(B), May 1921p. 119
V. I. Lenin and V. M. Molotov, Telegram to All Provincial and Regional Party Committees of the RCP(B), July 30, 1921p. 123
From The Political Report of the Central Committee of the RCP(B) to the Eleventh Congress of the RCP(B), March 27, 1922p. 125
Economic Policy under the NEPp. 129
From Five Years of the Russian Revolution and the Prospects of the World Revolution: Report to the Fourth Congress of the Communist International, November 13, 1922p. 129
Letter to Maxim Gorky, December 6, 1921p. 134
The Institutionalization of a One-Party Systemp. 135
From We Have Paid Too Much, April 9, 1922p. 135
Letter to I. V. Stalin, July 17, 1922p. 139
Toward a Single Spiritual and Cultural Systemp. 141
Letter to A. V. Lunacharsky, May 6, 1921p. 142
Letter to V. M. Molotov for the Politburo of the CC of RCP(B), January 12, 1922p. 143
From The Tasks of the Youth Leagues, October 2, 1920p. 144
From Letter to V. M. Molotov for the Members of the CC of RCP(B), March 19, 1922p. 146
The Sick Leader: De Facto Removal from Powerp. 150
Letter to Stalin for Politburo of RCP(B) CC, June 15, 1922p. 151
From Letter to the Congress: Continuation of the Notes, December 24, 1922p. 152
Letter to I. V. Stalin, March 5, 1923p. 155
Lenin's Last Thoughtsp. 156
From On Co-operation, January 4 and 6, 1923p. 157
From The Question of Nationalities or "Autonomization," December 30, 1922p. 159
A Chronology of V. I. Lenin's Life (1870-1924)p. 162
Questions for Considerationp. 165
Selected Bibliographyp. 166
Indexp. 169
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