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Lead Like a Girl : The New Leadership Playbook for Women and Men - Dalia Feldheim

Lead Like a Girl

The New Leadership Playbook for Women and Men

By: Dalia Feldheim

Paperback | 16 April 2024

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For women AND men, this fresh look at leadership helps us all learn to connect to our more feminine leadership traits and lead like a girl!

Lead Like a Girl is a holistic look at how to achieve purpose and joy at work. It is about turning the world of work into a place where empathy, intuition, passion, and resilience take their rightful place, where women can lead like women and men can tap into their more feminine leadership traits and dare to lead (more) like a girl!

Dalia Feldheim was one of the marketing directors behind the 2014 global Always ad campaign "#LikeAGirl." This message touched a nerve for women and men alike becoming much more than a commercial - as it became an icon for women's empowerment. The ad was selected by Forbes as one of the 10 most influential campaigns of the decade.

In the commercial, while a young girl understand the phrase 'run like a girl' to mean, run as fast as you can, somewhere along the way, doing things "like a girl" becomes an insult. The goal of the commercial was to change the meaning of words and reclaim the phrase to simply mean "be proud of who you are."

With Dalia's new book it is time to reclaim that phrase once again and this time in the world of leadership.

It's time to stop asking our women leaders to lead like men and instead start learning from what is working for our women leaders—and share that wisdom with everyone, men and women alike. Lead Like a Girl is a provocative call to action to all leaders to stop wearing an emotional mask at work and connect to their more feminine leadership traits - owning their passion, perseverance, people skills, and positivity.

With her flare for relatable storytelling, Dalia shares her executive leadership journey of over two decades backed by theoretical underpinning from the world of psychology, business, and mindfulness to encourage leaders to connect to their more feminine super powers: be courageous, lead from their heart, and Lead (more) Like a Girl.

Industry Reviews

Sheryl Sandberg, of Facebook and Lean In fame, pens a foreword to this memoir and leadership book from advertising executive Feldheim. Readers will be hooked from the start by Feldheims intensely personal story of her life both in business and at home: episodes from Procter & Gamble, where she worked for 17 years, along with the ups and downs of parenthood. Some topics will be familiar to readers of other how-to-be-a-leader books, like adopting the insights of compassion, overcoming fear and anxiety, and refuting harmful perceptions of so-called bossy traits attributed to women. Feldheim excels at providing roadmaps, such as a manager toolkit about psychological safety, introspective self-care exercises, and end-of-chapter activities that not only identify potential issues and benefits but also reveal hidden individual merits. A few example activities: values alignment in a relationship, work-life balance coping strategies, feedback samples, 10 tips to manage highly political environments, and gratitude exercises. An incredibly forward-looking and positive example of how to be and how to work in today's world.
— Booklist

In Lead Like a Girl, Dalia Feldheim shares her wit, wisdom, and worldliness. By combining storytelling and scientific research, she provides clear and accessible advice for women (and men) who strive for a meaningful, purposeful, and successful life.
— Tal Ben-Shahar, NYT best-selling author of "Happier"

Until 'you're leading like a girl' is a compliment the world over, we will need books like this. Fortunately, Dalia has written one that is inspiring, actionable, and fun to read!
— Hanneke Faber, Chief Executive Officer, Logitech

Dalia Feldheim is and has always been an exceptional leader. This is evident throughout her book, Lead Like a Girl. It is filled with leadership lessons and practical advice backed by thoughtful research, as well as wonderful stories about what it means to lead with courage and authenticity. A must and easy read for every leader out there.
— Melanie Healey, board director, Verizon, Target, PPG, and Hilton, former group president and CEO, Proctor & Gamble North America

Dalia Feldheim captures in concrete, easily understood, yet fresh terms the qualities of outstanding leadership. She shows how to take advantage of natural attributes particularly possessed by women—empathy, nurturing, intuition—and encourages women to take advantage of their natural strengths, to recognize their purpose, and take strength from their passion. She has, I think, very effectively encouraged men like me to do the same.
— John Pepper, retired CEO/Chairman, Procter & Gamble

I've always believed that instead of trying to 'fix' women, we should learn from them. I had the pleasure of awarding Dalia the P&G Europe diversity award in 2003 for her internal maternity guide 'Mom' and am excited she is bringing all her knowledge to a broader audience. Dalia's book Lead Like a Girl is brilliantly crafted, combining her personal experience as a senior leader, her vast academic knowledge, and practical advice for what leaders can do to allow women and men to lead from their heart—a must read for all managers aspiring to become inspirational leaders—women and especially men!
— Paul Polman, cofounder and chair, IMAGINE

Dalia brings two decades of corporate wisdom, coaching, and academic teaching to this book written with love. Each chapter captivates you with stories, research, and practical tools to encourage us all to lead from the heart. A true gem and a must-read for any leader who has the courage to lead from the heart!
— Claude Silver, chief heart officer, Vayner Media

Lead Like a Girl is a motivating read that will help you recognize that figuring out your passion is what gives you creativity and strength- a terrific read for those searching for inspiration and ideas to help you find your path.
— Kara Goldin, founder and former CEO of Hint, Inc. and author of WSJ bestseller Undaunted

This important book will help awaken humanity to the fact that the answer to most of our problems - planetary, societal, business - are right in front of us: the long-overdue elevation and celebration of the feminine energy that is our most distinguishing quality as humans. That energy is available to men and women alike. We must recognize it, cherish it and harness it.
— Raj Sisodia, co-founder, Conscious Capitalism Inc.

Leadership consultant Dalia Feldheim offers a fresh, well-researched consideration of groundbreaking leadership methods[.]
— getAbstract

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