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Large Scale Structures of the Universe : Proceedings of the 130th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Dedicated to the Memory of Marc A. Aaronson (1950 1987), Held in Balatonfured, Hungary, June 15 20, 1987 - Jean Audouze

Large Scale Structures of the Universe

Proceedings of the 130th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Dedicated to the Memory of Marc A. Aaronson (1950 1987), Held in Balatonfured, Hungary, June 15 20, 1987

By: Jean Audouze (Editor), Marie-Christine Pelletan (Editor), Alex Szalay (Editor)

Paperback Published: 31st July 1988
ISBN: 9789027727442
Number Of Pages: 622

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Ten years ago in August 1977 Malcom Longair and Jan Einasto organized IAU Symposium nO 79 on exactly the same exciting and most important topic i.e. the Large Scale Structure of the Universe. Many of us have the recollection of an outstanding meeting which fulfilled two goals (i) establish most of the foundation of a fast growing field (ii) set up a confrontation between the excellent observational and theoretical work performed in eastern and western countries. A decade after such a meeting Alex Szalay and I have felt the need to reassemble the cosmologists working actively on problems dealing with the Uni- verse as a whole. Indeed a lot of progress has been achieved in the building of large surveys in the discovery of voids, sponges and filaments in the galaxy clus- ter distribution, in refined numerical simulations, in experimental and theoretical particle physics (outcome of new particles (cold particles) and unification (GUT, supersymmetry) schemes), in research of quantum gravity and inflation scenarios etc ... A new confrontation between all the specialists working all throughout the world on such questions appeared to us to be most timely. This is why the location of Balatonfiired in Hungary to be accessible to anyone as Tallin in 1977 has been chosen.

Opening Address.- Recent Measurements of the Cosmic Microwave Radiation.- The Anisotropy in the Distribution of Extragalactic Infrared Sources and Background.- The Izana Cosmic Microwave Background Fluctuations Experiment: A Progress Report.- The Anisotropy of the Microwave Background: Space Experiment Relict.- Summary of the USSR Ground Based Observations of the 3 K Anisotropy.- An Upper Limit to the Intrinsic Anisotropy of the Microwave Background Radiation on a Scale of 7 Arc Minutes.- Anisotropy of the Microwave Background and Biased Galaxy Formation.- Inflation and the Large Scale Structure of the Universe.- Some Critical Remarks on the Inflationary Universe Concept.- Evolution of Inhomogeneities in the Inflationary Universe - No Hair Theorem or Multi-Production of Universes?.- Cosmic Structures Formation in the Multicomponent Universe: New Tests.- Quantitative Predictions of CMB Anisotropies and Distortions.- The Cfa Red Shift Survey.- Results of the Pisces-Perseus HI Redshift Survey.- The Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies in the Southern Hemisphere.- The Edinburgh-Durham Southern Galaxy Catalogue.- Possible Inhomogeneities in the Universe on Scales 100-300 Mpc from Observations with the 6-Meter Telescope.- A Cut Of Large-Scale Structure Across the Coma Supercluster.- The APM Galaxy Survey.- A Fit of the Angular 3-Point Function and Biased Galaxy Formation.- Constraints on the Biasing of Density Fluctuations.- Elliptical Galaxies and Large Scale Velocity Flows.- Spiral Galaxies, Elliptical Galaxies and the Large-Scale Velocity Field within 3500 Km/s of the Local Group.- Coherent Large Scale Motions from a New Sample of Spiral Galaxies.- Large Peculiar Velocities in the Hydra Centaurus Supercluster.- A Redshift Survey of Iras Galaxies.- The High Energy X-Ray Background and Limits on Large Scale Structure.- A VLA Search for Cosmological HI.- A WSRT Search for HI at Z=3.35.- Galaxies, Clusters and Fluctuations.- Observations of Faint Field Galaxies.- Superclustering and Motion of Galaxy Clusters.- The Orientation of Galaxies in Superclusters.- The Pisces-Cetus Supercluster Complex.- Superclustering: Theory versus Observations.- Two Questions about the Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies.- N-Body Simulations of Galaxy Formation.- Theories of Largescale Structure.- Cosmic Strings and Galaxy Formation.- Is Cosmic String Domination of the Universe Avoidable?.- Large Scale Structure of the Universe in Unstable Dark Matter Models.- Formation of Disk Galaxies.- Observational Evidence for Spectral Evolution of Cluster Galaxies.- Explosive Origins of Large-Scale Structures.- Galaxy Formation and Evolution.- Quasar Absorption Lines: Evolution and Clustering.- Galaxies Giving Rise to MgII Absorption Systems in Quasar Spectra.- Quasar Clustering and the Evolution of Structure.- Observation of Galaxy and QSO Clustering.- The Distribution of Faint Radio Sources at 6cm.- Discussion Session: Galaxy Formation and Quasi Stellar Objects.- Dynamical Evidence for Dark Matter in Individual Disk Galaxies.- Dark Matter in Single and Double Galaxies.- Dark Matter in Dwarf Galaxies.- Dissipation and Formation of Galactic Halos.- Galaxy Formation and Large Scale Structures in a Two-Component Dark Matter Scenario.- Dark Matter and Cooling Flows.- Biased Galaxy Formation and Dark Matter.- Gravitational Lenses.- Is the Giant Luminous Arc in A370 a Gravitational Lensing Effect?.- Giant Luminous Arcs in Clusters of Galaxies.- Cosmological Implications of the Fifth Force.- Discussion Panel.- Summary.- Appendix 1 Poster Papers.- Distortion of Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation and Decay of Weakly Interacting Particles.- Dipole Anisotropy in the Lick Galaxy Catalogue.- Trinity Relations in the Universe.- Microwave Background Anisotropies in a Baryon Dominated Universe.- Primordial Density Perturbations in Tepid Inflation.- Vacuum Polarization and Scalar Field Effects in the Early Universe.- Self Similar Cosmological Models with a Cosmical Constant.- On the Observational Discrimination of Friedmann-Lemaitre Models.- Solitons In Newtonian Gravity and Non Linear Pancake Evolution.- The Center for Astrophysics Redshift Survey: Luminosity Function and Two-Point Correlation Function.- The Centaurus-Pavo Supercluster.- Galaxy Clusters in the APM Survey.- Hydra Centaurus : A Redshift Survey.- A Redshift Survey in the Direction of a Void Near the Pisces-Cetus Supercluster.- Tracing Large Scale Structure with Galaxy Objective-Prism Spectra.- MRSP - the Muenster Redshift Project.- Angular Correlations of Faint (B < 24) Galaxies.- Results from the 1000 Galaxy Sample: The Correlation Function At Z=0.75 and the Evolution of the Characteristic Luminosity.- Galaxy Groups: Morphological Segregation between Spirals.- A Search for a Vestigial Object in the Centre of a Cosmic Void.- Corona Borealis Supercluster.- Space Distribution of the Richest Abell Clusters of Galaxies.- A New Catalog of Superclusters of Galaxies.- Is Coma a Young Aggregate of Old Subclusters.- Abell Clusters as Tracers of Large Scale Structure: Alignments and Substructure.- Substructure in Rich Clusters.- The 3-D Distribution of Abell Clusters.- The Large Scale Structure of the X-Ray Universe.- A Possible Connection between the Diffuse X-Ray Background and Large Scale Structures in the Universe.- Space Distribution of X-Ray Clusters of Galaxies.- X-Ray Selected Clusters of Galaxies.- Large Scale Structure among Abell Clusters and Comparisons to Models.- Acquisition of Angular Momentum in the Protogalactic Phases.- Merger Rates in Simulated and Observed Groups of Galaxies.- Alignment of Clusters with Brightest Member Galaxies.- Alignment Effects of Brightest Cluster Galaxies.- Statistics of Galaxy Orientations: Morphology and the Large Scale Structure.- Cluster Correlations for Scale Free Spectra.- The Cross-Correlation of Abell Clusters with the Lick Galaxy Counts.- Cosmological Streaming Velocities and Large-Scale Density Maxima.- Angular Momentum Growth around Local Density Maxima.- The Fractal Turbulence and the Origin of Large Scale Structure.- Cross Correlation Analysis of Galaxies with Different Luminosity.- Fractal Dimension in the Large Scale Distribution of Galaxies.- Theoretical Models for the Galaxy Angular Correlation Function.- The Advent of Cosmological Gas Dynamic Simulations.- On the Goodness of Different Mass Estimators from N-Body Simulations.- From 2-D to 3-D by Maximum Entropy Method.- Galaxy Formation with Hot Dark Matter and Cosmic Strings.- Cosmic Strings Wakes and Large Scale Structure.- Implementation of a Tree Code for Cosmology.- The Spacetime Surrounding Superconducting Cosmic Strings.- Effects of Quantum Fields Outside Cosmic Strings.- Cosmic Strings as a Candidate for Dark Matter. Astrophysical Formulae.- Rotation Profile of a String-Seeded Halo.- Large Scale Streaming in the Wake of a Loop of Cosmic String.- Are Voids Present in the Lyman-Alpha Forest?.- Does a Periodicity Exist in the Redshift Distribution of Quasars' Lyman-Alpha Absorption Lines?.- On The Interpretation of QSO Absorption Lines.- Evolution of Quasar Clustering.- The Interaction of the Quasar PKS 0812+02 with the Surrounding Cluster of Galaxies.- Quasar Clustering at Intermediate Redshifts.- The Environments of Optically-Selected QSOs.- Properties of Galaxies and Galaxy Clusters Associated with Quasars.- QSO Surface Density at Faint Light Levels.- Radio Galaxies as Large-Scale Cosmological Probes.- Spatial Correlation Functions of Bright Radio-Galaxies.- Some Remarks on Observational Problems For Disk-galaxy Evolution.- The General Galaxy Luminosity Function.- Explosions in Pancake Models of Galaxy Formation.- The Rotation of Spiral Galaxies: Infall Model vs. Observations.- Dark Matter around the Local Group?.- Observed Distortions (from Linearity) of the Hubble Flow and Bias in the Data.- On Dynamical Analysis of Hydrostatic Selfgravitating Sphere: Application to Galaxy Clusters.- Structure of Galaxies Embedded in Clouds of Dark Matter.- Globular Clusters and Dark Clusters.- The Coupling of Modes and the Formation of Population III Objects.- On the Possibility of a Higher Baryonic Contribution to Dark Matter.- Path Integral Methods for Primordial Density Perturbations.- Do Pregalactic Shocks Trigger or Prevent Galaxy Formation.- Antibiased Galaxy Formation in the Pancake Scenario.- Non-Linear Evolution of Acoustic Waves in Dust Interacting with Dark Matter in Newtonian Cosmology: Biasing, Voids and the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili Equation.- Gravitational Lensing: Cosmological Implications.- Giant Arcs-Spherical Shells?.- Morphology of High Redshift 3Cr Galaxies (Z > 1), from High Spatial Resolution Imaging.- Gravitational Lensing and Cosmic Strings.- On the Possibilities of Detecting Dark Matter by the Gravitational Lens Effect.- It is not Easy to Replace Newtonian Gravitational Theory.- Appendix 2 The Balatonfured Alphabet of Cosmology.- Index of Authors.- Index of Subjects.

ISBN: 9789027727442
ISBN-10: 9027727449
Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 622
Published: 31st July 1988
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 3.35
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