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Language Narratives and Shifting Multilingual Pedagogies : English Teaching from the South - Belinda Mendelowitz

Language Narratives and Shifting Multilingual Pedagogies

English Teaching from the South

By: Belinda Mendelowitz, Kathleen Heugh (Editor), Ana Ferreira

Hardcover | 12 January 2023

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This book challenges monoglossic ideologies, traditional language pedagogies and dominant forms of knowledge construction by foregrounding multilingual and multicultural students' language narratives, repertoires, and identities. The research is based on a sixteen-year longitudinal study of a sociolinguistics course at an English language university and the language narratives produced by the first-year education students. The study was borne out of a need to create a critically inclusive course that would engage a cohort of students from socially and linguistically diverse backgrounds in contemporary South Africa. Drawing on data from over 5,000 students who have journeyed through this course, this book's outlines how a narrative heteroglossic pedagogy harnesses students' multilingual strengths. A close analysis reveals complex identity work by students located in the Global South. The authors argue that decolonising language education is about reconceptualising language, reconfiguring what knowledges are valued in the classroom, and reshaping pedagogy.

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