Kissing Cousins : McKenzie Cousins : Book 4 - Lexi Buchanan

Kissing Cousins

By: Lexi Buchanan

eBook | 29 March 2018

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Alexander McKenzie is one of the quieter cousins, which is why he suffers in silence over his secret love for his beautiful cousin, Rachel. He needs her but knows he can't have her. So out of his love for his family, he pushes her away, breaking both of their hearts in the process.

Rachel McKenzie wasn't born into the McKenzie family; she was adopted into it. She's strong willed and doesn't see why she can't spend the rest of her life with Alexander. Except the constant distance that Alexander has been creating is starting to get to her, so she runs back to college nursing a broken heart.

Nothing feels right with the distance between them, and eventually, they're forced back together for Charlotte & Tanner's wedding, where their love turns into something that neither can stop...they're on borrowed time, the clock is ticking down the seconds until their families find out they're Kissing Cousins.

Even though part of a series each book can be read individually.

Book 1 - Baby Makes Three

Book 2 - A Business Decision

Book 3 - Secret Kisses

Book 4 - Kissing Cousins


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