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Jin Sato's Lego Mindstorms : The Master Technique - Jin Sato

Jin Sato's Lego Mindstorms

The Master Technique

By: Jin Sato

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The LEGO MINDSTORMS robotics kits make it easy and fun to build working robots with LEGO bricks, motors, and a programmable controller. In his landmark book, Jin Sato introduces the basic principles of robotics engineering, including how to plan and build robots with tires, legs, and grasping hands. Readers learn how to build Sato's famous robotic dog MIBO as well as four other robots.

Preface from the Japanese Editionp. xvi
Lego Bricks and Building Basics
Basic Brick Assembly
Brick Basicsp. 3
Basic Building Techniquesp. 4
Working with Motors and Gearsp. 5
Combining Beams and TECHNIC Plates with Holesp. 5
Combining TECHNIC Pins, Beams, and Liftarmsp. 7
Diagonal Joining Techniquesp. 10
Joining Diagonal Assemblies Verticallyp. 13
Summaryp. 14
Motors You Can Use with the RISp. 15
The RIS Motorp. 16
Summaryp. 17
The Lego Gearsp. 19
Gears Included in the RISp. 19
Gears Not Included in the RISp. 19
Other Parts Used with Gearsp. 22
Experimenting with Gears: Preparationsp. 24
Building the Gear Testing Assemblyp. 25
Experimenting with Flat-tooth Gearsp. 32
Experimenting with Gearsp. 32
Rotation Directionp. 39
Torquep. 39
Gear Ratiop. 39
Backlashp. 39
Changing the Direction of Rotationp. 40
Experimenting with the Bevel Gearsp. 41
Experimenting with the Bevel Gearsp. 46
Gear Combinationsp. 46
Summaryp. 50
Sensors and the RCX
Sensorsp. 51
Electric Touch Sensor Brickp. 51
Electric Light Sensorp. 52
Electric Rotation Sensorp. 52
Electric Temperature Sensorp. 52
The RCXp. 52
The RCX's Internal Circuit Boardp. 54
Positioning the RCXp. 55
Robotics Discovery Set and Droid Developer Kit: Alternatives to the RCXp. 56
Summaryp. 56
RCX Software Fundamentals
Software Architecturep. 59
Level 0p. 59
Level 1p. 60
Level 2p. 60
Level 3p. 60
Standard Firmwarep. 60
User Firmwarep. 61
Summaryp. 61
RCX Code 2.0
Programming Operationsp. 63
Controlling the Motorp. 64
Loopingp. 65
Tasksp. 65
Sensorsp. 66
Using a Sensor to Branch a Programp. 66
Event-Driven Programp. 67
Variablesp. 68
Subroutinesp. 68
Summaryp. 69
ROBOLAB Versionsp. 71
The ROBOLAB Program Screenp. 71
ROBOLAB Programsp. 73
Controlling the Motorp. 73
Loopingp. 73
Tasksp. 74
Sensorsp. 74
Using a Sensor to Branch a Programp. 74
Using a Sensor to Create an Event-Driven Programp. 75
Variablesp. 75
Subroutinesp. 76
Compile Errorsp. 76
Summaryp. 76
NQC and the RCX Command Center
About NQCp. 77
About the RCX Command Centerp. 77
Download and Install the Programsp. 78
NQC Programs with RcxCCp. 78
NQC Tasksp. 79
Controlling the Motorp. 79
Loopingp. 80
Tasksp. 81
Sensorsp. 81
Using a Sensor to Branch a Programp. 81
Using a Sensor to Create an Event-Driven Programp. 82
Variablesp. 83
Subroutinesp. 84
Compile Errorsp. 85
Summaryp. 85
Download and Install legOS and Related Softwarep. 87
Install Cygwinp. 88
Install the Cross-Compilerp. 88
Set Up the Bash Shellp. 88
Install legOSp. 89
Build legOSp. 89
Confirm legOS Is Workingp. 89
Compile and Transfer Your Own Programsp. 90
legOS Program Examplesp. 91
Controlling the Motorp. 91
Loopingp. 92
Tasksp. 92
Sensorsp. 94
Using a Sensor to Branch a Programp. 94
Variablesp. 94
Debuggingp. 96
Further Possibilitiesp. 96
Summaryp. 96
Third-Party Programs That Let You Control the RCX
The USB Towerp. 97
Installing and Using VLLp. 99
RCX Byte Codep. 99
Byte Code Attributesp. 99
Byte Code Transfer Formatp. 99
Sample Programp. 101
Tower Programming Comparedp. 103
Timeoutp. 103
Serial Tower Echop. 104
Reception Timingp. 104
Summaryp. 104
Creating Robots
Robots That Use Tires
Tire Robot #1p. 109
Making the Robot Walk "Randomly"p. 115
Random Walk Program (RCX Code 1.5)p. 115
Random Walk Program (RCX Code 2.0)p. 117
Adding Feelersp. 119
Build the Feelersp. 121
Program the Feelersp. 128
Adding Eyesp. 130
Program the RCX to Follow a Black Linep. 130
Two Methods in RCX Code 1.5p. 130
Two Methods in RCX Code 2.0p. 133
Program Alternativesp. 134
Improving Your Robotp. 134
Building Multi-Legged Robots
Center of Gravityp. 135
Six-Legged Walking Robotp. 136
Build the Basep. 137
Build One Leg Assemblyp. 139
Attach the Motorp. 142
Build the Second Leg Assemblyp. 143
Attach the Motor to the RCXp. 146
Program, Feelers, and Eyesp. 149
Multi-Legged Robots that Can Turn
Two Ways to Change Direction on the Spotp. 151
Two Ways to Change Direction While Moving Forwardp. 152
Mushi Mushi #5p. 153
Build the Motor Assembly and Framep. 154
Build the Legsp. 162
Attach the Sensorsp. 167
Build the Feelersp. 170
How Does Mushi Mushi #5 Move Forward?p. 176
How the Middle Leg Movesp. 176
Controlling the Left and Right Legsp. 177
The Feeler Assemblyp. 178
Further Experimentsp. 178
The Mushi Mushi #5 Programp. 179
Program for RCX Code 1.5p. 179
Program for RCX Code 2.0p. 179
Troubleshootingp. 182
Design Tips: Walking Robotsp. 182
Robot with a Grabbing Hand
The Theoryp. 183
Using the RCX's Weight to Balance the Armp. 183
Maintaining Positionp. 184
The Hand and Wristp. 184
Using Ribbed Tubing to Extend the Rotating Axlep. 184
Arm Jointp. 185
Building a Turntablep. 185
Build the Arm Joint and Fingersp. 187
Build and Attach the Turntablep. 193
Build the Armp. 195
Attach the Motor, Wrist, and Fingersp. 199
Build the Basep. 202
Controlling Robot Arm #3p. 213
Visual Basic Programp. 213
The Robot Arm Controller Screenp. 213
Explanation of the Programp. 214
Going Fartherp. 215
The Birth of Mibo
Using Two RCXsp. 217
Plan 1p. 217
Plan 2p. 218
MIBO Fundamentalsp. 219
Making MIBO Walkp. 219
Making MIBO Sitp. 220
Parts Listp. 221
MIBO Assembly Instructionsp. 223
Build One Hip and Shoulderp. 224
Build the Knee and Shoulder Controlsp. 231
Build the Legs and Feetp. 235
Build the Second Side of Torsop. 243
Build the Neckp. 247
Build the Headp. 249
MIBO's Wiringp. 257
Collecting MIBO's Partsp. 258
Programming MIBOp. 258
Moving the Hind Legs: Explanation of Listing 1p. 258
Transporting MIBOp. 271
After MIBOp. 272
Handy Construction Tricks
Securing the RCX Verticallyp. 273
Combining Gearsp. 274
Reinforcing Caterpillar Tread Axlesp. 283
Using Wheels to Build an Object with Radiating Spokesp. 283
Magnetic Clutchp. 283
Using the Three-Blade Rotorp. 284
Lego Cad Software
Prerequisitesp. 287
Downloadingp. 287
The MLCad Screenp. 287
Creating a Diagramp. 289
Getting Startedp. 289
Using Subfilesp. 290
Copying and Pasting Objectsp. 291
Rotating Partsp. 292
MLCad Tipsp. 295
Work from a Physical LEGO Modelp. 295
Use Wireframe Mode to Speed Up Display Timep. 295
Oblique Connectionsp. 295
Subfilesp. 295
Using Gearsp. 295
Using a Part Repeatedlyp. 295
Entering Comments in the Configuration Listp. 296
Grouping Configuration List Entriesp. 296
Changing the Color of Multiple Elements at One Timep. 296
Summaryp. 296
L3P and L3PAO
L3PAO: Graphical Interface to L3Pp. 297
Basic L3P Optionsp. 298
Placing the Camerap. 298
Placing Lightsp. 302
Enhancing Your Modelsp. 303
Outputting and Saving Filesp. 307
Summaryp. 307
Installing POV-Rayp. 309
Basic Procedurep. 309
Selecting a Resolutionp. 310
Creating Custom Resolutionsp. 310
Saving an Imagep. 311
Adding Textures with an Include Filep. 312
Summaryp. 313
Creating Assembly Diagrams
Required Software and Datap. 315
Assembly Diagram Examplep. 316
Procedure for Creating Assembly Diagramsp. 317
Creating the Substep Imagesp. 317
Determining the Number of Substepsp. 318
Creating the Completed Imagep. 319
Creating a Parts List for an Individual Pagep. 319
Combining Various Imagesp. 319
Summaryp. 319
Collecting, Organizing, and Cleaning Parts
Collecting Partsp. 321
Colorsp. 321
Types of Partsp. 322
Cost of Partsp. 322
Collecting Specific Partsp. 322
Organizing Partsp. 323
The Storage Casep. 323
Classificationp. 324
Using Palettes when Buildingp. 324
Cleaning Your Partsp. 325
Cleaning Precautionsp. 326
How to Wash LEGO Partsp. 326
Byte Code Commandsp. 329
Robot Arm Controller Source Codep. 341
Indexp. 351
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ISBN: 9781886411562
ISBN-10: 1886411565
Series: No Starch Press Ser.
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 360
Published: 11th April 2002
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 24.77 x 19.68  x 2.54
Weight (kg): 0.93