Jasper Zammit : 3 Books in 1 : Jasper Zammit Soccer Legend - Deborah Abela

Jasper Zammit : 3 Books in 1

By: Deborah Abela

Paperback | 3 March 2014 | Edition Number 1

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Three Jasper Zammit books in one big edition, just in time for the soccer world cup!

The Game of Life
Jasper Zammit is a soccer legend – in his own head. Whole stadiums cheer as he bends balls and scores magic goals. When Lil joins the Rovers Under-11s, Jasper finds someone as obsessed with soccer as he is. But Lil's dad is the reason Jasper's dad lost his job. Can they be friends?

The Striker
Aamir can't speak English, but he's a brilliant soccer player for the Rovers. The trouble is, Eastville Kings star player Badger can't resist badgering his opponent to put them off their game. Now his target is Aamir. Who will be sent off the field with a red card?

The Finals
Just before the finals, the Rovers get a new coach. But winning is all he cares about, and playing soccer isn't as fun anymore. Lil's big brother devises a plan to get the Rovers back on track. Can he save them? Time is running out and he's their only hope.

Bestselling author Deborah Abela teamed up with Australian soccer legend and former Socceroo captain Johnny Warren to write this fast-paced series about soccer, friendship, and kids who want to be their own legends!

About the Author

Having always been short and a bit of a coward, Deborah Abela dreamed of being braver and stronger, which is probably why she writes books about spies, ghosts, soccer legends and characters good with swords who take on sea monsters and evil harbour lords. She is the author of the Max Remy Superspy series, Jasper Zammit (Soccer Legend) series, Ghost Club series, The Remarkable Secret of Aurelie Bonhoffen and Grimsdon. She's won awards for her books but mostly hopes, one day, to be as brave as the characters inside. Johnny Warren was a real-life Australian soccer legend - a Socceroo captain who championed 'the game of life' long after he hung up his boots. Johnny was passionate about encouraging kids to play and enjoy soccer - so the Jasper Zammit books are jam-packed full of his facts, tips and stories.

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