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Janet Moodie : Next of Kin

Janet Moodie Book 3

By: L.F. Robertson

Paperback | 27 August 2019

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The third novel by L.F. Robertson, starring death row attorney Janet Moodie.

When Greg Ferrante is found shot to death at the side of his swimming pool, suspicion turns immediately on his once-glamorous wife, Sunny, now worn down by years of living under his thumb. Sure, there's no way she could have pulled the trigger, but soon she is arrested anyway, accused of hiring her daughter's boyfriend to commit the crime.

In a whirlwind trial, Sunny is convicted and sentenced to death. And then, for a decade, she waits on death row, until Janet Moodie, appeals attorney, delves into the case. One thing Janet is sure of: Sunny is innocent. But her client is hiding something. Who is Sunny protecting — and is she really prepared to die to save them?

About the Author

L.F. Robertson is a practising defense attorney who for the last two decades has handled only death penalty appeals. Linda is the co-author of The Complete Idiots Guide to Unsolved Mysteries, and a contributor to the forensic handbooks How to Try a Murder and Irrefutable Evidence. She has had short stories published in the anthologies My Sherlock Holmes, Sherlock Holmes: the Hidden Years and Sherlock Holmes: The American Years.
Industry Reviews
PRAISE FOR L.F. ROBERTSON; "John Grisham had better look to his laurels-there's a new writer of legal thrillers in town." Richard A. Lupoff, author of The Classic Car Killer; "Unique and brutally honest. A must-read." Kate Moretti, New York Times bestselling author of The Vanishing Year; "A journey into the fascinating world of the guilty and the innocent. Suspense at its finest." Gayle Lynds, New York Times bestselling author of The Assassins; "A fascinating journey into a complex and troubling case of murder and family secrets." Carole Bugge, author of Who Killed Mona Lisa?; "Told with a commanding sense of authenticity, this grips from the first page." Andrew Cartmel, author of The Vinyl Detective; "A thoughtful exploration of the background to abhorrent crimes." Crime Review; "Brings new meaning to the term legal thriller and introduces readers to a heroine who is both savvy and mature." Library Journal; "The author's work as a defense attorney handling death penalty cases brings authenticity to an exciting debut that focuses on providing grist for the slow-moving wheels of the criminal justice system." Kirkus; "A compelling, brooding novel full of dark, intense pockets." Harry's Book Club; "A brilliantly unique legal thriller." Reading Lodge

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