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Introduction to the Languages of the World - Anatole Lyovin

Introduction to the Languages of the World

Paperback Published: 16th February 2017
ISBN: 9780195149883
Number Of Pages: 528

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The only textbook of its kind, An Introduction to the Languages of the World is designed to introduce beginning linguistics students, who now typically start their study with little background in languages, to the variety of the languages of the world. It is ideal for use in courses where students have mastered the basic principles of linguistics but lack background in the broad range of language phenomena found in the world's languages, such as vowel harmony and ergative constructions. It offers students an opportunity to explore, at various levels, structures of very different, highly interesting languages without necessarily possessing a speaking or reading knowledge of these languages.

Lyovin explains the classification of languages, discussing not only genetic classification but typological and sociolinguistic classification as well. He follows this with an explication of writing systems. A chapter is devoted to each of the world's continents, with in-depth analyses of representative languages of Europe, Asia, Africa, Oceania, and America, and a separate chapter covers pidgins and creoles. Helpful features include an appendix of nineteen maps, student exercises, and suggestions for further reading.

"This book is an important pedagogical resource, presenting in succinct form information on the classification of the world's languages into language families and on the major structural types with regard to a wide range of phonological, morphological, and syntactic phenomena, as well as detailed presentations of languages selected to illustrate interaction of structural features as they occur in texts." --Bernard Comrie, Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, University of California, Santa Barbara "The second edition of An Introduction to the Languages of the World is a leap forward. I welcome the chapter on writing systems and the language sketches. The book stresses the diversity of the world's languages and is well balanced across the globe. The decision to use ISO coding for language names, now the standard nomenclature for languages, is also welcome. Altogether, a fine achievement." --Mark Aronoff, Distinguished Professor of Linguistics, Stony Brook University

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1 Classification of Languages 1.1 Genetic classification 1.2 Typological classification of languages 1.3 Exercises 1.4 Suggested readings

2 Classification of Writing Systems 2.1 Typological classification of writing systems 2.2 Genetic classification of writing systems 2.3 Exercises 2.4 Suggested readings

3 Europe 3.1 Indo-European 3.2 Uralic 3.3 Caucasus area 3.4 Basque 3.5 Sketch of Russian 3.6 Sketch of Finnish 3.7 Exercises 3.8 Suggested readings

4 Asia 4.1 Altaic area 4.2 Paleosiberian area 4.3 Sino-Tibetan 4.4 Hmong-Mien 4.5 Tai-Kadai 4.6 Austroasiatic 4.7 Dravidian 4.8 Burushaski 4.9 Other languages in Asia 4.10 Sketch of Mandarin Chinese 4.11 Sketch of Classical Tibetan 4.12 Exercises 4.13 Suggested readings

5 Africa 5.1 Afro-Asiatic 5.2 Nilo-Saharan 5.3 Niger-Congo 5.4 Khoisan area 5.5 Other languages in Africa 5.6 Sketch of Modern Standard Arabic 5.7 Sketch of Swahili 5.8 Exercises 5.9 Suggested readings

6 Oceania 6.1 Austronesian 6.2 Papuan area 6.3 Australian area 6.4 Sketch of Hawaiian 6.5 Sketch of Dyirbal 6.6 Exercises 6.7 Suggested readings

7 The Americas North American area 7.1 Eskimo-Aleut 7.2 Na-Dene 7.3 Algic 7.4 Muskogean 7.5 Siouan 7.6 Iroquoian 7.7 Caddoan 7.8 Yuman 7.9 Sahaptian 7.10 Tsimshianic 7.11 Kiowa-Tanoan 7.12 Uto-Aztecan 7.13 Salishan Mesoamerican area 7.14 Oto-Manguean 7.15 Totonacan 7.16 Mixe-Zoquean 7.17 Mayan South American area 7.18 Intermediate area 7.19 Western Amazonia 7.20 Northern foothills 7.21 Andes region 7.22 Southern foothills 7.23 South 7.24 Central Amazonia 7.25 Northern Amazonia 7.26 Sketch of Central Alaskan Yup?ik 7.27 Sketch of Ayacucho Quechua 7.28 Exercises 7.29 Suggested readings

8 Language Birth, Death, and Revitalization 8.1 Mixed languages 8.2 Constructed languages 8.3 Pidgins 8.4 Creoles 8.5 Sign languages 8.6 Language endangerment and renewal 8.7 Sketch of Tok Pisin 8.8 Exercises 8.9 Suggested readings

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ISBN: 9780195149883
ISBN-10: 0195149882
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 528
Published: 16th February 2017
Publisher: Oxford University Press Inc
Country of Publication: US
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Edition Number: 2
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