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Introduction to the Analysis of Metric Spaces : Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series - John R. Giles

Introduction to the Analysis of Metric Spaces

Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series

Paperback Published: 2nd November 1987
ISBN: 9780521359283
Number Of Pages: 272

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Assuming a basic knowledge of real analysis and linear algebra, the student is given some familiarity with the axiomatic method in analysis and is shown the power of this method in exploiting the fundamental analysis structures underlying a variety of applications. Although the text is titled metric spaces, normed linear spaces are introduced immediately because this added structure is present in many examples and its recognition brings an interesting link with linear algebra; finite dimensional spaces are discussed earlier. It is intended that metric spaces be studied in some detail before general topology is begun. This follows the teaching principle of proceeding from the concrete to the more abstract. Graded exercises are provided at the end of each section and in each set the earlier exercises are designed to assist in the detection of the abstract structural properties in concrete examples while the latter are more conceptually sophisticated.

Prefacep. viii
Metric Spaces and Normed Linear Spacesp. 1
Definitions and Examplesp. 1
Metric spaces, normed linear spaces
Metrics generated by a norm
Co-ordinate, sequence and function spaces
Semi-normed linear spaces
Balls and Boundednessp. 21
Balls and spheres in metric spaces and normed linear spaces, relating norms and balls
Boundedness, diameter
Distances between sets
Limit Processesp. 36
Convergence and Completenessp. 36
Convergence of sequences, characterisation in finite dimensional normed linear spaces, uniform convergence
Equivalent metrics and norms
Cauchy sequences, completeness
Convergence of series
Cluster Points and Closurep. 66
Cluster points, closed sets
Relating closed to complete
Closure, density, separability
The boundary of a set
Application: Banach's Fixed Point Theoremp. 91
Fixed points, Banach's Fixed Point Theorem
Application in real analysisp. 93
Application in linear algebrap. 96
Application in the theory of differential equationsp. 100
Picard's Theorem
Application in the theory of integral equationsp. 103
Fredholm integral equations, Volterra integral equations
Continuityp. 114
Continuity in Metric Spacesp. 114
Local continuity, characterisation of continuity by sequences, algebra of continuous mappings
Global continuity characterised by inverse images
Isometrics, homeomorphisms
Uniform continuity
Continuous Linear Mappingsp. 138
Characterisation of continuity of linear mappings, linear mappings on finite dimensional normed linear spaces, continuity of linear functionals
Topological isomorphisms, isometric isomorphisms
Compactnessp. 160
Sequential Compactness in Metric Spacesp. 161
Properties of compact sets
Characterisation in finite dimensional normed linear spaces, Riesz Theorem
Application in approximation theory
Alternative forms of compactness, total boundedness, ball cover compactness
Continuous Functions on Compact Metric Spacesp. 183
Heine's Theorem, Dini's Theorem
The structure of the real Banach space (C [a, b], [double vertical bar][middle dot][double vertical bar][subscript infinity]p. 187
The Weierstrass Approximation Theorem
The structure of the Banach space (C(X), [double vertical bar][middle dot][double vertical bar][subscript infinity] where (X, d) is a compact metric spacep. 194
Compactness in (C(X), [double vertical bar][middle dot][double vertical bar][subscript infinity]p. 200
Equicontinuity, The Ascoli-Arzela Theorem, Peano's Theorem
The Metric Topologyp. 213
The Topological Analysis of Metric Spacesp. 214
Open sets and their properties, base for a topology
Equivalent metrics
Relation to closed sets
The interior of a set
The characterisation of continuous mappings by inverse images
Topological compactness
Separability, the normal topological structure
Appendicesp. 235
The real analysis backgroundp. 235
The set theory backgroundp. 240
The linear algebra backgroundp. 246
Index to Notationp. 251
Indexp. 253
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ISBN: 9780521359283
ISBN-10: 0521359287
Series: Australian Mathematical Society Lecture Series
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 272
Published: 2nd November 1987
Country of Publication: GB
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