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Celebrating Women - Intro

International Women's Day is approaching and in honour of this day we have gathered some wonderful collections of books that celebrate the stories and achievements of women everywhere.

Below you will find collections to challenge, amaze, educate and entertain. We have children's books to inspire young minds, beloved classic novels by trailblazing women and powerful manifestos from influential feminist writers. We have collected the best books by and about women who have achieved great things in sport, politics and science. Cultural icons, powerful leaders, revolutionary thinkers and inspirational artists... women who have helped shape the world.

Scroll down and explore these dynamic collections and remember that every day is a great day to celebrate women!

Feminist Babies and Rebel Girls

It's never too early to share the importance of equality and diversity with young minds.

Browse our collection for the very best of the Rebel Girls phenomenon.

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International Women's Day > Her Adventures: Amazing Heroines in Children's Fiction

Her Adventures

There's no shortage of awesome female characters leading the charge in kid's fiction and we want kids of all ages to read more of them.

Here's a collection of our favourites - both old and new!

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International Women's Day > Must-Reads: Influential Women in Fiction


From Jane Austen and the Bronte sisters to Sally Rooney and Hannah Kent, these are the female authors that any well-read person knows.

Want to read some of the best fiction of all time? Start here!

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International Women's Day > Game Changers: Non-Fiction Essentials

Game Changers

From Mary Wollstonecraft to Anne Summers, we've collected a rich catalogue of seminal feminist texts. Provocative and insightful, these books have ignited the minds of generations of readers

How many of these great feminists have you read?

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International Women's Day > New Voices

New Voices

Great ideas keep coming. Feminist writing today is diverse, fierce and insightful.

From Roxane Gay to Clementine Ford, this collection brings together all the best feminist writers of now.

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Women, more than ever before are taking leadership roles across business, politics and public life.

From Michelle Obama to Brene Brown, this tells the story of women in leadership across our modern world.

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International Women's Day > Legends

Sports Legends

We have countless female heroes across every area of sport yet they frequently to get underpaid or ignored by major media outlets.

This collection brings together some of the most popular female athletes of today from basketball to tennis, adventure sports, UFC and more.

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International Women's Day > Pioneers

Pioneers in Science & Medicine

Today there are women breaking new ground in every field of science and medicine.

This collection of books celebrates the work of women at the forefront of new discovery and those whose historical contributions to their fields were originally suppressed or overlooked by the establishment.

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International Women's Day > Icons

Cultural Icons

From film and television to music, performance, art and beyond, this collection features books from our female icons of culture.

Fierce, moving, hilarious and everything in between, these books take us inside the lives of women at the heart of our zeitgeist.

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Celebrating Women > On Screen

On Screen

Celebrate strong women on screen with this collection for the TV and movie buffs.

Showcasing inventors, innovators, icons and so much more, we’ve collected a selection of great women in cinema and television.

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International Women's Day > End Text

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