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International Economics, Global Edition : 8th Edition - James Gerber

International Economics, Global Edition

8th Edition

By: James Gerber

Paperback | 17 May 2022 | Edition Number 8

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For courses in international economics.

An introduction to international economics through accessible writing and real-life applications

A principles-­level introduction that's accessible to students of all majors, International Economics uses real-life applications to cover both the macro and micro components of international economics. The text illuminates economic institutions and policies, as well as recent developments in the global economy, without requiring the use of higher-­level math. In addition, the 8th Edition includes a number of enhancements, such as updated tables and graphs, new case studies, and revised discussion of relevant topics to keep students up-to-speed on the economic world around them.

  • Content on the latest key economic trends and events. Covering the role of economic institutions and analysis of international economic policies, to the recent history of the world economy, the text supplements economic theory with real-world applications.
  • 5 to 7 Learning Objectives per chapter ensure students learn the material in an organised and structured way.
  • 5 Chapters (in Part 4) focus on geographic areas, offering students the chance to broaden their understanding of world trends and observe the intellectual power of economic theory in practice.
  • End-of-chapter vocabulary and study questions help students test their understanding before moving on to the next section.

New to this edition

  • Both micro and macro aspects of international economics are covered, striking a perfect balance between streamlining and in-depth coverage of topics. New discussions include the growth of protectionism in trade policy, and the national security argument for protection along with the challenges it poses for the World Trade Organization.
  • The gravity model of trade has a more complete presentation. It integrates issues of specific goods and services traded and on the determinants of comparative advantage to now put this fundamental concept in context of how current international trade functions.
  • 5 NEW: Case Studies help students see theories in action. They cover Mexico's participation in global value chains, the collapse of Thailand's currency in 1997, the North American automotive value chain, NA trade through the lens of the gravity model of trade, and the UK's exit from the EU.
  • A rich history and institutional detail illuminate the relationships between economic theory and policy, and economics and the other social sciences. This helps students understand the entire spectrum of international economics.

About the Author

Dr. James Gerber taught Economics at San Diego State University for more than 3 decades. In addition to his role in the Economics Department, at different times he served as the Director of the university's National Resource Center for Latin American Studies and as the Director of the International Business Program. In 2008 he co-authored the economic history Fifty Years of Change on the US-Mexico Border and his most recent book, A Great Deal of Ruin: Financial Crises since 1929 was published in 2019. His current research is primarily focused on the history of US-Mexico economic relations. He has been a visiting professor in universities in Canada and Mexico.

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