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Infrared Solar Physics : Proceedings of the 154th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Tucson, Arizona, U. S. A., March 2-6, 1992 : International Astronomical Union Symposia - D.M. Rabin

Infrared Solar Physics : Proceedings of the 154th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union, Held in Tucson, Arizona, U. S. A., March 2-6, 1992

International Astronomical Union Symposia

By: D.M. Rabin (Editor), J. T. Jefferies (Editor), C. Lindsey (Editor)

Paperback ISBN: 9780792325239
Number Of Pages: 608

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Infrared Solar Physics contains the proceedings of the 154th Symposium of the International Astronomical Union held in Tucson, Arizona, March 2--5, 1992. Aimed at active workers and graduate students in solar physics, this volume provides the first comprehensive view of a rapidly expanding discipline that gives us a new perspective on the sun. Measurements across the wide infrared spectral range -- here, from 1 mum to 1 mm -- can probe the solar atmosphere from below the visible surface through the outer reaches of the corona. Taking full advantage of revolutionary advances in detector technology, infrared observations from the ground, aircraft and space have led to a better understanding of solar magnetic fields, atmospheric structure and activity, and elemental abundances. The infrared has also provided new interpretive challenges, such as the appearance of the 12-mum emission lines of magnesium. These and other developments are discussed here by the leading contributors to the field, who also give their perspectives on the future of this rich field of study.

Committees and Supporting Organizations
Overview of Infrared Solar Physicsp. 1
The Cold Heart of the Solar Chromospherep. 11
Properties of Faculae from Observations Near the Opacity Minimump. 23
A Solar Plage Modelp. 29
Formation of the Solar 10830 A Linep. 35
Interpreting Recent Observations of He I 10830 Ap. 49
Variability of the Solar He I 10830 A Tripletp. 59
Observations of Solar Oscillations in He I 10830 Ap. 65
Observations of Dynamic Events in He I [lambda] 10830p. 71
An Investigation of IR Triplet He I 10830 A Profiles in Active Regions and the Quiet Chromospherep. 77
Potential IR Observations of the Solar Coronap. 81
The Sun in Submillimeter Radiationp. 85
Far Infrared and Submillimeter Continuum Observations of Solar Flares: Justifications and Prospects for Ground-Based Experimentsp. 93
Submillimeter and Far Infrared Emission from Solar Flaresp. 103
Infrared and Submillimeter Diagnostics of Activity and Flaresp. 113
The Observed Spectrum of Solar Burst Continuum Emission in the Submillimeter Spectral Rangep. 125
Interferometry of Solar Flares at 3-mm Wavelengthp. 131
Eclipse Observations of the Extreme Solar Limb at Submillimeter Wavelengthsp. 139
12-[mu]m Observations at the 1991 Eclipsep. 151
850 [mu]m Observations of the 11 July 1991 Total Solar Eclipsep. 161
Observations of the 1991 Eclipse at 3.5 mm Wavelengthp. 167
Near IR Observations of the 11 July 1991 Total Solar Eclipse from Mauna Kea, Hawaiip. 173
Infrared Images of the Sun During the July 11, 1991 Solar Eclipsep. 179
IR Observations of the K and F Corona During the 1991 Eclipsep. 185
Infrared Coronal Observations at the 1991 Solar Eclipsep. 199
On the Coronal and Prominence Structures Observed at the Total Solar Eclipse of 11 July 1991p. 205
The White-Light, Far Red (600-700 nm) and Emission Coronae at the July 11, 1991 Eclipsep. 211
The Structure of the White-Light Corona at the 1991 Eclipsep. 217
Subphotospheric Convectionp. 225
The Infrared Granulation - Observationsp. 239
Simultaneous IR and Visible Light Measurements of the Solar Granulationp. 251
Measurements of Horizontal Flows in 1.6[mu]m Granulationp. 259
On Sunspot and Facular Contrast Variations Near 2 [mu]m and 4 [mu]mp. 265
Solar 5-minute Oscillations at 2.23 [mu]mp. 271
Ground-Based Near-Infrared Observations of Global Solar Oscillationsp. 277
Solar Oscillations Instrument at an Infrared Wavelength of 1.6 [mu]m at Yunnan Observatoryp. 283
Magnetic Fields, Oscillations, and Heating in the Quiet Sun Temperature Minimum Region from Ultraviolet Observations at 1600 Ap. 287
Atomic Physics at the 12 [mu]m and Related Linesp. 297
The Formation of Infrared Rydberg Linesp. 309
Modeling the Infrared Magnesium and Hydrogen Lines from Quiet and Active Solar Regionsp. 323
Computation of Infrared Hydrogen Linesp. 341
New Atomic Data for Mg I Linesp. 347
On the Ion Broadening of the 12 [mu]m lines of Atomic Magnesiump. 353
High-l Rydberg Lines of Fe I in the ATMOS Spectra: 4f-5g, 5g-6h ...p. 359
High-n Hydrogen Lines in Solar Infrared Spectra from Balloon-borne, Mauna Kea, and ATMOS Observationsp. 365
Solar Submillimeter and Millimeter Spectroscopy between 7 and 30 cm[superscript -1] from the James Clerk Maxwell Telescopep. 371
Vector Magnetometry Using the 12-[mu]m Emission Linesp. 379
Properties of Magnetic Features from the Analysis of Near-Infrared Spectral Linesp. 393
Theoretical Models of Magnetic Flux Tubes: Structure and Dynamicsp. 407
The Thermal and Magnetic Structure of Sunspotsp. 423
Infrared Measurements of Stellar Magnetic Fieldsp. 437
Near Infrared Imaging Magnetometryp. 449
Flux Tube Shredding and Its Infrared Signaturep. 459
The Structure of Umbral Fluxtubesp. 465
1.5 [mu]m Observations and the Depth of Sunspot Penumbraep. 471
A Magnetic Field Strength vs. Temperature Relation in Sunspotsp. 477
The IR Contrast of Magnetic Elements Obtained from High Spatial Resolution Observations at 1.6 [mu]mp. 483
Diagnostic Tools for Sunspots: the Molecules C[subscript 2], MgH and TiOp. 489
New Infrared Measurements of Magnetic Fields on Cool Starsp. 493
Atomic Spectroscopy in the Infraredp. 501
The ATMOS Solar Atlasp. 511
Synthetic Infrared Spectrap. 523
Line Shifts and Asymmetries in the IR Solar Spectrump. 533
Solar Abundances of C, N, and Op. 539
Analysis of Very High Excitation Fe I Lines (4f - 5g) in the Solar Infrared Spectrump. 543
The Sun as a Laboratory Source for IR Molecular Spectroscopyp. 549
Prospects in Adaptive Optics for Solar Applicationsp. 557
Solar Optical Interferometryp. 567
The Near-Infrared Capabilities of LESTp. 579
A 4-meter McMath Telescope for the Infraredp. 589
The Applicability of a 5-18 [mu]m Array Camera to Solar Imagingp. 595
Near-IR Solar Coronal Observations with New-Technology Reflecting Coronagraphsp. 603
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ISBN: 9780792325239
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Series: International Astronomical Union Symposia
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