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Indian Business in the Twentieth Century : Development Within an Era of Globalisation - Swapnesh K. Masrani
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Indian Business in the Twentieth Century

Development Within an Era of Globalisation

By: Swapnesh K. Masrani (Editor), Carlo J. Morelli (Editor), Amiya K. Bagchi (Editor)

Paperback | 27 May 2024

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This book uses a combination of business history and political economy to chart the development of Indian business organisation from independence in 1947 through to the twenty-first century.

The Indian economy has undergone a dramatic transformation to become one of the leading global economies of the twenty-first century. After ending colonialisation and gaining independence in 1947, the economy moved from a reliance on the export of raw materials to an era of state-promoted development, followed by an era of liberalisation and integration in the world economy by the close of the twentieth century. This book looks at traditional industries, such as textiles, to industries of the second and third industrial revolution, ranging from chemicals and oils to telecommunications.

This book highlights how Indian businesses proved capable of importing both new managerial ideas and organisational developments while adapting them to the specific domestic context. The case studies underline the use of human resource management in the post-colonial 'indianisation' of foreign-owned multinationals and the rise of new business organisation and management training in the development of Indian multinational organisations such as Tata Sons.

The chapters in this book were originally published as a special issue of Business History.

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