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Images of Women in Chinese Thought & Culture - Robin Wang

Images of Women in Chinese Thought & Culture

Paperback Published: 1st June 2003
ISBN: 9780872206519
Number Of Pages: 480

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This rich collection of writings--many translated especially for this volume and some available in English for the first time--provides a journey through the history of Chinese culture, tracing the Chinese understanding of women as elucidated in writings spanning more than two thousand years. From the earliest oracle bone inscriptions of the Pre-Qin period through the poems and stories of the Song Dynasty, these works shed light on Chinese images of women and their roles in society in terms of such topics as human nature, cosmology, gender, and virtue.

Industry Reviews

. . . this work is a monumental effort on the part of the editor and contributors and can be used in many different ways and for many different purposes. The most rewarding, but also the most demanding, is to read it from cover to cover; this will afford diligent readers a wide perspective and enable them to gain a more profound understanding of the wide variety of ideologies and practices that existed in ancient China regarding women and gender, and the changes and developments in these ideas and practices through the ages. Alternatively, it can be used as a reference to locate specific texts with their translation. Not least, it can be used as a sourcebook for teaching gender in a particular dynasty, school of thought, or literary genre. --Lily Xiao Hong Lee, China Review International
Wang's comprehensive anthology, utilizing the expertise of contemporary sinologists, historians, and philosophers, is an impressive collection of translated classical writings that provides scholars an invaluable tool for surveying the images of women across the literary landscape of China. . . . Particularly suitable as a source book not just for scholarly research but for classroom teaching as well. --Li-Hsiang Lisa Rosenlee, Dao: A Journal of Comparative Philosophy

Traditional Chronology
Shang and Western Zhou (1600-771 B.C.E.)p. 1
Oracle Bone Inscriptions on Womenp. 2
The Book of Odes (Shijing)p. 4
The Classic of Changes (Yijing)p. 25
The Canon of Documents (Shujing)p. 46
The Record of Rites (Liji)p. 48
Eastern Zhou (770-221 B.C.E.)p. 61
Analects of Confucius (Lunyu)p. 62
Daodejingp. 67
The Zuo Commentary (Zuozhuan)p. 73
Discourses of the States (Guoyu)p. 83
The Classic of Mountains and Seas (Shanhaijing)p. 92
Nu Gua: From Liezip. 96
Mozip. 100
Mencius (Mengzi)p. 102
Zhuangzip. 109
Xunzip. 113
Hanfeizip. 119
The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine (Huangdi neijing)p. 123
The Annals of Lu Buwei (Lushi chunqiu)p. 130
Nine Songs (Jiu ge) Qu Yuanp. 132
Han (202 B.C.E.-220 C.E.)p. 135
Master Prince of Huainan (Huainanzi) Liu Anp. 136
Stratagems of the Warring States (Zhanguoce)p. 139
Biographies of Women (Lienuzhuan) Liu Xiangp. 149
Luxuriant Gems of the Spring and Autumn (Chunqiu fanlu) Dong Zhongshup. 162
Comprehensive Discussions in the White Tiger Hall (Baihu tong)p. 170
Lessons for Women (Nujie) Ban Zhaop. 177
A General Discussion of Customs (Fengsu tongyi) Ying Shaop. 189
Classic of the White Girl, or the Art of the Bedchamber (Sunujing)p. 191
Wei, Jin, Nan-Bei Chao (220-581 C.E.)p. 195
In Search of the Supernatural (Soushenji) Gan Baop. 196
A New Account of Tales of the World (Shishuo xinyu) Liu Yiqingp. 207
New Songs from a Jade Terrace (Yutai xinyong) Xu Lingp. 229
Family Instructions to the Yan Clan (Yanshi jiaxun) Yan Zhituip. 245
The Ballad of Mulan (Mulan ci)p. 250
Women in the Standard Histories (Shishu)p. 255
Tang and Song (618-1279 C.E.)p. 265
The Forty-Two Chapters Sutra (Sishierzhang jing)p. 266
The Sutra of the Teaching of Vimalakirti (Weimojie Jing)p. 272
The Story of Dragon King's Daughter: From the Devadatta Chapter of the Lotus Sutra (Miaofalianhua jing)p. 278
Guanyin Chapter of the Lotus Sutra (Guanyin pin)p. 284
The Blood Tray Sutra (Xuepen jing)p. 291
Dunhuang Prayers (Dunhuang yuanwen)p. 294
Tang Epitaphs for Confucian, Daoist, and Buddhist Women (Muzhiming)p. 299
Reflections on Things at Hand (Jinsi lu) and Further Reflections on Things at Hand (Xu Jinsi lu) Zhu Xip. 316
The Analects for Women (Nu lunyu) Song Ruoxin and Song Ruozhaop. 327
Examination Essays (Panbacui) Bo Juyip. 341
The Daoist Goddess, Queen Mother of the West (Xiwangmu): From Assembled Transcendents of the Fortified Walled City (Yongcheng jixian lu) Du Guangtingp. 346
The Daoist Saint Xue Xuantong: From Assembled Transcendents of the Fortified Walled City (Yongcheng jixian lu) Du Guangtingp. 366
The Book of Filial Piety (Xiaojing) and The Book of Filial Piety for Women (Nu xiaojing)p. 372
The Story of Yingying (Yingying Zhuan) Yuan Zhenp. 391
The Story of Miss Li (Li Wa Zhuan) Bo Xingjianp. 401
Precepts for Family Life (Jiafan) Sima Guangp. 414
Tang Poems for My Beloved Wife (Sanqian beihuai) Yuan Zhenp. 419
Song of Lasting Regret (Changhen ge) Bo Juyip. 421
Song Poems for Daughtersp. 432
The Ci of Shuyu (Shuyuci) Li Qingzhaop. 435
Classic for Girls (Nuerjing)p. 437
Suggested Readingsp. 447
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ISBN: 9780872206519
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Format: Paperback
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Number Of Pages: 480
Published: 1st June 2003
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