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Idiots, Follies and Misadventures - Mikey Robins

Idiots, Follies and Misadventures

By: Mikey Robins

Paperback | 5 July 2023

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Two things are infinite: the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the universe. Albert Einstein

The history books are full of heroes and villains… but what about all the idiots? Comedian and armchair historian Mikey Robins tells the astonishing story of human stupidity, one idiot at a time.

Idiots, Follies and Misadventures shows that human stupidity has always been our constant companion.

History tends to omit tales of human fallibility. We overlook the dubious and ridiculous contributions made by history’s tawdry parade of knuckleheads. But this book is a call to arms … Knuckleheads Assemble! And once assembled, prepare to be mocked. Just because history has mostly swept these idiots under the carpet does not make them by any means unsung heroes. These are rather ridiculous cautionary tales, to hopefully amuse and add some perspective to our current rash of stupidity.

About the Author

Mikey Robins is one of Australia’s most well known comedians and broadcasters. He spent seven years as the host of Triple J’s National Breakfast Show before appearing as team leader on the smash hit TV series Good News Week. He has written for The Daily Telegraph, GQ and Men’s Style, and co-authored the books Three Beers and a Chinese Meal (with Helen Razor) and Big Man’s World (with Tony Squires and The Sandman).
Industry Reviews
'A catalogue of stupidity and evil from someone who knows what he is talking about. Robins is not afraid to apply the electrodes to the night tools when he wants the historical truth!'

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