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Ideas for a Hermeneutic Phenomenology of the Natural Sciences : Theology and Medicine - Joseph J. Kockelmans

Ideas for a Hermeneutic Phenomenology of the Natural Sciences

Theology and Medicine

Hardcover ISBN: 9780792323648
Number Of Pages: 314

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  • Paperback View Product Published: 27th October 2012

This book is a methodical and systematic presentation of basic ontological issues that must be raised with respect to the meaning and function of natural science. The ontological issues are discussed from a hermeneutico-phenomenological point of view. In addition, the book contains critical discussions of basic themes raised by Carnap, Hempel, Stegmüller, Kuhn, Lakatos, Hübner, Popper, van Fraassen, Heelan and Kisiel. One of the basic theses developed in the book is that logical, epistemological and methodological issues pertinent to the natural sciences should be complemented by ontological issues that focus mainly on meaning and truth. The book also contains one chapter on the implications of the ontological ideas presented for the history of the natural sciences.

Notes on the History of the Philosophy of Sciencep. 1
Kant and the Kantian Traditionp. 5
Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)p. 5
William Whewell (1794-1866)p. 13
Hermann Ludwig Ferdinand von Helmholtz (1821-1894)p. 15
Ernst Cassirer (1874-1945)p. 17
Emile Meyerson (1859-1933)p. 19
The Empiricist Tradition Since Herschel and Millp. 22
Sir John Frederick William Herschel (1792-1871)p. 22
John Stuart Mill (1806-1873)p. 24
William Stanley Jevons (1835-1882)p. 27
Karl Pearson (1857-1936)p. 29
Norman Robert Campbell (1880-1949)p. 31
Moritz Schlick (1882-1936)p. 33
Percy Williams Bridgman (1882-1961)p. 35
On the Origin of Conventionalismp. 38
Ernst Mach (1838-1916)p. 38
Emile Boutroux (1845-1921)p. 40
Heinrich Rudolf Hertz (1857-1894)p. 42
Henri Jules Poincare (1854-1912)p. 47
Pierre Maurice Marie Duhem (1861-1916)p. 49
Leading Schools and Trends in Philosophy of Science Todayp. 51
Philosophy of Science: The Place of Hermeneutic Phenomenologyp. 56
Hermeneutic Phenomenology on the Meaning and Function of Philosophyp. 60
Philosophy as a Critical Reflection on the Meaning of Being Which Takes its Starting Point in an Analytic of Man's Mode of Beingp. 60
Philosophy and the Question Concerning the Meaning of Beingp. 60
Being, Reality, and Knowledgep. 63
The Question of Being and Manp. 65
Intentionality and Being-in-the Worldp. 68
Hermeneutic Phenomenology Versus Idealism and Realismp. 72
Conclusion - Ontology and Analytic of Man's Beingp. 76
The Historical Character of Philosophyp. 77
Philosophy as Critical Reflection on Man's Experiencesp. 85
Philosophy and Non-Philosophic Forms of Man's Experiencep. 85
Philosophy and Sciencep. 91
The Dialectic Between Philosophy and Non-Philosophic Experiencep. 94
Concluding Remarksp. 95
Basic Issues for an Ontology of the Natural Sciencesp. 99
On the Hermeneutic Dimensions of the Natural Sciencesp. 100
Toward a Hermeneutic of the Natural Sciencesp. 104
Some Reflections on the Essence of Natural Sciencep. 114
On the Genesis of Modern Sciencep. 116
How is Natural Science Present in Our World?p. 119
Some Important Implications of the Hermeneutico-Ontological Approach for Several Fundamental Issues of the Philosophy of the Natural Sciencesp. 121
On the Problem of Truth in the Sciencesp. 127
Some Historical Observationsp. 128
The Contemporary Debate on Scientific Realismp. 131
Refutation of Scientific Realism and "Classical" Conventionalismp. 133
Critical Analysis of Constructive Empiricismp. 137
Toward a New Conception of Truthp. 143
On Myth and Science. Some Hermeneutical Reflectionsp. 150
Introduction: How are Myth and Natural Science to be Related to Each Other?p. 150
Myth, Philosophy, and Religion. Criticism of Myth in the Enlightenmentp. 153
Science and Myth. The Paradoxical Relation Between the Twop. 161
Critical Discussion of Some Basic Issues Raised in the Logic, Epistemology, History, and Ontology of the Natural Sciencesp. 170
On Stegmuller's Critical Analysis of the Logico-Empiricist Debate About the Relationship Between Theory and Experiencep. 170
The Problem of Empirical Significance. Carnap's Criterion of Empirical Significance of Theoretical Termsp. 171
Critical Discussion and Conclusionp. 187
On Induction: Popper and Hempelp. 189
On the Meaning of Scientific Revolutionsp. 200
Kuhn's Viewp. 202
Three Basic Issuesp. 209
Rationalism and Modern Sciencep. 209
Recurrent Historyp. 211
Inductionp. 213
Conclusion: Evolution and Revolution in Sciencep. 214
Reflections on Lakatos' Methodology of Scientific Research Programsp. 217
Lakatos Versus Sneed and Stegmullerp. 218
Logic, Epistemology, and Ontology of Sciencep. 223
Hubner on the Nature of the Theories Developed in Physicsp. 230
Beyond Realism and Idealism. A Response to Patrick Heelanp. 242
Heelan's "Ontology"p. 244
On the Notion of "Reality." Beyond Realism and Idealismp. 246
Appearances or Phenomena?p. 248
Toward a Hermeneutic Theory of the History of the Natural Sciencesp. 253
Three Views on the Historicity of the History of Sciencep. 254
Kuhn's Position in Regard to the History of Sciencep. 254
Lakatos' Idea of a History of Science as a Rational Reconstruction of the Pastp. 256
On the Theoretical Foundation of the Historical Sciences According to Hubnerp. 261
Critical Reflectionsp. 266
History is Not an Empirical But an Interpretive Sciencep. 269
The Universal in the Science "History"p. 270
History is Not a Homogeneous Domain: Different Branches of History. History of Sciencep. 272
On Recurrent Historyp. 275
Bibliographyp. 283
Index of Namesp. 298
Index of Termsp. 301
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ISBN: 9780792323648
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Series: Theology and Medicine
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Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 314
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