I Was There : Gigs That Changed the World - Mark Paytress

I Was There

Gigs That Changed the World

Paperback with Flaps on Inside & Back Covers

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I Was There is the definitive guide to the greatest live performances since the earliest stirrings of rock 'n' roll and answers the burning questions: what happened, who played, and what was it really like?

A stunning companion to over a century of live music, this book is a unique testament to popular music's most momentous concerts. It places you right in front of the stage, with the photographers and fans, at 101 of the greatest-ever gigs, each of which have helped to shape popular culture as we know it.

From John Lennon to James Brown, Billie Holiday to Iggy Pop, the musically gifted characters who grace the pages of this book have all been captured at ther finest, or their most notorious, through vivid commentary and beautiful photographs, memorabilia and reminiscences from contemporaries and luminaries. The audience, too, play their part. Join the heaving masses at the Trips Festival, California and journey to Woodstock and the Shea Stadium, New York to watch The Beatles.

With extraordinary pictures from leading rock photographers and exclusive contributions from audience and band members, including Nick Mason of Pink Floyd, and Woody Woodmansey of Ziggy Stardust fame, I Was There truly captures the essence of each gig - immense or intimate, polished or impromptu.

About the Author

Mark Paytress is a leading rock journalist, magazine editor and biographer, who contributes regularly to Mojo and Q magazines. He has interviewed countless musicians and, naturally, has been to hundreds of gigs.

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