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I Missed ME After the Terror, During the Years of Unbearable Sorrow : Trafficking the Holy Spirit - Alan Allen

I Missed ME After the Terror, During the Years of Unbearable Sorrow

Trafficking the Holy Spirit

Paperback Published: 26th April 2010
ISBN: 9781426927461
Number Of Pages: 740

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Local Parents Warned About Priests And Nuns Who Gang Rape And Prostitute Kids, Tweens & Teens directory of cleric perps & pervs in your neighborhood Merkel, Obama, Pelosi, Mussolini, Winfrey asked to help remove state, federal, civil and criminal statutes of limitation for sexual assault of kids, tweens & teens According to a new book, only a few U.S. priests and nuns rape children under 12, serially rape children under 11, gang rape children under 10, sodomize kids under 9, give kids AIDS, get 11 year olds pregnant, abort children and teenagers, ritually abuse kids, sexually assault kids, torture kids, murder kids, and abandon their illegitimate children borne of kids they raped. A few nuns and priests rape, prostitute, torture, sexually assault and proffer kids ... all at the same 1.5% percentile as perps & pervs in society: of one million Catholic priests worldwide, only 15,000 sexually assault kids and teens. Of ten million nuns, only 150,000 are perps & pervs. (Statistics count only Catholic priests & nuns, not other religions, boy scouts, etc.) A shocking expose and practical resource book, i missed me after the terror, during the years of unbearable sorrow: trafficking the holy Spirit, by Alan Allen (Trafford-available May 15) includes testimony, church canon, documentation, healing resources, and a directory of clergy perps by state, country and diocese. Adult survivors of childhood trauma share non-graphic, personal stories stripping euphemisms of 'child abuse' and 'inappropriate touching' to unmask the terror perpetrated against them by sadists, psychopaths, sociopaths and the criminally insane hidden behind the cliches and collars and habits. Editor Alan Allan says, "We all need to show world legislators, the public and Angela Merkel, Michele Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Alessandra Mussolini and Oprah Winfrey why we should change state, federal, civil and criminal statutes of limitation for child sexual assault to the lifetime of the child in the U.S., E.U. and Americas so children are safe and we can once again set a new moral standard for the U.S. and the world." The book tells the whole story in the U.S., Europe and Mexico, and lists resources for victims seeking help. An appendix describes in many States, statutes of limitation on rape were adopted in part based on the Kinsey Report ... which since has been shown that the _normal sexual data' of orgasms in infants, children, tweens and teens used in the report was supplied by Nazi Gestapo child rapists who _used a stopwatch' to count how many orgasms children aged 7 months to 12 years old have per minute, per hour and per day - and was the basis for the sexual revolution in the U.S. and U.S. classroom -- and one reason why the statutes of limitation on sexual abuse of children should be removed, extended to the life of the child, or _windowed' and be based on democracy not nazi perv standards. The Vatican's Bishops lobby against rollback of statutes, preferring a less-costly containment view where litigation expiration dates prevent moral, civil & criminal redress. This leaves perps on the streets. Another reason is the psychiatric record says children traumatized by sexual assault cope by forgetting until mid-age, then remember ...long after statutes of limitation have expired. So, a

ISBN: 9781426927461
ISBN-10: 1426927460
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 740
Published: 26th April 2010
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Country of Publication: CA
Dimensions (cm): 19.1 x 23.5  x 3.6
Weight (kg): 1.25