Human Body Learning Lab : Take an Inside Tour of How Your Anatomy Works - Betty Choi

Human Body Learning Lab

Take an Inside Tour of How Your Anatomy Works

By: Betty Choi

Paperback | 22 November 2022 | Edition Number 1

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Pediatrician Betty Choi invites kids ages 8 and up to explore the marvels of the human body with lively hands-on projects and activities, including shaping bones from salt dough, creating a moving model of the eyes, crafting a 3d skin model, making a blow-up model of how a bicep muscle contracts, tracing capillary action, and even setting up a working model of the urinary system to show how pee is produced. Packed with colourful diagrams of how each major body system works, fun facts, and easy tests that kids can use to learn about and evaluate their own body functions - from touch sensitivity to colourblindness, taste perception, lung capacity and more - The Human Body Learning Lab makes biology more exciting and engaging than ever. AGES: 6 to 10 AUTHOR: Betty Choi, MD is a pediatrician and writer with extensive experience in medical education content development. She completed her pediatrics training at Boston Children's Hospital / Boston Medical Center, worked as pediatric hospitalist and concierge physician. She has dedicated her career to education. Passionate about improving science communication and access to affordable education, she believes that connection is the key to motivating change. Through her website and social media, she has reached thousands of families around the world to advocate for healthy, positive parenting; hands-on learning for children; and diversity and inclusion. She lives in California with her husband and children. SELLING POINTS: . With hands-on projects and activities that demonstrate the workings of different body systems, colourful disagrams, and stickers, this package feels like a fascinating afterschool enrichment class, and will be a hit with parents, teachers, homeschoolers, and even doctors who'd like to explain simple medical concepts to their patients . All the body systems and structures are introduced through hands-on activities, making it easy for kids to understand the human body, a core part of the STEM curriculum
Industry Reviews
"This is the book we have been waiting for...Visually stunning, fun, active, and educational." - Janene H. Fuerch, MD, neonatologist at Stanford Children's Hospital and co-founder of EMME

"A wealth of useful information about the workings of the human body." - Howard J. Bennett, MD, pediatrician and author of The Fantastic Body

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