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HTML and Web Design : Tips and Techniques - Kris Jamsa

HTML and Web Design

Tips and Techniques

Paperback Published: 23rd January 2002
ISBN: 9780072193947
Number Of Pages: 692

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This is a new series offering Tips. Techniques format is highly focused, providing 500+ immediate solutions for seasoned Web designers and developers. It is co-authored by a best selling and critically acclaimed author, Kris Jamsa. Internet-related skills remain strong and HTML and Web design skills are in high demand. Easy-to-navigate interior-chapter indexes, "use it" icons, and cross-referencing make this invaluable for readers needing ready-to-implement solutions.

Acknowledgmentsp. xv
Introductionp. xv
HTML Basicsp. xxii
Downloading and Installing the Personal Web Serverp. 16
Managing the Personal Web Server and Publishing Your Web Pagesp. 18
Describing Web Page Contents with a Titlep. 21
Identifying Web Documents Using the Document Type Definitionp. 23
Inserting Comments into a Web Documentp. 24
Specifying the Typeface for Web Page Textp. 26
Controlling the Flow of Text with Paragraph and Line Break Tagsp. 27
Changing the Size of Text Using Heading Level Tags and the Font Tag size Attributep. 32
Changing the Color of Text in an HTML Documentp. 33
Adding Graphics to a Web Page Using a Basic [left angle bracket]img[right angle bracket] Tagp. 35
Changing the Alignment of Text and Graphicsp. 37
Adding a Hypertext Link to a Web Pagep. 40
Enhancing Individual Letters and Words Using Character Formatting Tagsp. 41
Using Symbols and Special Characters in an HTML Documentp. 42
Using Horizontal Rules to Organize Web Contentp. 44
Using Blockquote Tags to Control Left and Right Text Marginsp. 47
Creating Ordered and Unordered Listsp. 48
Creating Nested Listsp. 51
Creating Definition Listingsp. 52
Using Preformatted Text Tags to Control the Display of Web Contentp. 54
Displaying a Navigation Menu Within a Web Page Framep. 56
Displaying Multiple Web Pages Onscreen at the Same Timep. 57
HTML Tablesp. 62
Creating a Table with Cells that Span Multiple Columns or Multiple Rowsp. 72
Working with Table and Cell Border Widthsp. 75
Working with Table and Cell Border Colorsp. 76
Working with Background Images and Colorsp. 78
Determining a Color Attribute's Valuep. 81
Working with Cell Padding and Cell Spacingp. 83
Setting Table Dimensions Using Relative or Absolute Valuesp. 84
Setting Cell Dimensions Using Relative or Absolute Valuesp. 85
Aligning Cell Content Horizontally and Verticallyp. 86
Aligning a Table on a Web Pagep. 89
Controlling the Width and Height of a Cell by Inserting a Transparent GIFp. 89
Wrapping Text Around an Imagep. 91
Displaying a Gallery of Thumbnails Within a Tablep. 93
Creating Bullets and Lists with Tables and Graphicsp. 96
Creating a Navigation Sidebar Using a Tablep. 97
Adding Images and Links to Table Cellsp. 98
Nesting Tables to Control Borders on a Web Pagep. 99
Approximating an Image Map by Placing Pieces of an Image Within a Tablep. 100
Slicing a Graphic Image into Table Cells to Create a Quick-Loading Web Graphicp. 102
Reducing the Amount of Time a Web Browser Spends Drawing a Tablep. 103
Simulating Web Page Frames Using a Tablep. 104
Focusing the Viewer's Attention with Cell Background Colorsp. 107
Aligning Web Page Content Visually with Visible Table Bordersp. 108
Controlling Gutter Size and Margin Width of Text on a Web Pagep. 110
HTML Formsp. 112
Creating a Single-Line Input Field on a Formp. 119
Creating a Multiline Input Field on a Formp. 120
Validating Text Element Data Prior to Submitting Form Resultsp. 122
Placing Check Boxes on a Formp. 124
Placing Radio Buttons on a Formp. 126
Validating Radio Button Group Selections Prior to Submitting Form Resultsp. 128
Placing a Drop-Down List (Selection Menu) on a Formp. 129
Verifying the Visitor Has Made a Selection List Choice Prior to Submitting Form Resultsp. 132
Changing the Items Available on a Selection List Based on Visitor Supplied Informationp. 134
Sending All Selection List Values to the Web Server Through a Hidden Fieldp. 136
Adding a Reset Button to a Formp. 138
Preventing a Visitor from Clearing Form Elements Accidentallyp. 139
Adding a Submit Button to a Formp. 140
Replacing the Standard Submit and Reset Buttons on a Form with Other Graphics Imagesp. 141
Sending Form Results by E-Mail Without a CGI Scriptp. 143
Controlling the Layout of Form Elements and Text with HTML Tablesp. 145
Creating a Shortcut Key for Form Navigation with a [left angle bracket]label[right angle bracket] Tagp. 148
Instructing the Web Browser to Execute a Form Validation Function with the onClick Attributep. 149
Passing Values to the Web Server Through Hidden Fieldsp. 151
Hiding Visitor Input from View Within a Password Elementp. 152
Adding a Generic Button Object to a Formp. 153
Enabling and Disabling Form Elements on-the-Flyp. 154
Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)p. 158
Applying Multiple CSS Rules to a Single Selectorp. 170
Selecting a Typeface with the font-family Propertyp. 172
Specifying the Size of Text with the font-size Propertyp. 174
Creating Overlapping Textp. 177
Aligning Web Page Textp. 179
Controlling Margins and Line Heightp. 181
Displaying Text Within Columnsp. 183
Working with Bordersp. 186
Indenting Paragraphs and Controlling Letter, Word, and Line Spacingp. 188
Offsetting Text with Initial Capsp. 189
Customizing the Appearance of Hyperlinksp. 191
Creating a Drop-Shadow Effectp. 192
Applying a Border Graphicp. 194
Positioning Background Images and Watermarksp. 196
Floating Images and Textp. 199
Customizing the Appearance of Listsp. 201
Creating Text and Image Effects with Filtersp. 203
Aligning Labels with Form Elements and Adding Color to Formsp. 206
Displaying a Gallery of Thumbnails with Captionsp. 209
Controlling the Cursorp. 212
Layering Web Page Elementsp. 214
Sending Your Style Sheet Through a Validatorp. 216
XHTML and Emerging Trendsp. 220
Converting HTML to XHTML Using HTML Tidyp. 233
Selecting the Correct DOCTYPE for Your Web Pagep. 237
Validating Your Web Page with an XHTML Validatorp. 238
Setting the Text Size on an XHTML Web Page with Keywordsp. 242
Grouping an XHTML Form's Selection List Items with the [left angle bracket]optgroup[right angle bracket] Tagp. 245
Adding Color to XHTML Tables with Cascading Style Sheet Rulesp. 247
Embedding Fonts Within an XHTML Web Page with CSS Rulesp. 249
Inserting on XHTML Page Within Another with an Inline Framep. 251
Updating Multiple XHTML Page Inline Frames at Oncep. 255
Changing XHTML Page Appearance Based on Media Typep. 257
Controlling the Way the Web Browser Prints an XHTML Web Pagep. 261
Graphicsp. 264
Working with Cross-Platform Issues When Creating Graphics Images for the Webp. 274
Specifying Image Dimensions Within an Image Tagp. 277
Working with the alt Attribute and Text-Only Viewersp. 278
Creating a Tool Tip by Inserting a title Attribute in an Image Tagp. 281
Compressing Photographs into a JPEG Filep. 283
Saving Clip Art and Text to a GIF-Formatted Filep. 286
Making Images Appear to Load Fasterp. 288
Working with the PNG-8 and PNG-24 File Formatsp. 290
Converting Graphics into Web Images with Image-Editing Programsp. 291
Creating Web-Friendly Graphics Images on Your Scannerp. 292
Creating Colorful Horizontal Rulesp. 294
Retrieving a Fast-Loading "Teaser" Image with the lowsrc Attributep. 296
Ensuring Accurate Color Presentation with the Web-Safe Color Palettep. 298
Creating Graphical Hyperlink Anchorsp. 300
Creating Tiled Backgrounds from Graphics Imagesp. 301
Creating Transparency in a GIF Imagep. 304
Retrieving Full-Size Images after Clicking on Thumbnailsp. 307
Preloading and Caching Images Behind the Scenesp. 309
Expanding the Web-Safe Color Palette with Dithering Techniquesp. 311
Smoothing the Edges of Text Converted into a Graphic Through Anti-Aliasingp. 313
Animation, Sound, and Videop. 316
Creating a GIF Animation from Scratchp. 334
Controlling GIF Animation Th. ough Internal Settingsp. 336
Creating a Banner Ad Using GIF Animationp. 338
Creating Smooth Transitions Between GIF Animation Frames Using Tweeningp. 341
Incorporating a Completed Flash Splash Screen into a Web Sitep. 342
Creating a Flash Movie from Scratchp. 345
Building Text-Based Animations Using FlaXp. 348
Broadcasting Streaming Audio and Videop. 348
Creating Your Own Streaming Mediap. 351
Creating a Page that Features a Web Camp. 352
Integrating Video and Audio into a Web Site Using SMIL (Smile)p. 354
JavaScriptp. 358
Handling Older Browsers that Do Not Support Scriptsp. 370
Storing Multiple Values in One Variable by Using JavaScript Arraysp. 371
Letting a Script Make Decisions and Process Accordinglyp. 372
Making Decisions Based on Two or More Conditionsp. 374
Executing Code When a Condition Is Not Truep. 375
Repeating Statements a Specific Number of Timesp. 376
Repeating Statements While a Condition Is Truep. 377
Responding to JavaScript Eventsp. 378
Executing JavaScript Statements Within the Body of a Web Pagep. 380
Calling a User-Defined JavaScript Functionp. 382
Calling JavaScript Functions Within an Event Handlerp. 384
Looking Closer at JavaScript Event Handlersp. 385
Creating an Interactive Navigation Bar with a Mouseover Effectp. 388
Taking Advantage of the Scripting Object Model Arraysp. 390
Referring to Web Page Objects by Name Instead of Position Numberp. 392
Leveraging the Contents of the Document Objectp. 393
Taking Advantage of the JavaScript Images Arrayp. 396
Exploiting the JavaScript Links Arrayp. 398
Changing Web Page Colors Using JavaScriptp. 401
Storing a Cookie on the Visitor's Hard Drivep. 402
Formatting Cookie Data Using JavaScriptp. 404
Retrieving a Cookie Value from the Cookie Filep. 406
Removing a Cookie from the Cookie Filep. 407
Saving Time and Programming by Using Prewritten (External) Scriptsp. 409
Creating an Animation Using the onLoad Eventp. 410
Displaying Self-Changing Banners Using JavaScriptp. 411
Pointing Hyperlinks to New Files On-the-Flyp. 413
Pre-caching Pictures to Reduce Image Display Timep. 415
Creating a Scrolling Marquee Using JavaScriptp. 416
Java Applets and ActiveX Objectsp. 418
Using an Applet to Create a Pop-Up Navigation Menup. 437
Using an Applet to Animate a Text Stringp. 440
Using an Applet to Display and Print a Calendar for Any Yearp. 442
Using an Applet to Display a Passage at Random from a Text Filep. 443
Using an Applet to Create a Navigation Menu that Runs in Its Own Windowp. 444
Using an Applet to Scroll the Contents of a File Vertically Within a Rectangular Box Onscreenp. 448
Using an Applet to Animate an Image Along a Sine Wavep. 450
Editing Java Source Code to Build a Custom Appletp. 452
Using the Microsoft Chat ActiveX Control to Add Internet Chat to a Web Pagep. 457
Using Only ActiveX Objects with Internet Explorerp. 460
PHP4p. 464
Sending Data from an HTML Form to a PHP Scriptp. 484
Using PHP to Parse and Extract Form Resultsp. 488
Using PHP to Send an E-Mail Messagep. 491
Determining Whether a Visitor's Web Browser Accepts Cookiesp. 493
Using PHP and a Disk File to Set Up Username/Password Access to a Web Sitep. 496
Preventing Visitors from Linking Directly to Pages on Your Sitep. 498
Using a PHP Session to Establish a Persistent Connection Between a Site Visitor and the Web Serverp. 499
Creating a MySQL Database and Tablesp. 502
Displaying SQL Query Results in an HTML Table on a Web Pagep. 504
Using PHP to Generate a Random Passwordp. 507
Using PHP and MySQL to Set Up Username/Password Access to a Web Sitep. 509
Preventing Visitors from Changing Variable Values with URL Argumentsp. 511
Using PHP and MySQL to Track Where Visitors Go on Your Web Sitep. 512
Determining the Visitor's IP Address for Web Page Requests Sent Through a Proxy Serverp. 514
Preventing One Visitor from Assuming Another Visitor's PHP Session Identityp. 516
Using PHP Functions to Create Web Page Templatesp. 517
Using PHP to Add File Upload Functionality to a Web Pagep. 520
Active Server Pages (ASP)p. 524
Controlling the Flow of Content from Web Server to Web Browser Through the HTML Output Streamp. 539
Preventing the Web Browser from Displaying Stale Active Server Pagesp. 543
Redirecting the Web Browser to Another Web Pagep. 545
Maintaining Variable Values Between HTTP Requests with the Cookies Collectionp. 547
Retrieving Form Results from the ASP Form Collectionp. 550
Retrieving Form Results from the ASP QueryString Collectionp. 553
Retrieving Information from the Server Variables Collectionp. 556
Connecting to a MySQL DBMS Through the MyODBC Driverp. 559
Setting Up Username/Password Access to a Web Sitep. 562
Starting a Session and Working with Session Variablesp. 565
Executing SQL Queries and Displaying Query Results Sets Within an HTML Tablep. 568
Displaying Banner Ads with the Microsoft Banner Ad Rotatorp. 573
Tracking Microsoft Banner Ad Rotator Impressions and Click-Throughsp. 576
Handling "Status: 404 Not Found" Errorsp. 580
Security and Performancep. 586
Downloading and Installing a Public Key, Digital Signature, and Server IDp. 600
Creating a Secure Web Page Under IISp. 601
Installing a Software-Based Firewallp. 603
Fine-Tuning a Firewall's Port Assignmentsp. 605
Reducing Your Site's Exposure to Virusesp. 607
Improving Performance and Security by Disabling Printer and File Sharingp. 610
Using Client Certificates to Restrict User Accessp. 612
Auditing System Events to Detect Intrudersp. 614
Exploiting the NTFS File Systemp. 617
Disabling Remote Servicesp. 620
Analyzing Your System's Vulnerabilityp. 623
Processing Credit Card Datap. 625
Taking a Close Look at a Web Site's Performance Chainp. 625
Creating a Web Farmp. 631
Monitoring Server Performancep. 631
Indexp. 637
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780072193947
ISBN-10: 0072193948
Series: Tips & Techniques S.
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 692
Published: 23rd January 2002
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
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