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How Veganism Can Save Us : Survive the Modern World - Emma Hakansson

How Veganism Can Save Us

By: Emma Hakansson

Flexi Bound Book | 6 July 2022

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Flexi Bound Book

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How Veganism Can Save Us is a little book about the big ideas behind veganism, showing how changing our habits can change the world.

Revealing hard truths, animal rights activist Emma Hakansson teaches us the devastating impact animal agriculture is having on our environment, waterways, as well as our personal wellbeing and mental health. Emma shows us that there is so much power in our individual choices. By eating a plant-based diet we can make incredible change that will help reverse environmental devastation, improve our overall health and save animals from the violent and oppressive system they have been born into.

This empowering book is filled with quotes, explainers and activities that give pause for thought, recalibration and action, as Emma's words echo that of Sir David Attenborough’s: ‘the future of humanity and indeed all life on Earth depends on us’.

How Veganism Can Save Us will arm you with the truth and set you on a path towards a more sustainable future.

About the Author

Emma Hakansson is first and foremost, an activist. She is dedicated to collective liberation, and to efforts which extend our circle of compassion far beyond our own backyards, but across races, sexes, and even species. Emma is a writer, having been published internationally across media outlets like Plant Based News, Good On You Eco, The Green Hub and other sustainable, ethical publications. She has created multiple animal rights campaigns and produced visual and written content for both Animal Liberation Victoria, and Farm Transparency Project, two organisations which regularly appear in national, and international news.

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How Veganism Can Save Us : Survive the Modern World - Emma Hakansson

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