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How to Write Effective Business English : Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication - Fiona Talbot

How to Write Effective Business English

Your Guide to Excellent Professional Communication

By: Fiona Talbot

Hardcover | 3 May 2023 | Edition Number 4

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Unlearn bad habits, sharpen your emails and improve your written communication throughout your business with How to Write Effective Business English. An easy-to-follow guide on how to write with confidence, whether or not English is your first language. With new chapters on writing well across all disciplines, writing globally, and the impact of social media on workplace communication, this new edition prepares you to clearly liaise with your colleagues and to your target market in order to get your point across. Not only is this for individuals who want to better their craft and build their confidence, but it's also for multinational companies where communication is vital. Whether you're fluent in English or still learning, all speakers can iron out areas where there are common misconceptions, and bring those skills into their workplace. Fiona Talbot informs you on how to format your prose to cater for a business world, by using case studies from L'Oreal, Loaf Furniture and Octopus Energy to demonstrate how English is used internationally in business and to teach you how to address different scenarios, whilst putting your best foot forward. Express yourself in business in a clear manner on all platforms, and get your message across with impact.

Industry Reviews
"The book helpfully emphasises that effective writing today isn't just about clarity and conciseness, essential as these are. Today's digital-savvy workforce (and customer base) both expect a great reader experience too. The wide-reaching tips are invaluable, as the author says, 'from entry level to CEO'!" * Fabian Schneider, Managing Director, W.Ulrich GmbH, Germany *
"We today are living in 'the attention economy', whether it be with your own teammates in companies, whether it be with your customers, your consumers or even your family. Having the ability to write with clarity in a compelling way that puts across your point of view and adds value to a piece of communication, is incredibly difficult. So to be equipped with the right tools to help people be more succinct and impactful is hugely important in today's world. This book goes a long way in contributing towards that." * Richard Lawrence, Founder, Innovatr, South Africa *
"As a build from Fiona's previous books, this one deep dives into subjects that are highly relevant when we consider the impact of our written communication today and for the future. I love the references to 'power words' which bring our messaging to life, along with the reminder of 'staying authentic', 'build your own brand' and 'show your inner marketer!' There is something for everyone in this book, from early to experienced career, and it's all incredibly relevant within a global organisation." * Julie Brookfield, Head of People, GBG PLC, UK *

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Published: 3rd May 2023

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