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How to Thrive with Adult ADHD : 7 Pillars for Focus, Productivity and Balance - Dr James Kustow

How to Thrive with Adult ADHD

7 Pillars for Focus, Productivity and Balance

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Available: 3rd October 2024

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Available: 3rd October 2024

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Adult ADHD has long been misunderstood, but is finally getting the attention it deserves as a very real and debilitating condition. More people than ever are having that penny-drop revelation that ADHD might explain what has made life so difficult for them, but NHS waiting times for referrals are running into years, and thousands are not getting the help they desperately need.

It doesn't need to be this way. Dr James Kustow, one of the UK's leading adult ADHD psychiatrists, knows first-hand that medical assistance is just one part of overcoming the challenges associated with ADHD. With the right lifestyle adjustments, nutritional changes and mental attitude, and by integrating simple organisational systems and stabilising routines, adult ADHD can become a strength, capitalising on the creativity and passion that those with ADHD so often exhibit. He knows this professionally but also personally, as he himself is managing ADHD day to day - diagnosed in adulthood.

In this no-nonsense guide, Dr Kustow will demystify ADHD and share seven key pillars for managing and harnessing its powers**,** based on cutting-edge research and 20 years of clinical experience that has shown him how these tools radically transform lives.

Each pillar involves incremental changes - to your lifestyle, diet and mindset - and targeted strategies to optimise time and task management. Taken together, they will not only help you live a balanced and fulfilled life, but also turn your unique style of engaging with the world into your most powerful strength.

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