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How to Spot a Fascist - Umberto Eco

How to Spot a Fascist

By: Umberto Eco

Paperback | 18 August 2020

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We are here to remember what happened and to declare solemnly that 'they' must never do it again. But who are 'they'?

HOW TO SPOT A FASCIST is a selection of three thought-provoking essays on freedom and fascism, censorship and tolerance - including Eco's iconic essay 'Ur-Fascism', which lists the fourteen essential characteristics of fascism, and draws on his own personal experiences growing up in the shadow of Mussolini.

Umberto Eco remains one of the greatest writers and cultural commentators of the last century. In these pertinent pieces, he warns against prejudice and abuses of power and proves a wise and insightful guide for our times.

If we strive to learn from our collective history and come together in challenging times, we can hope for a peaceful and tolerant future.

Freedom and liberation are never-ending tasks. Let this be our motto: 'Do not forget.'

About the Author

Umberto Eco (1932-2016) wrote fiction, literary criticism and philosophy. His first novel, The Name Of The Rose, was a major international bestseller.

His other works include Foucault's Pendulum, The Island Of The Day Before, Baudolino, The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana, The Prague Cemetery and Numero Zero along with many brilliant collections of essays.
Industry Reviews
He brilliantly exposes all that is absurd and paradoxical in contemporary behaviour. Eco's irony is disarming, his cleverness dazzling
* Guardian *

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