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How to Do Everything with Your Visor : How to Do Everything - Dave Johnson

How to Do Everything with Your Visor

How to Do Everything

By: Dave Johnson, Rick Broida, Jeff Hawkins (Foreword by)

Paperback Published: 3rd September 2000
ISBN: 9780072126969
Number Of Pages: 544

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-- Handheld computer sales are growing at 30% annual rate. Market projections are for 32.5 million units by 2003
-- The only book to treat the Handspring Visor as the primary subject
-- Foreword by respected guru Jeff Hawkins, inventor of both the PalmPilot and the Visor
-- Covers the expansion slot for wireless communication, MP3 playback, global positioning and digital photography

Acknowledgmentsp. xxi
Introductionp. xxiii
Get Started
Welcome to Visorp. 3
What Makes the Visor so Unique?p. 5
About Springboard Technologyp. 6
An Overview of the Visor Modelsp. 8
Visor Deluxep. 8
Visorp. 8
Visor Solop. 8
What They Have in Commonp. 9
Visor Advantagesp. 10
Visor Limitationsp. 11
Where to Buy a Visorp. 11
A Guided Tour of the Visorp. 13
A Guided Tour of the Hardwarep. 14
The Screenp. 14
The Buttonsp. 17
The Back of the Visorp. 18
The Infrared Portp. 18
The Stylusp. 19
The Screen Coverp. 20
Using Your Visor for the First Timep. 20
Installing the Batteriesp. 21
The Welcome Screensp. 21
The Graffiti Tutorialp. 22
Getting to Know the Operating Systemp. 23
The Iconsp. 24
The Menusp. 24
The Applications Screenp. 26
Setting Visor Preferencesp. 28
Buttonsp. 28
Digitizerp. 29
Formatsp. 29
Generalp. 29
Modemp. 30
Networkp. 30
Ownerp. 31
ShortCutsp. 31
An Introduction to Palm Desktopp. 32
What Is the Palm Desktop?p. 32
Getting Set Up with Your PC or Macintoshp. 37
Unpacking Your Visorp. 38
Accessing the Instruction Manualp. 38
Installing the HotSync Cradlep. 39
Installing the Desktop Softwarep. 39
Setting Up Palm Desktopp. 41
Your First HotSyncp. 42
Exploring the HotSync Managerp. 42
Pressing the HotSync Buttonp. 47
Reading the HotSync Logp. 48
HotSync as a Way of Lifep. 50
Keeping Data Synchronizedp. 50
Getting Information in and out of Your Visorp. 53
The Three Ways to Enter Datap. 54
Using Graffitip. 55
Using the Onscreen Keyboardp. 56
Using the Palm Desktopp. 58
Getting to Know Graffitip. 59
General Tips and Tricks for Graffitip. 60
Writing Letters and Numbersp. 60
Capitalizing Lettersp. 63
Spaces, Backspaces, and Deleting Textp. 64
Adding Punctuationp. 64
Using Shortcutsp. 66
Getting Help with Graffitip. 68
Beaming Data Between Palm OS Devicesp. 70
Selecting Items for Beamingp. 74
Installing New Software on Your Visorp. 76
Install Tool Shortcuts in Windowsp. 78
Prepping Applications for Installationp. 79
After the HotSyncp. 80
Removing Applications from the Visorp. 80
Working with the Palm Desktop for Windowsp. 83
Explore with the Palm Desktopp. 84
Configure the Palm Desktopp. 86
Manage Your Schedule with the Date Bookp. 86
Use the Day Viewp. 87
Use the Week and Month Viewsp. 90
Manage Your Contacts with the Address Bookp. 92
View Address Book Entriesp. 92
Create and Edit Entriesp. 93
Import Contacts into the Palm Desktopp. 94
Use Addresses in Other Applicationsp. 95
Track Tasks with the To Do Listp. 98
View Your To Dosp. 98
Create and Edit To Dosp. 100
Use To Dos in Other Applicationsp. 100
Take Notes with the Memo Padp. 102
View Your Memo Padp. 103
Create and Edit Memosp. 103
Import Text Filesp. 104
Use Memos in Other Applicationsp. 107
Restore Deleted Data to Your Visorp. 108
Working with Palm Desktop for Macintoshp. 113
Date Book (a.k.a. Calendar)p. 114
Use the Daily Viewp. 115
Use the Weekly and Monthly Viewsp. 116
Address Book (a.k.a. Contact List)p. 118
Sort and Filter Your Contactsp. 121
To Do List (a.k.a. Task List)p. 122
Create and Edit Tasksp. 123
Sort and Filter Your Tasksp. 124
Memo Pad (a.k.a. Note List)p. 126
Creating and Editing Notesp. 127
Attaching Notesp. 128
Sorting and Filtering Your Notesp. 131
Get Things Done
The Date Bookp. 135
View Your Appointmentsp. 136
Navigate the Day Viewp. 137
Navigate the Week Viewp. 142
Navigate the Month Viewp. 143
Create New Appointmentsp. 144
Add Timed Eventsp. 144
Add Untimed Eventsp. 145
Add a Long Notep. 148
Make an Appointment Privatep. 149
Edit Your Appointmentsp. 150
Edit Recurring Meetingsp. 150
Delete Old Appointmentsp. 151
Work with Alarmsp. 151
Set Alarms for Specific Eventsp. 151
Set Alarms for Everythingp. 152
Import Alarm Settingsp. 153
Control Your Alarmp. 153
Use the Date Book+p. 153
Navigate the Week View with Textp. 154
Navigate the Year Viewp. 154
Navigate the List Viewp. 155
Use Integrated To Dosp. 156
Use Floating Eventsp. 157
Use the Journalp. 158
Add Events from a Templatep. 159
The Address Bookp. 161
View Your Addressesp. 162
View by Company Namep. 164
Find a Specific Namep. 165
View a Namep. 166
Create New Entriesp. 166
Use Multiple Phone Numbersp. 167
Use Extra Fieldsp. 168
Add a Long Notep. 169
Assign Categories and Privacyp. 170
Choose a Categoryp. 170
Make a Name Privatep. 171
Edit and Delete Addressesp. 172
Create and Beam Your Business Cardp. 172
Business Card Advicep. 174
The To Do Listp. 175
View the To Do Listp. 176
Create a To Dop. 178
Add Details to the To Dop. 180
Add Notes to a Taskp. 180
Work with the List Viewp. 181
Change the View Optionsp. 183
Delete Old To Dosp. 186
Share and Hide Your To Dosp. 187
The Memo Padp. 189
View the Memo Padp. 190
Create New Memosp. 192
Use Editing Toolsp. 192
Assign Categoriesp. 193
Add a Phone Numberp. 194
Arrange Memos in the Memo Listp. 194
Work with Your Memosp. 196
Beam Memosp. 197
Make a Memo Privatep. 197
Delete Memosp. 198
Where to Find Itp. 200
The Expense Programp. 201
Getting Started with Expensep. 202
Creating New Expense Itemsp. 203
Modifying Expense Detailsp. 204
Managing Expenses and Purging Recordsp. 206
From Expense to Excelp. 207
Making the Transferp. 208
Alternatives to Expensep. 212
AnyExpense 1.0p. 212
ExpenseDirector 3.1p. 213
ExpensePlusp. 213
ExpenzProp. 214
Quicken ExpensAblep. 214
Where to Find Itp. 215
The Rest of the Palm OS Teamp. 217
Visor Securityp. 218
Security 101p. 219
Working with Passwordsp. 219
Hiding Your Recordsp. 222
Passwords on the Desktopp. 223
Other Security Optionsp. 224
The Find Featurep. 227
How It Worksp. 228
Third-Party Search Programsp. 228
The Calculatorp. 229
Advanced Modep. 229
Third-Party Calculatorsp. 230
CityTimep. 231
Setting Your Home Cityp. 232
Setting Display Timesp. 232
Sunrise and Sunset Informationp. 232
The Mail Programp. 233
How to Decide if You Should Use Mailp. 234
Where to Find Itp. 234
Going on a Tripp. 235
Prepare Your Visor for the Roadp. 236
Set Up Your Datap. 237
Get the Hardware Readyp. 239
Road Tipsp. 239
Software to Bring Alongp. 240
Address and Date Book Enhancementsp. 241
Itinerary Trackerp. 247
The Ultimate Alarm Clockp. 247
Find Your Way Aroundp. 250
Wilderness Survival Toolsp. 253
Navigate with Your Visorp. 253
Use Your Visor as a Compassp. 253
Find Starsp. 255
Read Late at Nightp. 256
Where to Find Itp. 256
Beyond the Box
Modems and More: Using Your Visor to Communicatep. 259
Choosing a Modemp. 260
Landline, Ho!p. 261
What About Wireless?p. 267
E-Mail and Instant Messagingp. 268
An Introduction to the Mail Programp. 268
Setting Up the Mail Programp. 268
Which Desktop E-Mail Programs Does Mail Support?p. 269
Mail and HotSync Managerp. 270
Configuring Mail Settings on the Visorp. 270
The Relationship Between Visor and Desktopp. 273
Mail's Mailboxesp. 273
Composing New Messagesp. 275
Viewing Messagesp. 277
Replying to and Forwarding Messagesp. 278
Mail's Other Optionsp. 279
Third-Party E-Mail Programsp. 280
Accessing America Onlinep. 280
Accessing Internet Service Providersp. 282
Instant Messagingp. 285
Working with Yahoo! Messengerp. 285
Turn Your Visor into a Web Browserp. 286
Choose a Web Browserp. 286
Surf with ProxiWebp. 287
Surf with the pdQbrowserp. 290
Channel Surf with AvantGop. 291
Use Your Visor as a Fax Machinep. 293
Mobile WinFaxp. 294
Use Your Visor as a Pagerp. 295
Use Your Visor to Contact Pagersp. 296
Travel Tips for Modem Usersp. 297
Where to Find Itp. 297
Enhance Your Visor with Modulesp. 299
Find New Visor Modulesp. 300
Use Your Modulesp. 301
Take Pictures with the eyemodulep. 302
Control Your Stereo with OmniRemotep. 308
Listen to Music with the MiniJamp. 315
Play Golfp. 317
Reading and Referencep. 318
Upcoming Modulesp. 322
The CUE Radiop. 322
The Minstrel S Wireless Modemp. 322
Pocket Websterp. 323
The SixPakp. 324
Pagersp. 324
Voice Recordersp. 324
GPS Modulesp. 325
Where to Find Itp. 326
Expand Your Visor with Memory and Backup Modulesp. 327
Add Memory to Your Visorp. 328
Understand Your Visor's Memoryp. 329
Install Your Memory Modulep. 329
Use the File Moverp. 329
Maintain Your Memory Modulep. 334
Use Other Memory Modulesp. 335
Back Up Your Visorp. 336
Copy Data to the Backup Modulep. 336
Restore Data from the Backup Modulep. 338
Where to Find Itp. 339
The Portable Officep. 341
Building the Perfect Beastp. 342
Work with Documentsp. 343
Read Documents with Documents To Gop. 344
Create Documents with SmartDocp. 346
Get Documents off Your Visorp. 349
Track Data with Spreadsheets and Databasesp. 353
Manage Your Spreadsheetsp. 353
Create a Database with HanDBasep. 357
Print from Your Visorp. 361
Print to an Infrared Printerp. 361
Where to Find Itp. 362
HackMaster and Other Utilitiesp. 365
HackMasterp. 366
What HackMaster Doesp. 367
Where to Get Itp. 367
How to Use Itp. 367
Important Notes About HackMasterp. 369
World's Greatest Hacksp. 369
Other Utilitiesp. 371
BackupBuddyNGp. 371
BeamBoxp. 373
Clipperp. 375
UnDupep. 375
Create Your Own Visor Programsp. 375
Use PDA Toolbox to Design Simple Softwarep. 375
Use Satellite Forms to Develop Business Softwarep. 376
Use HotPaw Basic to Create Programs on Your Visorp. 378
Use Programming Tools to Create Programs on Your Visorp. 378
Make Your Visor Run Fasterp. 378
Make Your Visor Run Slowerp. 379
Change the HotSync ID (a.k.a. User Name) on Your Visorp. 379
Where to Find Itp. 379
Time and Money Managementp. 381
Manage Your Money with the Visorp. 382
Keep Up to Date with Quickenp. 382
Use Other Cash Management Toolsp. 384
Streamline Your Day with Other Financial Toolsp. 385
Track Your Investment Portfoliop. 387
Mange Your Timep. 390
PdaProjectsp. 391
TimeCardp. 393
Streamline Your Day with Time Management Toolsp. 393
Playing Gamesp. 395
Turning Your Visor into a Game Machinep. 396
Control the Visor's Game Soundp. 396
Enable Beamingp. 397
Install Gamesp. 398
Control the Gamesp. 398
Installing the Bundled Gamesp. 400
Playing IR Gamesp. 402
Playing Text Adventuresp. 403
Enabling Interactive Fiction Filesp. 404
Cheating with Mapsp. 406
Finding Interactive Fiction Titlesp. 406
Using the Visor as Dicep. 408
Games Worth Tryingp. 408
Card and Board Gamesp. 409
Arcade-Style Gamesp. 411
Action and Strategy Gamesp. 413
Where to Find Itp. 416
Graffiti Enhancements and Alternativesp. 417
Overlays: Wallpaper for the Graffiti Areap. 418
How Overlays Workp. 419
Graffiti Replacements: A Software Solutionp. 423
Keys, Pleasep. 423
T9 Is Fine (for Some)p. 424
QWERTY, Meet Fitalyp. 424
Give Graffiti a Helping Handp. 426
Was This the Word You Were Looking for?p. 426
Goodbye, Graffiti Area!p. 427
Graffiti, Your Wayp. 430
Where to Find Itp. 431
Building E-Book Libraries and Photo Albumsp. 433
Build a Library of E-Booksp. 435
Make Room for the Booksp. 435
E-Books for Free, E-Books for Salep. 435
Build an Electronic Photo Albump. 441
Understanding Grayscalesp. 441
Understanding Electronic Imagesp. 441
Put Your Photos in an Album To Gop. 442
Work with FireViewerp. 447
Where to Find Itp. 450
Creativity Software: Paint, Compose, and Organizep. 451
Paint on the Visorp. 452
Paint with TealPaintp. 453
Doodle with Diddlep. 454
Collaborate on a Sketchp. 455
Draw on the Visorp. 457
Outline Your Ideasp. 458
Animate Imagesp. 460
Animate with Flipp. 460
Morph Images with PalmSmearp. 462
Capture Screenshots of the Visor Displayp. 465
Capture Hard-to-Get Screensp. 465
Make Music on the Visorp. 466
Metronome and Drumming Softwarep. 466
Portable Music Lessonsp. 468
Tools for Musiciansp. 469
Music Annotation and Recordingp. 470
Play MP3sp. 472
Use the Visor as a MIDI Controllerp. 473
Where to Find Itp. 474
Cases, Keyboards, and Other Accessoriesp. 475
Pick a Case, Any Casep. 476
The Stylus Decisionp. 477
Keyboardsp. 480
GoType! Prop. 480
Stowawayp. 481
Protect Your Screenp. 481
Protecting with WriteRightp. 482
Protecting with Scotch Tapep. 482
Decide Between Alkaline and Rechargeable Batteriesp. 482
Mount Your Palm Device in Your Carp. 483
Where to Find Itp. 484
Dealing with Problemsp. 485
Save the Day with a Resetp. 486
Just What Is a "Crash," Anyway?p. 487
Different Ways to Reset a Visorp. 487
Avoid Battery Problemsp. 488
Keep 'em Freshp. 489
Swap 'em Quickp. 489
Fix a Scratched Screenp. 490
Fix a Screen That No Longer Responds Properlyp. 490
Make Room for More Software and Datap. 490
What to Deletep. 492
Resolve HackMaster Conflictsp. 492
Clean Your Visor's Contactsp. 493
Avoid Button Problemsp. 493
Fix a Visor That Won't "Wake Up" for Alarmsp. 493
Deal with a Visor That Will No Longer HotSyncp. 494
Obtain Service and Repairsp. 494
Obtain Nonwarranty or Accident-Related Repairsp. 494
Problems on the PC Sidep. 495
Solve HotSync Problemsp. 495
Manage Multiple Visors or Computersp. 498
Two Visors, One Computerp. 498
Two Computers for a Single Visorp. 498
Desktop Software Issuesp. 499
Using the HotSync Manager After Windows Has Crashedp. 499
Fix a Broken Conduitp. 499
Upgrade the Palm Desktop Softwarep. 499
Find Technical Support on the Webp. 499
Where to Find Itp. 500
Indexp. 501
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780072126969
ISBN-10: 0072126965
Series: How to Do Everything
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 544
Published: 3rd September 2000
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 19.05  x 4.45
Weight (kg): 1.09