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How to Do Everything with Photoshop 7 : HTDE S. - Laurie McCanna

How to Do Everything with Photoshop 7


Paperback Published: 28th May 2002
ISBN: 9780072195545
Number Of Pages: 364

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The world’s most popular photo editing tool just got easier to use. This user-friendly step-by-step resource breaks down the full range of features and shows you how to become more productive in Photoshop, and even points out potential stumbling blocks for beginners.

Acknowledgmentsp. xiii
Introductionp. xv
Understanding the Photoshop Interfacep. 1
Learning the Photoshop Interfacep. 2
The Status Barp. 2
Cues from Cursorsp. 4
Tool Tips for Identificationp. 4
Context-Sensitive Menusp. 4
Learning the Toolboxp. 5
Choosing Colorsp. 6
Other Toolbox Optionsp. 8
Learning the Options Barp. 9
Drop-Down Menusp. 10
Using Palettesp. 10
Minimizing and Closing Palettesp. 10
Drop-Down Menusp. 11
Dragging, Dropping, and Grouping Palettesp. 11
The Palette Wellp. 11
Learning the File Browserp. 12
The Power of the File Browserp. 13
Changing Your Viewp. 16
Creating a Layered Imagep. 19
Learning Layersp. 20
The Layers Palettep. 20
Changing the Layer Previewp. 22
Creating a New Filep. 22
Creating a New Layerp. 24
Creating a New Empty Layerp. 24
Creating a New Layer by Copyingp. 25
Creating a New Layer by Duplicatingp. 26
Working with Layersp. 27
Naming a Layerp. 27
Filling a Layerp. 28
Moving Layer Contentsp. 29
Changing the Opacity of a Layerp. 30
Hiding a Layerp. 30
Deleting a Layerp. 32
Changing the Order of Layersp. 32
Dragging Layers Between Imagesp. 32
Exploring Blending Modesp. 33
Locking the Transparency of a Layerp. 36
Changing the Color of a Layer by Locking Pixelsp. 37
Creating Linked Layersp. 37
Aligning Linked Layer Contentsp. 39
Organizing with Layer Setsp. 39
Creating a Layer Setp. 40
Adding Layers to the Layer Setp. 40
Renaming and Color Coding Layer Setsp. 41
Collapsing and Expanding Layer Setsp. 41
Using Layer Setsp. 41
Working with a Single Layer Within a Layer Setp. 42
Merging Layersp. 42
Merging Some, but Not All Layersp. 42
Merging All Layersp. 43
Saving a Filep. 43
Saving a File for the Webp. 45
Saving a File for Printp. 46
Setting Your Preferencesp. 49
Setting Up General Preferences in Photoshopp. 50
Setting Preferences for File Handlingp. 53
Setting Preferences for Display and Cursorsp. 54
Setting Preferences for Transparency and Gamutp. 56
Setting Preferences for Units and Rulersp. 57
Setting Preferences for Guides and Gridsp. 58
Setting Preferences for Plug-Ins and Scratch Disksp. 61
Setting Preferences for Memory and Image Cachep. 62
Establishing a Working Color Space in Photoshopp. 63
Saving Your Workspacep. 64
Saving a Workspacep. 64
Loading a Workspacep. 64
Creating Selectionsp. 65
Learning the Photoshop Selection Toolsp. 66
The Marquee Toolsp. 67
The Lasso Toolsp. 68
The Magic Wand Toolp. 70
Learning Basic Selection Commandsp. 71
Modifying a Selection Using the Options Barp. 72
Options for the Marquee Toolsp. 72
Options for the Lasso Toolsp. 75
Options for the Magic Wand Toolp. 75
Filling a Selectionp. 76
Stroking a Selectionp. 76
Moving a Selectionp. 77
Cutting, Copying, and Pasting Selectionsp. 78
Cutting a Selectionp. 78
Copying a Selectionp. 78
Copying a Merged Selectionp. 78
Pasting a Selectionp. 78
Pasting into a Selectionp. 78
Cropping a Selectionp. 78
Modifying a Selectionp. 79
Selecting Color Rangep. 81
Growing a Selectionp. 82
Selecting Similar Areasp. 82
Saving a Selectionp. 83
Loading a Selectionp. 83
Selecting Everything on a Layerp. 84
Transforming a Selectionp. 84
Scaling a Selectionp. 85
Rotating a Selectionp. 86
Using the Transformation Option Barp. 87
Creating Additional Types of Transformationsp. 87
Skewing a Selectionp. 88
Distorting a Selectionp. 88
Adding Perspective to a Selectionp. 89
Acquiring Imagesp. 91
Targeting your Image Size and Resolutionp. 92
Selecting an Image Size for the Webp. 92
Selecting an Image Size for Videop. 93
Selecting an Image Size for Print from the Desktopp. 93
Selecting an Image Size for Commercial Printingp. 94
Scanning an Image into Photoshopp. 95
Resizing an Imagep. 97
Changing the Size of an Imagep. 97
Changing the Resolution of the Imagep. 98
Cropping a Scanned Imagep. 98
Cropping Using the Crop Toolp. 99
Cropping Using a Selectionp. 100
Straightening a Crooked Scanp. 100
Retouching a Photograph Using Toolsp. 100
Using the Clone Toolp. 102
Using the Healing Brush Toolp. 104
Using the Patch Toolp. 104
Using the Dodge Tool to Lightenp. 104
Using the Burn Tool to Darkenp. 105
Using the Sponge Tool to Intensify or Desaturate Colorsp. 105
Using the Smudge Tool to Blendp. 105
Using the Sharpen Toolp. 106
Using the Blur Toolp. 106
Retouching a Photograph Using Filters and Commandsp. 107
One Hit Wonders--Auto Levels, Contrast, and Auto Colorp. 107
Applying the Unsharp Mask Filterp. 108
Applying the Dust and Scratches Filterp. 110
Adjusting Contrast and Color in a Photographp. 110
Adjusting Contrast in a Photograph Using Levelsp. 110
Adjusting Contrast in an Image with Layer Modesp. 112
Adjusting Color and Saturation in a Photograph Using Variationsp. 113
Correcting Red Eyep. 114
Colorizing a Black-and-White Photographp. 114
Using the Paint and Fill Toolsp. 117
Using the Paint and Eraser Toolsp. 118
Using the Paintbrush Toolp. 119
Using the Pencil Toolp. 120
Using the Eraser Toolp. 121
Using the Background Eraser Toolp. 121
Using the Magic Eraser Toolp. 121
Selecting Options for the Paint Toolsp. 121
Using the Brush Preset Pickerp. 122
Adjusting Brush Presetsp. 125
Adjusting Options for Eraser Toolsp. 130
Options for the Eraser Toolp. 131
Options for the Background Eraser Toolp. 132
Options for the Magic Eraser Toolp. 133
Learning the Liquify Toolp. 133
Creating Gradientsp. 134
The Gradient Editorp. 135
Creating a Custom Gradientp. 136
Applying a Gradientp. 138
Loading New Gradient Setsp. 138
Gradient Optionsp. 138
Creating Custom Pattern Fillsp. 141
Using the History Palettep. 141
Going Back in Time with the History Palettep. 142
Deleting a Single History Statep. 143
Adding Typep. 145
Editing Typep. 146
Type Options Barp. 147
Editing Existing Typep. 151
Using the Character Palettep. 151
Creating a Type Maskp. 154
Creating Paragraph Textp. 155
The Paragraph Palettep. 156
Copying and Pasting Type from Another Applicationp. 157
Finding and Replacing Textp. 158
Spell Checking Textp. 158
Rasterizing Typep. 159
Rotating Typep. 159
Changing the Opacity and Blending Mode of Typep. 160
Sharing Files that Contain Editable Typep. 160
Creating Wow with Layer Effectsp. 163
Creating Layer Effectsp. 164
Managing Layer Effectsp. 175
Hiding Layer Effectsp. 175
Copying Layer Effectsp. 176
Deleting Layer Effectsp. 176
Applying a Layer Stylep. 176
Creating a Layer Stylep. 177
Deleting a Layer Stylep. 178
Saving a Layer Stylep. 178
Loading Layer Stylesp. 178
Creating Special Effects with Filtersp. 179
Adding Artistic Effectsp. 180
Altering a Filter Effectp. 185
Going Wild with Filtersp. 186
Creating Three Dimensional Effectsp. 186
Create 3-D Figures in Spacep. 188
Using Lighting Effectsp. 190
Creating Edge Effectsp. 193
Creating Graphics for the Webp. 195
Understanding Goals for Web Graphicsp. 196
GIF vs. JPEGp. 197
Creating a GIF Filep. 197
Getting Really Small with GIFsp. 202
Creating a JPEG Filep. 202
Previewing Web Graphicsp. 204
Legibility and Web Graphicsp. 204
Creating a Transparent GIFp. 205
Creating an Image Mapp. 207
Using the Image Map Toolsp. 207
Creating an Image Map from Slicesp. 209
Making Rollover Buttonsp. 210
Creating Simple Rollover Buttonsp. 210
Creating Secondary Rolloversp. 211
Rollover Statesp. 213
Creating an Animationp. 213
Creating a Simple Animationp. 214
Creating a Web Page Backgroundp. 215
Using the Pattern Maker in Photoshopp. 217
Creating a Seamless Background by Handp. 219
Creating Simple Geometric Backgroundsp. 220
Using Seamless Patternsp. 222
Using the Shape and Pen Toolsp. 225
Using the Shape Toolsp. 226
Shape Layersp. 228
Changing a Shape Layer to a Regular Layerp. 229
Editing Shapesp. 230
Combining Shapesp. 232
Creating Shapes as Pathsp. 232
Creating Shapes as Bitmapsp. 235
Creating a Custom Shapep. 236
Creating a Custom Shape from Artworkp. 236
Creating a Custom Shape from Typep. 236
Using the Pen Toolp. 237
Using Productivity Toolsp. 243
Creating Tool Presetsp. 244
Creating a Type Tool Presetp. 245
Creating a Brush Tool Presetp. 246
Cropping to a Set Sizep. 246
Saving and Loading Tool Presetsp. 249
Using the Preset Managerp. 250
Deleting and Renaming Presetsp. 250
Changing the View for Presetsp. 252
Saving Subsets of Librariesp. 252
Creating a Custom Document Sizep. 253
Using Annotationsp. 255
Adding a Text Notep. 255
Recording an Actionp. 257
Creating a Simple Actionp. 257
Playing, Loading, and Editing Actionsp. 259
Using the Batch Commandp. 262
Creating a Dropletp. 263
Creating a Web Galleryp. 264
Creating a Contact Sheetp. 266
Moving Between Applicationsp. 271
Working with Adobe Illustratorp. 272
Working with Linked Filesp. 272
Working with Photoshop Files in Illustratorp. 273
Working with Illustrator Files in Photoshopp. 276
Using Illustrator Artwork to Make a Custom Photoshop Shapep. 279
Working with Adobe After Effectsp. 281
Importing a Photoshop File as a Compositionp. 282
Importing Photoshop Files as Footagep. 282
Editing an Imported Photoshop Filep. 284
Working with Adobe LiveMotionp. 284
Importing a Photoshop File into LiveMotionp. 285
Working with Macromedia Flashp. 285
Working with Microsoft Wordp. 287
Saving Graphics for Microsoft Wordp. 287
Importing Graphics into Microsoft Wordp. 289
Working with Microsoft PowerPointp. 289
Creating a Full Screen Graphic for PowerPointp. 290
Transparent Graphics and Animated Graphicsp. 290
Adding Graphics to PowerPointp. 290
Exporting Slides from PowerPointp. 290
Resources for Photoshopp. 293
Learning More about Photoshopp. 294
Laurie McCanna's Web Sitep. 294
Computer Arts Tutorialsp. 294
Designs by Mark Photoshop Tipsp. 295
Identifontp. 295
Jay Arraich's Photoshop Tipsp. 296
Metallic Tutorialsp. 296
Production Graphics with Wendy Peckp. 297
Team Photoshop Tutorialsp. 297
Download Goodies for Photoshopp. 297
About.com Photoshop Downloadsp. 297
Acid Fontsp. 297
Action Xchangep. 297
Adobe Expert Centerp. 297
Cybia Freewarep. 298
Deep Space Webp. 298
Dingbat Pagesp. 299
FontFacep. 299
FontFreakp. 299
Photoshop Roadmapp. 300
The Scriptoriump. 301
V-Brushp. 301
Connect with Photoshop Usersp. 302
Adobe's User-to-User Forumsp. 302
Comp.graphics.apps.photoshop and alt.graphics.photoshopp. 303
Photoshop Beginner's Groupp. 304
Photoshop Discussion List by E-mailp. 304
Graphic Cafe Mailing Listp. 304
Search for Photoshop Answersp. 304
Try Out Commercial Plug-insp. 304
Adromeda Softwarep. 304
Alien Skin Softwarep. 305
AutoFX Softwarep. 306
Extensis Softwarep. 306
Flaming Pear Softwarep. 307
Nik Softwarep. 307
Panopticum Softwarep. 308
Procreate Softwarep. 308
Sapphire Innovations Softwarep. 308
Vertigo 3d Softwarep. 309
Browse Copyright Informationp. 309
Ten Big Myths about Copyright Explainedp. 310
U.S. Copyright Office--Copyright Basicsp. 310
Adobe Article on Copyright Questionsp. 310
Copyright FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)p. 310
Solving Common Photoshop Problemsp. 313
Solve Performance Problemsp. 314
Get Unstuckp. 319
Quick Tricksp. 327
Indexp. 331
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ISBN: 9780072195545
ISBN-10: 0072195541
Series: HTDE S.
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 364
Published: 28th May 2002
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
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