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How to Do Everything with Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9 : How to Do Everything - David Plotkin

How to Do Everything with Microsoft Digital Image Pro 9

How to Do Everything

Paperback Published: 25th December 2003
ISBN: 9780072231953
Number Of Pages: 400

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This great guide is packed with juicy tidbits on software and digital photography techniques. Get updates on new features and new technologies. Learn tips and techniques for transforming digital pictures, printing, improving detailed areas, shape configuring, and going beyond the basics with text, edges and filters. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, author David Plotkin has plenty of help for you.

Acknowledgmentsp. xvii
Introductionp. xix
Get to Know Digital Image Pro
Navigate in Digital Image Prop. 3
Understand the Interfacep. 4
View the Workspacep. 5
View the Common Tasks Listp. 6
View the Files Palettep. 7
View the Stackp. 7
View the Toolbarsp. 8
View and Work with the Zoom Controlsp. 8
Work with the Pan Controlsp. 10
Position the Rulersp. 11
Get Started with the Startup Windowp. 12
Obtain Help from Digital Image Prop. 13
Get Help from the Main Help Facilityp. 13
View the Tourp. 15
Use the Instructional Videosp. 15
Correct Mistakes You've Madep. 17
Configure Digital Image Prop. 19
Adjust the PNG Plus Optionsp. 20
Adjust the Resolution and Compression Optionsp. 22
Set the Default Resolutionp. 22
Set the Compression Levelp. 22
Set the Scanner and Camera Optionsp. 24
Change Your E-mail Programp. 25
Set Plug-In Filter Optionsp. 25
Check for Updates Onlinep. 26
Adjust the Settingsp. 26
Get Your Images into Digital Image Prop. 27
Create a New Imagep. 28
Choose the Canvas Sizep. 29
Set the Image Orientationp. 29
Set the Image Resolutionp. 30
Open a File Using the File Browserp. 31
View Your Drives and Filesp. 32
Set the File Displayp. 33
Work with Files in the File Browserp. 34
Set the File Summary Propertiesp. 35
Use the Import Pictures Wizardp. 40
Copy the Pictures from a Devicep. 41
Catalog the Pictures in Their Current Locationp. 43
Get a Picture from a Digital Camerap. 43
Get a Picture from a Scannerp. 44
Get a Picture from the Galleryp. 45
Get a Picture from MSN Groupsp. 52
Save a File in Any Formatp. 53
Save Your File in Digital Image Pro Native Formatp. 56
Save Your File as a JPEGp. 56
Save Your File as a GIFp. 56
Save Your File as a TIFFp. 56
Make Simple Adjustments to Your Images
Make General Fixes to an Entire Imagep. 59
Crop the Image to Remove Unneeded Portionsp. 60
Crop an Image to a Selectionp. 61
Crop an Image with the Crop Toolp. 63
Resize the Canvasp. 65
Let Digital Image Pro Correct Your Picturesp. 69
Correct Lighting with Add Flash and Reduce Backlightingp. 70
Sharpen a Photo to Fix the Focusp. 73
Make Color Corrections for Yourselfp. 76
Understand the Color Wheelp. 76
Adjust the Tintp. 76
Adjust Hue and Saturationp. 80
Convert the Image to Black and Whitep. 81
Adjust the Brightness and Contrastp. 82
Correct Your Photo with the Adjust Levels Controlp. 83
Rotate and Flip Imagesp. 87
Rotate the Canvasp. 87
Flip the Canvasp. 88
Straighten the Picturep. 89
Customize and Use the Paint Toolsp. 93
Paint with the Freehand Brushp. 94
Pick a Paint Toolp. 95
Pick a Painting Color and Brush Sizep. 96
Customize the Paint Settingsp. 97
Paint with the Photo Stroke Toolp. 98
Paint with the Art Strokep. 100
Paint with Stampsp. 100
Set the Stamping Stylep. 101
Choose and Customize a Stampp. 103
Touch Up Your Photop. 107
Colorize a Photo with the Colorize Brushp. 108
Change a Photo's Tint with the Tint Brushp. 110
Blend Away Blemishes with the Blending Brushp. 110
Apply Distortion to a Photop. 114
Lighten or Burn-in an Area with the Dodge and Burn Brushp. 115
Fix an Old Photo Automaticallyp. 121
Remove Dust from a Photop. 121
Remove Spots and Blemishesp. 123
Remove Wrinkles from a Photop. 124
Erase Unwanted Items with the Smart Erase Toolp. 126
Remove Scratches from a Photop. 128
Make Fine Repairs with the Clone Brushp. 130
Fix Scan Noise with the Clone Brushp. 132
Repair an Old Photo with the Clone Brushp. 132
Remove an Object with the Clone Brushp. 134
Make Selections and Apply Changesp. 139
Make a Selection with the Selection Toolsp. 141
Make a Selection with the Marquee Toolsp. 142
Draw a Selection with the Freehand Toolp. 143
Create a Selection with the Edge Finderp. 143
Create a Selection with the Magic Wandp. 144
Modify a Selectionp. 146
Add to a Selectionp. 146
Make Adjustments to Selected Areas of an Imagep. 149
Change the Color of a Selected Areap. 150
Use Brightness/Contrast to Fix an Areap. 151
Blur the Background of an Imagep. 153
Sharpen a Selected Areap. 154
Make Changes Specific to Parts of Your Photos
Work with Objects and Layersp. 159
Understand What Layers Can Dop. 160
Use the Stackp. 161
Lock or Unlock a Layerp. 161
Change the Layer and Object Stacking Orderp. 163
Choose the Object Layer to Work Onp. 164
Delete an Object Layerp. 165
Create Object Layersp. 165
Paste to Create an Object Layerp. 165
Insert a Picture to Create an Object Layerp. 166
Work with Objectsp. 166
Move and Size an Objectp. 166
Add a Shadow to an Objectp. 167
Skew an Objectp. 170
Call Attention to an Object with Emphasisp. 171
Fill an Object with Color and Use Transparencyp. 171
Use Distortion on an Objectp. 176
Add a Diffuse Glow to an Objectp. 178
Work with Multiple Objectsp. 179
Move, Size, and Rotate Multiple Objectsp. 179
Align Multiple Objectsp. 180
Group Multiple Objectsp. 181
Flatten Object Layersp. 181
Use Objects to Add Something That Wasn't There Beforep. 182
Use the Clone Brush to Add an Object to a Photop. 183
Use the Selection Tools to Add an Object to a Photop. 184
Add and Configure Shapesp. 185
Add a Shape to an Imagep. 186
Pick a Shape from the Menup. 187
Add a Shape from the Galleryp. 187
Draw a Freehand Shapep. 188
Add Lines to an Imagep. 189
Customize Your Shapes and Linesp. 189
Customize an Inserted Linep. 189
Customize a Drawn Shape or Linep. 191
Use Shapes With Photosp. 196
Dress Up an Image with Thought Bubblesp. 196
Build a Custom Signp. 197
Use Gallery Shapes to Build Framesp. 199
Use Filters, Text, and Edges to GoBeyond the Darkroom
Add Text to Your Imagep. 205
Work with Regular Textp. 206
Insert and Edit Regular Textp. 206
Spell Check Your Textp. 209
Modify the Text Boxp. 210
Modify the Text Propertiesp. 211
Add Text Effectsp. 221
Work with Shaped Textp. 224
Insert and Edit Shaped Textp. 224
Modify the Shaped Text Propertiesp. 225
Apply Edges to Dress Up an Imagep. 233
Apply a Highlighted Edgep. 234
Choose an Edgep. 234
Customize the Highlighted Edgesp. 235
Apply a Designer Edgep. 236
Configure an Artistic Edgep. 237
Configure a "With Text" Edgep. 240
Configure a "With My Own Text" Edgep. 241
Apply a Soft Edgep. 242
Apply an Art Stroke Edgep. 242
Apply a Photo Stroke Edgep. 245
Apply a Stamped Edgep. 245
Select a Stamping Stylep. 246
Choose a Stamp Shape to Usep. 248
Customize the Stampp. 249
Add a Border to Your Imagep. 249
Apply Frames and Mattesp. 250
Build a Frame or Matte Using Supplied Designsp. 251
Build Your Own Frame or Mattep. 254
Apply Filters to Customize Your Picturep. 257
Apply a Quick Filterp. 258
Apply Interactive Filtersp. 261
Choose a Filter Categoryp. 262
Choose a Filterp. 263
Change the Filter Settingsp. 263
Understand Some Useful Filtersp. 264
Use the Arts & Crafts Filtersp. 265
Use the Chalk Filtersp. 272
Use the Charcoal Filtersp. 273
Use Conte Filtersp. 275
Use the Crayon Filtersp. 275
Use the Geometric Filtersp. 275
Use the Ink Filtersp. 276
Use the Marker Filtersp. 278
Use the Natural Filtersp. 278
Use the Paint Filtersp. 280
Use the Pencil Filtersp. 283
Use the Photographic Filtersp. 285
Use the Pointillist Filtersp. 289
Use the Sketch Filtersp. 289
Use the Stamp Filtersp. 291
Use the Surface Filtersp. 292
Use the Texture Filtersp. 292
Use the Watercolor Filtersp. 292
Use Your Photos in a Projectp. 295
How Do You Build a Project?p. 296
Pick a Project Designp. 297
Pick a Project Subcategoryp. 300
Pick a Themep. 301
Pick the Item and Create Itp. 301
Place the Picturep. 303
Customize the Resultp. 304
Build Some Useful Projectsp. 305
Build a Greeting Cardp. 305
Build a Flipbook Animation Projectp. 307
Build a Web Animationp. 310
Build a 12-Month Calendarp. 312
Build an MSN E-cardp. 314
Modify Multiple Photos in the Mini Labp. 315
Open Files in the Mini Labp. 316
Make Corrections in the Mini Labp. 317
Select the Picture(s) to Work Withp. 317
Use the Levels Auto Fixp. 318
Contrast Auto Fixp. 318
Tint Auto Fixp. 318
Rotate Clockwise and Rotate Counterclockwisep. 318
Crop Your Imagesp. 318
Fix the Brightness and Contrastp. 319
Correct Red Eyep. 319
Save the Resultsp. 320
Publishing and Sharing Your Photosp. 323
Save a Photo as Wallpaperp. 324
Save an Image for the Web or E-mailp. 325
Save an Image for a Devicep. 327
Send a Photo By E-mailp. 329
Print Your Imagesp. 333
Print a Single Imagep. 334
Print Photos Using a Layoutp. 336
Select a Layout Categoryp. 337
Pick and Populate a Layoutp. 338
Set the Advanced Printing Optionsp. 342
Print an Index Sheet of Your Photosp. 343
Print Your Photos Professionallyp. 345
Print Photos Onlinep. 346
Create Photo Gifts Onlinep. 349
Indexp. 353
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ISBN: 9780072231953
ISBN-10: 0072231955
Series: How to Do Everything
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 400
Published: 25th December 2003
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: GB
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