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How to Do Everything with Flash 5 : How to Do Everything - T.Michael Clarke

How to Do Everything with Flash 5

How to Do Everything

Paperback Published: 1st January 2001
ISBN: 9780072127140
Number Of Pages: 556

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Macromedia is currently a red-hot topic in the web development community. Macromedia estimates that over 3 million computer browsers now have the Flash player - that's roughly 80% of web browsers - and in addition, Macromedia has an aggressive and open licensing policy which guarantees that millions more Flash-ready browsers are installed worldwide. The guide's "how to do everything" format simplifies this complicated product and additional content from the book, and images for the book's tutorials will be posted on their website. This product enables web and interface designers with little or no programming knowledge to create fully interactive and fast loading website elements such as buttons, menu, animation and interfaces. The book covers everything from building rollovers, to adding motion, colour and sound to text, to creating interactive drop-down menus, to building animation sequences.

Acknowledgmentsp. xi
Introductionp. xiii
Create Flash Movies
Plan Your Flash Projectp. 3
Understand Flash Conceptsp. 4
Understand Flash Image Formatsp. 5
Understand Flash Symbols and Instancesp. 8
Explore the Workspacep. 8
Modify Your Movie with Panelsp. 9
Explore the Flash Launcher Barp. 10
Save Time with Context Menusp. 10
Organize Your Movie's Assets with the Document Libraryp. 11
Change the Size of the Library Windowp. 12
Use the Library Options Menup. 12
Organize Library Content in Foldersp. 14
Maintain Some Order in the Libraryp. 15
Use Preset Items from the Common Librariesp. 15
Create Your Own Custom Libraryp. 15
Plan Your Flash Moviep. 15
Create a Flash Moviep. 16
Create the Documentp. 17
Create the Artworkp. 17
Animate with Flashp. 18
Understand the Flash Timelinep. 19
Preview Your Movie with the Controllerp. 20
Add Interactivity to Your Moviep. 20
Publish and View Flash Moviesp. 20
View Flash Moviesp. 21
Publish Your Flash Moviesp. 22
Publish Your Movies on the Webp. 22
Edit Flash Preferencesp. 23
Learn to Use the Flash Interfacep. 27
Grasp the Stage Conceptp. 28
Learn the Editor Windowp. 29
Customize Toolbar Viewsp. 33
Navigate Through Time Using the Flash Timelinep. 38
Layer Your Flash Objectsp. 41
Set Onion Skin Optionsp. 44
Build a New Flash 5 Moviep. 47
Create a New Flash Documentp. 48
Set Properties for Your New Moviep. 49
Choose Your Movie's Sizep. 50
Decide on a Frame Ratep. 50
Save a Flash Documentp. 51
Open Existing Flash Moviesp. 52
Use Assets from Other Moviesp. 52
Control View Optionsp. 53
Use Gridsp. 54
Use Rulersp. 56
Use Guidesp. 56
Break a Movie into Scenesp. 59
Use the Scene Panelp. 60
Navigate Your Moviep. 61
Manage a Movie with the Movie Explorerp. 63
Create Graphic Objects for Your Flash Moviesp. 67
Locate the Right Tool in the Toolboxp. 68
Create Objects for Your Moviesp. 70
Select Fill and Stroke Colorp. 70
Select the Line Stylep. 71
Create a Custom Line Stylep. 72
Draw Lines and Curvesp. 73
Use the Text Tool to Quickly Create a Text Objectp. 80
Create Basic Shapesp. 80
Select and Edit Graphics with the Arrow Toolp. 82
Use the Arrow Tool's Modifiersp. 84
Reshape Objects with the Arrow Toolp. 88
Create a Selection of Objectsp. 89
Work with Intersecting Linesp. 91
Combine Shapes to Create New Objectsp. 92
Sample and Apply Colors to Your Objectsp. 94
Use the Dropper Toolp. 96
Use the Eraser Toolp. 96
Change the Views of Your Objectsp. 99
Add Multimedia to Your Flash Movies
Create Exciting Text Effectsp. 103
Create and Edit Text Objectsp. 104
Create Basic Textp. 106
Control the Look of Your Textp. 109
Create Input Text and Dynamic Textp. 116
Apply Transformations to Text and Graphicsp. 125
Change the Look of Text and Graphicsp. 126
Scale an Objectp. 126
Rotate an Objectp. 129
Skew and Flip an Objectp. 130
Use the Transform Panelp. 131
Use the Snap-To Functionp. 132
Align Objects with a Snap-To Gridp. 133
Change the Stacking Order of Objectsp. 134
Lock and Unlock the Position of an Objectp. 135
Arrange Objects on the Stagep. 136
Get Details About Objectsp. 143
Apply Color and Line Styles to Text and Graphicsp. 147
How Does Flash Color Work?p. 148
Use a Web Safe Palettep. 149
Apply Colors to Graphics and Textp. 151
Set Colors with the Flash Color Panelsp. 156
Apply a Line Style and Width to a Strokep. 170
Use Graphic Symbols, Instances, and Librariesp. 173
Create Graphic Symbolsp. 175
Convert an Object into a Symbolp. 175
Create a New Graphic Symbolp. 176
Edit a Symbolp. 178
Learn to Use Graphic Symbolsp. 180
Placing an Instancep. 181
Edit an Instance with the Transformation Toolsp. 184
Convert Instance Back Into a Graphicp. 184
Set and Modify Instance Propertiesp. 186
Use the Effect Panelp. 186
Use the Instance Panelp. 188
Get Information on Symbols and Instancesp. 191
Use the Movie Explorerp. 192
Use the Common Libraryp. 196
Navigate the Library Windowp. 198
Add Pictures and Sound to Your Flash Moviesp. 205
Understand Graphics Created in Other Programsp. 206
Understand Vector Graphicsp. 206
Understand Raster Graphicsp. 207
Import Graphics into Your Flash Moviep. 209
Import from Fireworks and FreeHandp. 209
Import from Other Programsp. 212
Import QuickTime Movie Filesp. 218
Use Vector Graphics in Your Flash Moviesp. 220
Export Vector Graphics to Other Programsp. 222
Use Bitmapped Imagesp. 223
Make a Symbol from a Bitmapp. 224
Set or Modify the Properties of a Bitmapp. 225
Edit a Bitmapp. 226
Trace a Bitmapp. 227
Break Apart a Bitmapp. 228
Import and Assign Soundsp. 232
Understand How Digital Sound Worksp. 232
Assign Sounds to Your Flash Moviesp. 238
Add a Sound to a Layerp. 238
Access a Sound from the Sound Library and Link a Soundp. 241
Add Sound to Button and Movie Clip Symbolsp. 242
Flash Animation Techniques
Learn the Basics of Flash Animationp. 247
Think Like an Animatorp. 248
Understand Animation in Relation to Static Graphic Designp. 249
Plan Your Movie Before You Beginp. 250
Animate on Different Time Sequencesp. 253
Animate on Different Layersp. 254
Frames in Animationp. 256
Set Onion Skinsp. 264
Use Motion Tweening to Animate Your Flash Moviep. 269
Motion Versus Shape Tweeningp. 270
Understand Motion Tweeningp. 271
Control Frames and Framesets in a Motion Tweenp. 281
Copy and Paste Framesp. 282
Adjust Tweened Objects with the Frames Panelp. 284
Animate on a Guided Pathp. 286
Use a Mask Layer with a Motion Tween: A Tutorialp. 293
Use Shape Tweening to Animate a Moviep. 297
Create a Shape Tweenp. 298
Shape Tween with Multiple Keyframesp. 300
Modify Properties in a Shape Tweenp. 301
Shape Tween Versus Motion Tween on a Multi-Layer Moviep. 306
Deconstruct a Multi-Layer Shape Tweenp. 308
Morph Between Objectsp. 311
Deconstruct a Movie Using a Morph Effectp. 312
Apply Shape Hints to Your Morphp. 315
Set Shape Tween Propertiesp. 319
Make Buttons and Movie Clips in Flashp. 321
Explore the Power of Buttons and Movie Clipsp. 322
Make a Buttonp. 323
Test Your Buttonp. 328
Change the Properties of a Buttonp. 336
Add Simple Effects to a Buttonp. 338
The Concept Behind the Movie Clip in Flashp. 342
Make a Movie Clipp. 344
Turn an Animation on the Main Timeline into a Movie Clipp. 348
Add Sound to a Movie Clip Layerp. 349
Make an Animated Button from a Movie Clipp. 350
Build Interactive Movies
Assign ActionScript to Movie Clips, Buttons, and Framesp. 359
Interactivity and ActionScriptp. 360
Understand Object-Oriented Programmingp. 361
Navigate the Actions Panelp. 363
Up and Running with ActionScriptp. 369
Assign an Action to a Framep. 369
Events on Buttonsp. 371
Control the Behavior of a Movie Clip with a Button Event Handlerp. 379
Learn the Full Power of ActionScriptp. 399
Understand the Concept of Variablesp. 400
Scope of a Variablep. 401
Understand Strings and Expressionsp. 401
Create a Simple Variablep. 404
Create a Drag-and-Drop Effectp. 411
Use the hitTest Functionp. 420
Use Smart Clipsp. 442
Create a Simple Preloader with the ifFrames Loaded Actionp. 448
Test and Publish Your Flash Moviesp. 455
Optimize the Movie Elementsp. 457
Test Your Movie Locallyp. 458
Export Your Flash Moviep. 470
Publish Your Moviep. 472
Flash 5 Shortcut Keyboard Commandsp. 495
Flash 5 Resource Guidep. 501
Training/Tutorial/Technical Sourcesp. 502
Audiop. 504
Audio Editing Applicationsp. 505
Tips and Techniquesp. 505
Source Codep. 506
Noteworthy Flash Moviesp. 507
Extensionsp. 508
Loading Extensions from the Macromedia Sitep. 509
Miscellaneous Resourcesp. 511
Indexp. 513
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ISBN: 9780072127140
ISBN-10: 0072127147
Series: How to Do Everything
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 556
Published: 1st January 2001
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 19.0  x 2.8
Weight (kg): 0.95