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Hot Not Bothered : the new hilarious coming-of-middle-age story, perfect for fans of Alexandra Potter and Jane Fallon, coming Autumn 2024 - Harper Ford

Hot Not Bothered

the new hilarious coming-of-middle-age story, perfect for fans of Alexandra Potter and Jane Fallon, coming Autumn 2024

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Available: 26th September 2024

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Available: 26th September 2024

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Don't miss the new coming-of-middle-age story from Harper Ford, perfect for fans of Alexandra Potter and Ruth Jones!

Hot Not Bothered is the new hilarious, no-holds-barred and heartfelt novel about the rollercoaster of menopause, from hot flushes to HRT and everything in-between.


It's a bloody mess but she ain't stressed...

Heidi is tired. Tired, grumpy and hot as hell.

Juggling the demands of her stressful job whilst parenting two children is proving chaotic, and Heidi has well and truly run out of f**ks to give.

When her menopause symptoms skyrocket, Heidi dives headfirst into a sea of comically contradictory advice, absurd doctors' appointments, and the wild world of online support forums that range from cult-like to totally bloody batshit.

The last straw comes when Heidi receives a patronising company-wide email from HR supporting 'women of a certain age'. Heidi accidentally hits 'reply all' when calling out the bullshit, only to suddenly find herself the inadvertent new face of the menopause in her office...

Don't miss the new hilarious novel about the menopause, second (or third) chance love - and the unexpected ways we can find our tribe at any age.


'A gloriously uplifting celebration of middle age and all it has to offer - bad as well as good. I loved it.' Katie Fforde

'Bloody brilliant! A story that has heart, sass, wit and wisdom. All the Bridget Jones romance drama with added hot flushes and feminine rage. Laugh out loud, fist-pumping fabulousness.' Helen Fields

'A hilarious take on the hormonal pressure cooker of midlife...I loved it!' Fiona Gibson

'A hilarious joy of a book that leaves you feeling as if you've had a warm hug from a friend.' Kate Galley

'An absolute gem...Five stars, without a doubt! Rosie Hannigan

'Like having the biggest rant with your best friend.' Helga Jensen

'A funny, relatable, brilliant read. You'll devour it in one sitting, giggling as you go!' Annabel French

'A joy from first page to last!' Catherine Balavage

For fans of Alexandra Potter (More Confessions of a Forty-Something F**k Up), Ruth Jones (Never Greener), Sophie Kinsella (The Burnout), Jane Fallon (Worst Idea Ever), and Ola Tundun (Roommates).

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