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Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Development : Vol 1 - S. S. Purohit

Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Development

Vol 1

By: S. S. Purohit (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 30th September 1985
ISBN: 9789024731985
Number Of Pages: 412

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Plant hormone research is the favorite topic of physiologists. Past three decades have witnessed that this subject has received much attention. The inquisitive nature of human mind has pumped much in literature on this subject and this volume is the product of such minds. In the following pages various hormonal-controlled physiological processes like, flowering, seed dormancy and germination, enzyme secretion, senes- cence, ion transport, fruit ripening, root growth and development, thig- momorphogenesis and tendril thigmonasty have been included. The volume also contains a review paper on 'Growth Regulating Activity of Penicillin in Higher Plants' and has been presented for the first time. The vast contents of each review paper have been written by erudite scholars who have admirably carried out their evangelic task to make the text up TO date. This volume, I am sure, would stimulate the appetite of researchers of peripheral disciplines of botany and agricultural sciences and they will continue to enjoy the fun and adventures of plant hormone research. Save one. my most outstanding debts are due to the rich array of the contributors and other plant physiologists specially to Prof. Thomas Gaspar (Belgium), Prof. E. E. Goldschmidt (Isreal), Prof. H. Greppin (Switzerland), Dr. K. Gurumurti (India), Prof. M. A. Hall (U. K. ), Prof. H. Harada (Japan), Dr. M. Kaminek (Czechoslovakia), Dr. J. L. Karm- oker (BangIa Desh), Prof. Peter B. Kaufman (U. S. A. ), Dr. V. I. Kefeli . / (U. S. S. R. ), Dr. M. Kutaoek (Czechoslovakia), Prof. S.

The Molecular Basis of Hormone Action.- The Implication of the Kinetics of Hormone Action.- Relationship between Molecular Structure and Biological Activity.- Auxins.- Gibberellins.- Cytokinins.- Ethylene.- Abscisic acid.- Terpenoids and Steroids.- Brassins.- Non protein amino acids.- Miscellaneous.- The Probable site of Hormone Action.- DNA: Auxin.- Other hormones.- RNA.- Protein: Auxin.- Cytokinins.- Gibberellins.- ABA.- Ethylene.- Biological Significance of receptors.- Lipids.- Carbohydrate.- Myoinsitol.- Amino acids.- Hormone action and Synthesis of RNA and Protein.- Nature of Cell growth.- The Primary and Fast Reactions.- Energy Implication of Hormone Action.- The Problems and Paradoxes of Hormone Action.- Hormonal Regulation of Flowering.- Hormonal Regulation of Flowering in Intact Plants: Short-day Plants, Xanthium strumarium.- Pharbitisnil.- Perilla.- Chenopodium rubrum.- Lemna paucicostata 6746.- Glycine max.- Kalanchoe blossfldiana.- Chrysanthemum morifolium.- Impatiens blasa-mina.- Other Short-day Plants.- Long-day Plants.- Silene armeria.- Lemna gibba G3.- Lolium temulentum.- Hyosyanus niger.- Rudbeckia.- Spnapis alba.- Spincia oleracea.- Arabidopsis thaliana.- Other Long-day Plants.- Cold Requiring Plants.- Chrysanthemum morifolium.- Althaea rosea.- Other Cold-requiring Plants.- Other Plants.- Ananas comosus.- Bryophyllum.- Short-long-day Plants.- Pisum sativum.- Hormonal Regulation of in vitro Flowering.- Apex Culture.- Callus Culture.- Organ Culture.- Nicotiana tabacum.- Cichorium intybus.- Plumbago indica.- Streptocarpus nobilis.- Torenia fournieri.- Other cases.- Hormones in Seed Dormancy and Germination.- The Imposed Dormancy.- The Innate Dormancy.- The Phasic Character of Germination.- Hypotheses and Generaliz?tions Concerning Involvement of Hormones in Dormancy and Germination Control.- The Inhibitor Hypothesis.- Inhibitor-promotor equilibrium.- Hypothesis on the Selective Roles of Hormones.- Metabolic Events during Dormancy Removal and Germination.- Membranes.- Nucleic acid and Protein Synthesis.- Enzyme Activation.- Mobilization of Storage Materials.- Energy Generation.- Metabolic Regulation.- Environmental Control of the Dormancy removal and Germination.- Chains of Events during Dormancy Removal and Germination.- Metabolic Events during the Cold Mediated Removal of apple Seed Dormancy.- Metabolic Events during Germination of Isolated apple Embryos Stimulated by Light.- Causal Chains leading to Growth Initiation.- Hormonal Control of Enzyme Secretion by Plant Cells.- The Mechanism of Protein Secretion.- The Control of Secretion.- Hormonal Effects.- ?-amylase from Cereal Aleurone Cells.- Peroxidases.- Hormonal Regulation of Senescence.- Some Methodological Problems.- Hormonal vs. Nutritional Theories of Senescence.- Retardents of Senescence.- Cytokinins.- Gibberellins.- Auxins.- Other Retardants of Senescence.- Promotors of Senescence.- Abscisic Acid.- Ethylene.- Correlative Changes in the Levels of Retardants and Pro-motors of Senescence.- Phytochrome and Senescence.- Mechanism of Hormonal Control of Senescence.- The Question of the Receptor Cell.- Hormonal Interactions.- Lipids and Membranes.- Respiration.- Protein Level and Nutrient Transport.- Nucleic acid and Protein Synthesis.- Other Biochemical Changes.- Chloroplast in Senescence.- Hormonal Regulation of Ion Transport in Plants.- Effect of Plant Hormones on K+/H+ Antiport.- Effects of Plant Hormones on Ion Transport in Excised Plant Tissues.- Auxins.- Gibberellic Acid.- Abscisic Acid.- Action of ABA on Stomatal Guard Cell Mechanism.- Effects of ABA on Water Transport and Hydralulic Conductivity and its Relation to Ion Transport.- Effects of ABA on Ion Transport in Excised Tissue.- Kinins.- Action of Kinins on Water Transport and Hydraulic Conductivity.- Effects on Ion Transport.- Effects of Plant Hormones on Ion Transport in Whole Plants.- Action of Fusicoccin on Ion Transport.- Possible Mechanism of Hormonal Regulation of Ion Transport.- Effects of Plant Hormones on Transmembrane Potential.- Effects of Hormones on Permeability Characteristics of Membranes.- Effects of Hormones on Ion Pump and Carrier Mechanism.- Effects of Hormones on Metabolic Processes Involved in Ion Transport.- Role of Endogenous Hormonal Level in Ion Transport.- Growth Regulating Activity of Penicillin in Higher Plants.- Chemistry and biosynthesis.- Induction of ?-amylase and Ribonuclease Synthesis.- Synthesis and Retention of Chloroplast Pigments.- Effects on Leaf Morphology, Stem Circumference and Internode Length.- Levels of Endogenous Gibberellins and Cytokinins.- Effect on DNA, RNA and Protein Synthesis.- Promotion of root growth and development.- Regulation of Growth and Embryo-genesis in Cultured Carrot Callus Tissue.- Probable Mode of Action.- Conclusion.- Physiology and Biochemistry of Ethylene.- Outline of Ethylene Research.- Analysis of Ethylene.- Ethylene as a Plant Hormone.- Ethylene as a Ripening Hormone.- The Kinds of Stress Produced Ethylene.- Disease.- Physical Stress.- Autocaialytic Ethylene Formation (Ethylene Stress.- Ethylene Formation in Soils.- Biosynthesis of Ethylene.- Pre-historic age of Ethylene Biosynthesis.- Technological Innovation of Ethylene Biosynthesis.- The Non-enzymatic Approach of Ethylene Formation.- Establishment of Methionine as a Precursor of Ethylene.- Appearance of ACC as a New Precursor.- Biochemical Action of Ethylene.- Molecular Requirement of Ethylene Action.- Mechanism of Ethylene Action.- Ribosomes as a Target.- Abscission.- Chlorophyll Degradation.- Fait of Ethylene in vivo.- Conclusion.- Plant Responses to Ethylene and Ethylene Releasing Compounds.- Mode of Action of Ethylene.- Effects of Ethylene on Plant Metabolism.- Involvement of Ethylene in Plant Growth.- Ethylene Related Plant Growth Regulators.- Application of Ethylene Related Plant Growth Regulators in Agriculture and Horticulture.- Stimulation of Ripening.- Stimulation of Latex in Hevea Trees.- Flower Induction in Bromeliaceae.- Abscission.- Stimulation of Germination.- Induction of Female Flowers.- Prevention of Lodging in Cereals.- Growth Inhibition.- Male Sterility.- Other Effects of Ethylene Growth Regulators.- Factors Influencing the Performance of Ethylene Plant Growth Regulators.- Outlook.- Ethylene and Other Plant Hormones in Thigmomorphogenesis and Tendril Thigmonasty.- Thigmomorphogenesis.- The role of Ethylene in Thigmomorphogensis.- Physiological Systems.- Interaction with Other Physiological System.- Ethylene Production.- The Endomembrane System.- Other Hormone in Thigmomorphogenesis.- The Role of Gibberellins.- The Role of Abscisic Acid.- The Role of Auxin.- AModel of the Involvement of Phytohormones.- Thigmonasty in Tendrils.- Hormonal Regulation of the Gravitropic Response in Pulvini of Grass Shoots.- The Grass Pulvinus and its Response to Gravistimulation.- Paucity of Lignin and Biogenic Silica in the Grass Pulvinus.- Growth Response of Gravistimulated Pulvini in Avena and Hordeum.- Cellular Basis of the Gravitropic Curvature Response in the Grass Pulvinus.- Preception of Gravity by Starch Statoliths in the grass Pulvinus.- Gravitropic Response in Grass Pulvini Treated with different Hormones.- Auxin and its Conjugates.- Effects of exogenously supplied Gas.- Ethylene.- Changes in Endogenous Hormones during Gravistimulation.- Native IAA.- Native Gas.- Ethylene.- An overall Model for Hormonal Regulation of the Gravitropic Response in Grass Pulvini.- Implication for the future.- Basic studies on Gravitropic Response in Cereal Grains and their Agricultural Significance.- Space Biology and Growth of Grasses in Near Null Gravity of outer Space.- Hormonal Regulation of Root Formation.- Factors Affecting Rooting Response.- Mechanism of Root Formation.- Plant Hormones in Relation to Air Pollution Injury.- Air Pollution and Hormonal Metabolism.- Amelioration from Air Pollution Injury by Plant Hormones.- Hormonal Regulation of Plant Growth and Development: Problems and Prespectives.

ISBN: 9789024731985
ISBN-10: 9024731984
Series: Advances in Agricultural Biotechnology : Book 1
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 412
Published: 30th September 1985
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 23.39 x 15.6  x 2.54
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