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Holistic Cancer Medicine : Integrative Strategies for a New Approach to Health and Healing - Henning Saupe

Holistic Cancer Medicine

Integrative Strategies for a New Approach to Health and Healing

By: Henning Saupe

Paperback | 11 November 2022

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A groundbreaking, comprehensive guide for managing, treating and preventing cancer.

It's a sad truth of our times that one in three people will experience cancer in their lifetime. By 2040, the probability will rise to one in two. Holistic Cancer Medicine is for cancer patients - from newly diagnosed to the late stage - as well as a comprehensive guide on how to reduce the risk of cancer in the first place. Dr Henning Saupe's programme focusses on how those affected by cancer can carry out treatment to cure or control the disease while maintaining quality of life.

As the founder and director of Germany's leading complementary cancer clinic, Dr Saupe offers Holistic Cancer Medicine as the culmination of twenty-five years of experience treating the disease. Dr Saupe complements standard treatment models with less burdensome, less invasive and more natural methods.

Dr Saupe identifies The Holistic Model of the Twelve Vital Fields, describing the dynamic interplay between, nutrition, circulation, the microbiome, mitochondrial health, acid-base balance, chronic infections and more. He shares innovative treatments that address specific imbalances in the twelve vital fields, as well as specific tumour-killing methods, such as insulin potentiation therapy (IPT), photodynamic therapy (PDT), local and whole-body hyperthermia and pulsating electromagnetic frequency therapy (PEMF). He also details inner-life training (ILT) and affirmations for both physical and emotional pain, as well as tools for palliative care.

Holistic Cancer Medicine is not just for cancer patients, but relatives, friends and colleagues supporting loved ones through the stages of cancer. It is also for people seeking to prevent the disease. An essential read during a critical time of life, this is a groundbreaking book on cancer care with an essential and compassionate message - that a diagnosis of cancer and living a full, vibrant life are not mutually exclusive.

Industry Reviews

"Dr. Saupe's comprehensive new book shows that there is so much a person can do to treat and prevent cancer in addition to conventional medicine. If you want to gain a thorough understanding of cancer cells and the immune system, I highly recommend Holistic Cancer Medicine."

-Kelly A. Turner, PhD, New York Times bestselling author of Radical Hope and Radical Remission

"We need a new path forward in the realm of cancer; not only for the way we think about the formation of this devastating process but also in its treatment. Dr. Henning Saupe's new book accomplishes both of those things by reworking the very foundation of cancer science, making this a 'must read' for anyone serious about understanding how cancer begins and what we can do about it."

-Dr. Chris Chlebowski, author of The Virus and The Host

"Dr Saupe is one of the few medical professionals who truly understands the meaning of 'holistic' in the context of treating cancer. In Holistic Cancer Medicine, Dr. Saupe not only covers specific treatment strategies that can be key to recovery and healing, he also addresses the limitations of certain treatment and diagnostic approaches, and how to incorporate them effectively. Dr. Saupe tackles delicate and complex discussions in a highly approachable, humble, and practical way without being overwhelming or dogmatic, and the scientific rationale he offers will leave you in awe of both the simplicity and complexity of the human body-and what it truly means to heal and recover."

-Patricia Daly, coauthor of The Ketogenic Kitchen

"As a clinical oncologist, I cannot over-emphasize the value of Holistic Cancer Medicine. In it, Dr. Henning Saupe covers authentic and scientifically proven holistic treatments for cancer, with profound potential to change how we view and respond to a cancer diagnosis. Determining root causes and changing mindsets with simple interventions and lifestyle modifications, holistic cancer treatment can be a game changer for our patients' prognoses and quality of life, under the supervision of a trained holistic or integrative doctor. Let the healing begin!"

-Dr. Wafaa Abdel-Hadi, clinical oncologist; founder, AWARE clinic

"The integrative oncology community is a small and diverse mix of practitioners from all over the globe. Though we may differ on philosophy and approach, we align at the core: that there is much more to be done to support the patient dealing with a cancerous process than the standard of care alone can offer. I have traveled the world to observe and study with many practitioners-from standard-of-care, state-of-the-art hospitals to shamans in remote villages-and I always learn something new! No one person has all the answers. Just as there are unique fingerprints, there are unique perspectives and approaches to tend to the terrain of the individual. Having had the honor of visiting Dr. Saupe's beautiful clinic, spending time with his patients, and presenting together at some international conferences, it is clear we resonate deeply in how we think about and care for the patient. Dr. Saupe's personal and professional experience offer insights to invoke the curiosity and commitment of the patient into taking a more comprehensive look and approach to their cancer care process."

-Dr. Nasha Winters, founder and CEO,; coauthor of The Metabolic Approach to Cancer and Mistletoe and the Emerging Future of Integrative Oncology

"Holistic Cancer Medicine is a fascinating and important book written by a highly knowledgeable doctor. Dr. Henning Saupe shares his experience and passion in this essential read. A must-read for anyone who wants to empower themselves."

-Sophie Trew, cofounder, Trew Fields Festival; cancer survivor and cancer coach

"Holistic Cancer Medicine is a must-read for everyone-doctors, nurses, patients, family members, and anyone who wants to prevent cancer. Not only does the book inform you about the twelve vital fields involved in healing cancer; it also teaches you how to prevent cancer in the first place by creating balance and well-being in the body."

-Katie Deming, MD, radiation oncologist

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