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Hitchhiking with Prophets : A Ride Through the Salvation Story of the Old Testament - Chad Bird

Hitchhiking with Prophets

A Ride Through the Salvation Story of the Old Testament

Author: Chad Bird

Narrated by: Chad Bird

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Available: 9th July 2024

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Available: 9th July 2024

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The Bible is not some dusty textbook, but a veritable circus of humanity, with high-soaring saints, back-talking donkeys, left-handed kingslayers, and all the glory and gore you can fit inside the big top of this biblical tent.

And everywhere in this story is God who, in his wild and passionate love for humanity, is shepherding history toward the birth and ministry of Jesus the Messiah.

Do you already have a good grasp of the Old Testament? Wonderful. This book will be an enjoyable review. Do you not know the difference between the Bible and The Hobbit? Also fine. This book will be a helpful map into unknown territory.

By the time we' re done, you won' t know all the ins and outs of the story, but you will have a strong grasp of the major movers and shakers. We will sit shotgun with patriarchs and prophets. Each one will take us a little farther down the Old Testament road until we get to the goal: to Jesus, the one in whom the whole story finds fulfillment and meaning.


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Published: 9th July 2024

Available: 9th July 2024

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