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High-Temperature Superconductors and Novel Inorganic Materials : NATO Science Series. Partnership Sub-Series 3, High Technology, V. 62 - G.Van Tendeloo

High-Temperature Superconductors and Novel Inorganic Materials

NATO Science Series. Partnership Sub-Series 3, High Technology, V. 62

By: G.Van Tendeloo (Editor), E.V. Antipov (Editor), S.N. Putilin (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 31st December 1998
ISBN: 9780792353454
Number Of Pages: 307

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  • Paperback View Product Published: 31st December 1998

The discovery of high temperature superconductivity in 1986 stimulated an enormous research activity around the world in physics, chemistry as well as in materials science. The synthesis, the analysis and the understanding of superconducting Cu-based mixed oxides are difficult scientific challenges. Moreover, the fabrication of superconducting ceramics and of thin films and devices poses new technological problems. Actually, the complexity of these materials is one of the main reasons of their relatively slow appearence on the world market. A successful research in the field of High-Tc supercon­ ductivity strongly demands a deep cooperation between scientists from various fields. This is exactly why High-Tc superconductivity became a crystallization center or a nucleus for scientific cooperation of researchers from various fields and from different countries. The numerous international conferences on High-Tc materials often unify physicist, chemists and materials scientists, theoreticians as well as experimentalists, aiming to dis­ cuss and to find the optimum solution for important problems in this field. This idea was the reason why the Department of Inorganic Chemistry of the Moscow State University organized in 1989 the I-st International Workshop "Chemistry and Technology of High­ Tc materials MSU-HTSC-I". These workshops, organised every other year, allowed to establish and develop scientific cooperation between Western and Russian scientists. In 1998 the 5-th International Workshop on "High Temperature Superconductors and Novel Inorganic Materials Engineering - MSU-HTSC-V" was organized.

Recent Advances in Fabrication of High-Tc Superconductors for Electric Power Applicationsp. 1
The Local Structure of YBCO Based Materials by TEMp. 11
High Pressure Crystal Growth and Properties of Hg-Superconductors and Quasi-One-Dimensional Cupratesp. 21
Polymerizable Complex Synthesis of Multicomponent Oxides Including High-Temperature Superconducting Oxidesp. 27
Spray Pyrolysis of High-Temperature (Super)Conductorsp. 33
Preparation and Characterisation of HTSC Powders, Shaping of Bulk Materials and their Magnetic Propertiesp. 39
In Situ Monitoring of CVD for HTS Growthp. 45
Electrodeposition of HTSC Filmsp. 51
Cryochemical Technology of Superconductors and Related Materialsp. 57
Phase Equilibria of the (Bi,Pb)-Sr-Ca-Cu-O System Pertaining to the 2212 and 2223 Phasesp. 63
Formation of Stable Phase Inclusions in Bi-2212 and (Bi, Pb)-2223 Materialsp. 69
Atomic Layer MOCVD of Oxide Superconductors and Dielectricsp. 75
Single Source MOCVD of HTSC Films Onto Movable Substratesp. 79
The Liquid Source Injection Technique: Principle and Application to the Deposition of Oxide Layers and Multilayersp. 85
Oxide-Fluorides: New Parent Structures for Superconducting Materialsp. 91
High-Pressure Synchrotron Diffraction Study of the Superconducting Spin-Ladder Compound (Sr,M)[subscript 14]Cu[subscript 24]O[subscript 41], with M=Ca, Ba, Ndp. 97
Structural Studies of Cuprates and Bismuthates by Electron Microscopyp. 103
Novel Structural Phenomena at the Maximum Tc in 123 and HgBa[subscript 2]CuO[subscript 4+[delta]] Superconductors: Evidence for a Structural Response that Competes with Superconductivityp. 109
Ba-Cu-O-CL Compounds with Non-Equivalent CU Sites: Phase Equilibria and Crystal Structurep. 117
La Doping Effects on Structure and Conductivity of (Ba,Sr,Ca)PbO[subscript 3]p. 123
Effects of Sr Substitution on the Tc and Crystal Structure of Tl[subscript 2](Ba[subscript 1-x]Sr[subscript x])[subscript 2]Ca[subscript 2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript y]p. 129
Anion Ordering in Fluorinated La[subscript 2]CuO[subscript 4]p. 133
Interface Defects Induced by Epitaxial Growth Mechanism in YBa[subscript 2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 7] Thin Films on SrTiO[subscript 3] Substrate: Application to Thin Films Bicrystals and Multilayersp. 139
Phase Diagram and Structure-Related Studies of the Nd-Rich Nd[subscript 1+x]Ba[subscript 2-x]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript z] Solid Solutionp. 145
Phase Structure in the Asynnni Model for the Self-Diffusion of Oxygen in 123YBCOp. 151
Anion Doping and Superconducting Properties of Hg-Based Superconducting Mixed Oxidesp. 157
Phase Equilibria and Single Crystal Growth of Ln[subscript 1 -x]Ca[subscript x]Sr[subscript 2]Cu[subscript 2]GaO[subscript 7] (Ln = Y, Ho)p. 163
Superconductivity in K[subscript x] Ba[subscript 1 -x]BiO[subscript 3] Single Crystalsp. 169
Study of Holes Distribution in the Ln[subscript 1+x ]Ba[subscript 2-x]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript z] Solid Solutions (Ln = La and Nd) by Raman Spectroscopyp. 173
Nuclear Resonance and Susceptibility Investigations of Hg-Based High-Tc Superconductorsp. 177
Vortex Lock-in Phenomena in YBa[subscript 2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript y] Single Crystalsp. 183
Magneto-Optical Characterisation of Bi[subscript 2]Sr[subscript 2]CaCu[subscript 2]O[subscript x] Single Crystals. Structure and Electronic Propertiesp. 189
Effect of Pb and Sr Substitutions on Irreversiblity and Fishtail Lines of Hg-1223 Phase: Powder, Ceramic and Single Crystal Studiesp. 193
Cation Substitution, Second Phase Precipitation, Superconductivity, and Flux Pinning in LRE[subscript 1+x ]Ba[subscript 2-x]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 7]p. 199
Thallium-Based HTS Thin Films for Microwave Applicationsp. 205
Superconductivity Suppression in (Nd[subscript 1.05-x]Pr[subscript x])Ba[subscript 1.95]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 7] Studied by X-Ray Absorption Spectroscopyp. 211
Intergrain Properties of Pressure-Oxygenated REBa [subscript 2]Cu[subscript 3]O[subscript 3-[delta]]p. 217
Tracer Diffusion of Oxygen in 123YBCO from Monte-Carlo Simulations of the Asynnni Modelp. 223
Electron Doped Manganites Ca[subscript 1-x]A[subscript x]MnO[subscript 3] (A= Ln, Th)p. 227
(La[subscript 1-x]Pr[subscript x])[subscript 0.7]Ca[subscript 0.3]MnO[subscript 3] Colossal Magnetoresistive Materials: Structure and Electronic Propertiesp. 233
HREM Study of Domains in Thin Films of La[subscript 0.73]Ca[subscript 0.27]MnO[subscript 3] and (La[subscript 1-x]Pr[subscript x])[subscript 0.7]Ca[subscript 0.3]MnO[subscript 3]p. 239
Effect of Temperature on Ca[subscript 2]Fe[subscript 2]O[subscript 5] and Crystal Structures in the (Ca,Sr)Fe[subscript 1-y]Ti[subscript y]O[subscript 3-[delta]] System Studied by Powder Neutron Diffractionp. 245
Structure and Properties of Some Thiospinelsp. 251
Phase Transitions in Ternary Oxidesp. 257
Mesoscopic Scale Structures of a Ferroelastic Domain Wallp. 263
Structural Effects of the Diffusion Enhancement in Growing Oxide Filmsp. 271
Preparation of Ferroelectric Oxide FLMS by Sol-Gel Methodp. 279
Study of the Reactivity of Nanocrystallites of SnO[subscript 2] with H[subscript 2]S by Coupled Electrical and Raman Measurementsp. 285
A Discussion of Diffusion and Solid State Reactions in Alloys of II-VI, III-VI and IV-VI Compounds on the Basis of Phase Diagramsp. 291
Optical Properties of Gallium-Doped PbTep. 297
Precursors for Barium Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition Advantages and Disadvantages in Improvement of Barium Hexafluoroacetylacetonatep. 303
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ISBN: 9780792353454
ISBN-10: 0792353455
Series: NATO Science Series. Partnership Sub-Series 3, High Technology, V. 62
Audience: Professional
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 307
Published: 31st December 1998
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
Dimensions (cm): 24.77 x 16.51  x 2.54
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