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Heterostructure Epitaxy and Devices - Head'97 : NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series 3: High Technology - Peter Kordos

Heterostructure Epitaxy and Devices - Head'97

NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series 3: High Technology

By: Peter Kordos (Editor), Josef Novak (Editor)

Paperback Published: 31st March 1998
ISBN: 9780792350132
Number Of Pages: 320

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The Workshop Heterostructure Epitaxy and Devices HEAD'97 was held from October 12 to 16, 1997 at Smolenice Castle, the House of Scientists of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and was co-organized by the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava and the Institute of Thin Film and Ion Technology, Research Centre, liilich. It was the third in a series of workshops devoted to topics related to heterostructure epitaxy and devices and the second included into the category of Advanced Research Workshops (ARW) under sponsorship of the NATO. More than 70 participants from 15 countries attended (Austria, Belarus, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the USA). Novel microelectronic and optoelectronic devices are based on semiconductor heterostructures. The goal of the ARW HEAD'97 was to discuss various questions related to the use of new materials (e.g. compound semiconductors based on high band-gap nitrides and low band-gap antimonides) and new procedures (low-temperature epitaxial growth), as well as new principles (nanostructures, quantum wires and dots, etc.) aimed at realizing high-performance heterostructure based electronic devices. Almost 70 papers (invited and contributed oral presentations as well as posters) were presented at the ARW HEAD'97 and the main part of them is included into these Proceedings.

Physics and technology of semiconductor nanostructuresp. 1
Molecular beam epitaxy: Physics and technologyp. 11
6H-SiC(0001)/AIN/GaN epitaxial heterojunctions and their valence band offsetp. 25
Optical properties of antimonide based heterostructures grown by all-organometallic vapour phase epitaxyp. 33
MOVPE technology for multiwafer production: Ga-Al-In-N heterostructures and optical and electrical properties of deposited layersp. 43
Molecular beam epitaxy of narrow-gap III-V antimonides for infrared detectors and sourcesp. 53
The stability of the misfit dislocation array at the substrate-epitaxial layer interfacep. 63
Surface reconstruction processes in the scope of the BCF theory of crystal growthp. 67
Influence of Si doping on epitaxial lateral overgrowth of GaAsp. 71
Temperature dependent quasiplateaux of Hall effect in multi-[delta]-layersp. 75
Self-consistent analysis of electronic structure of coupled [delta]-doped layers in GaAsp. 79
Semiquantal dynamics of electrons in quantum heterostructuresp. 83
Phase-shift analysis of two-dimensional carrier-carrier scatteringp. 87
Carrier-impurity collisions in a narrow quantum wire: Born approximation versus exact solutionp. 91
Low temperature hydride vapor phase epitaxy of GaN layers on different substratesp. 95
Study of gallium nitride films grown by MOCVDp. 99
A comparison of galvanomagnetic properties of GaN epitaxial layers grown on silicon and sapphire substratesp. 103
The effect of the substrate thermal stresses on the misfit dislocation generationp. 107
Experimental study of the thermal decomposition of heteroepitaxial and bulk InPp. 111
Antiphase boundaries in the ordered InGaP epitaxial layers prepared by MOCVDp. 115
Critical thickness investigation of In[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]As/GaAs by X-ray measurementsp. 119
MOVPE growth of InGaP/GaAs interfacesp. 123
GaAs and InP on Si with InGaP buffer layersp. 127
Crystal structure and photoluminescence of In[subscript 1-x]Ga[subscript x]As heteroepitaxial layers grown on InP substratesp. 131
Investigation of In[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]As/GaAs heterostructures by electrochemical methodp. 135
Technological and physical aspects of the improvement of uniformity of pure and lightly doped GaAs epitaxial layersp. 139
Characterization of InP layers prepared by LPE using Ytterbium and Erbium admixturep. 143
Characterization of InP:Zn layers by photoluminescence and photo-electrochemical C-V profilingp. 147
Spectroscopic ellipsometry: Application to complex optoelectronic layer systemsp. 151
InGaP/GaAs carbon-doped heterostructures for heterojunction bipolar transistorsp. 155
In[subscript x]Ga[subscript 1-x]P quantum wire structures grown by MOVPE techniquep. 161
Low-temperature grown molecular-beam epitaxial GaAs for terahertz photomixingp. 169
InP-HEMT-based digital circuit technologyp. 179
Layers and heterostructures for high temperature devicesp. 189
Growth and characterization of InGaAs quantum-wiresp. 199
Preparation of stair-step grooves by wet etching of AlAs/GaAs heterostructures and MOCVD growth of QWRp. 203
InAs quantum dots in GaAs: Technology and Luminescence propertiesp. 207
Quantum confined Stark effect in microcavity in AlGaAs/GaAs MQW structures studied by optical polarization spectroscopyp. 211
Josephson-effect in superconductor/two-dimensional electron gas structuresp. 215
Dynamics of the electroabsorption in low temperature grown GaAsp. 219
Analysis of heterostructure laser-diode amplifierp. 223
Design, growth and characterisation of RCE PIN photodiode operating at 1300 nm wavelength rangep. 227
UV detectors based on InGaPp. 231
Polarization anistropy in electroabsorption and electroluminescence of ordered GaInP and their device applicationsp. 235
Fast-response photodetectors on InP-InGaAsP heterostructuresp. 239
InGaAs on GaAs structures for photodetector applicationsp. 243
Low back reflection receptacled P-I-N photodiodesp. 247
Optical gain improvement of GaAs lateral photoresistive elements by sulphur passivation of the surfacep. 251
Preparation and properties of edge QW delta doped InGaAs/GaAs FETp. 255
AlInAs/InP heterostructures for FET application grown at low temperaturesp. 259
Irradiation induced traps in HEMT's AlGaAs donor layerp. 263
Electrical and detection characteristics of improved particle detectors based on semi-insulating InPp. 269
Preparation of microscopic Hall probes and arraysp. 273
Testing superconducting tapes by a 2DEG Hall probe arrayp. 277
Simulation and characterisation of thermal properties of GaAs micromachined power sensor microsystemsp. 281
On quantum Hall resistance and Shubnikov de Haas effect measurements; on InP/InGaAs structuresp. 285
On the boundary conditions for electron transport across an abrupt Np-heterojunctionp. 289
Ti/Pt/Au and WSiN/Ti/Pt/Au Schottky contacts to n-type InGaP epitaxial layersp. 293
Radiation damage free low-voltage e-beam litography for A[subscript III]B[subscript V] device manufacturingp. 297
Determination of structure characteristics of heteroepitaxially grown thin films through X-ray diffraction line profile analysisp. 301
Several ways of excitation and degradation processes of porous silicon photoluminescencep. 305
Subject Indexp. 311
List of Participantsp. 315
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ISBN: 9780792350132
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Series: NATO Science Partnership Sub-Series 3: High Technology
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Published: 31st March 1998
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