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Helping Yourself with E.S.P. - Al G. Manning

Helping Yourself with E.S.P.

Paperback Published: 1st November 1999
ISBN: 9780735201248
Number Of Pages: 219

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Have you ever experienced déjà vu or had an uncanny dream that turned out to be prophetic? Have you ever made an unusual choice or decision that turned out to be correct and attributed it to a “gut feeling”? These events are actually manifestations of your extrasensory perception, or ESP.
Now you can develop your dormant extrasensory perception and use it to attain personal achievement and lasting fulfillment. For forty years, Dr. Al G. Manning, a noted expert in the field of parapsychology, has been helping even the most skeptical people recognize their ESP, clear away blocks to extrasensory development, and use their psychic abilities to enrich every aspect of their lives.
Dr. Manning’s Helping Yourself with ESP gives you simple exercises and practical, down-to-earth advice that will show you how to:
• Improve your health through spiritual healing
• Set up a spiritual current that draws wealth to you
• Create a dynamic, magnetic personality that attracts people to you
• Sharpen your clairvoyant sight and hearing
• Reach out to helpful “spirit guides” and “personal protectors”
• Attain success and solve problems through concentration and meditation
• Forge the psychic strength to face any crisis with confidence
• Discover your true purpose in life
Filled with inspiring stories of ordinary people changed forever by the positive force of their own psychic powers, Helping Yourself with ESP is your spiritual guide to finding within yourself the key to happiness, prosperity, and peace of mind.

How This Book Can Benefit Youp. vii
How to Develop Your E.S.P.p. 1
You have already experienced many psychic phenomenap. 2
Your five steps to personal success and greatnessp. 3
How to increase your awareness of yourself and the world around youp. 4
Seven simple tests for your special psychic abilitiesp. 6
Your five senses are your link to the psychicp. 8
How to develop the art of concentrationp. 9
How to solve all your problems through concentration and meditationp. 12
We learn about E.S.P. from the Orientp. 13
The mechanics of psychic sensation--psychic centersp. 14
Your seven most important psychic centersp. 15
A basic exercise to develop your E.S.P.p. 17
How to develop clairvoyancep. 19
How to develop clairsentiencep. 21
How to listen for the voice of clairaudiencep. 23
How to clear away the blocks to extrasensory developmentp. 24
Now practicep. 26
Points to rememberp. 27
How to Contact Powers Greater Than Yourself and Get Real Help for Your E.S.P.p. 29
Your place in the universep. 29
How to use E.S.P. to contact your higher selfp. 31
How to receive guidance and help from our "elders" in the next dimensionp. 33
How beings from the next dimension can help youp. 34
Your spirit guides and protectorsp. 37
How to reach out to the infinitep. 39
How to gain complete personal protectionp. 41
Your special place in the divine scheme of thingsp. 43
Points to rememberp. 45
How to Attain Perfect Health for Yourself and Othersp. 47
The value of modern medicinep. 47
How you can become a spiritual healerp. 49
The five steps to spiritual healingp. 51
How to determine the mental cause of illness or diseasep. 52
How the spirit world helps break old reaction patternsp. 54
How to apply the healing light to the afflicted areap. 55
Don't get the idea that this is just for professional healers!p. 58
How to establish healthy mental and emotional reaction patternsp. 58
Keep working until the healing is completep. 59
How to heal yourselfp. 60
Expect excellent resultsp. 62
How to handle special healing problemsp. 64
Use your healing ability as often as possiblep. 65
Points to rememberp. 65
How to Use E.S.P. to Gain Riches in Ever-Increasing Abundancep. 67
A new look at richesp. 67
How to interest your spirit helpers in bringing you richesp. 69
Your path to riches through ever-increasing effectivenessp. 71
How to set up a current to draw wealth into your lifep. 73
Let spirit express riches in your lifep. 75
How to protect yourself from financial harmp. 76
How to enjoy your ever-increasing richesp. 79
Points to rememberp. 80
How to Use E.S.P. to Build a Dynamic Personality That Attracts the Right Peoplep. 81
How to use your psychic centers to extend your personalityp. 81
How to make other people like youp. 83
How to sell an ideap. 85
How to attract the right people and opportunitiesp. 87
How to cope with difficult personalitiesp. 89
The give and take of real friendshipp. 90
Points to rememberp. 92
How to Find the Strength to Face Any Crisisp. 93
Why some people crack under stressp. 93
How to find your source of personal strengthp. 94
How to understand your stressesp. 96
How to ask for help for othersp. 98
The secret of getting help for yourselfp. 99
How to get a new jobp. 101
How to find your perfect matep. 102
How to get instant help in an emergencyp. 105
Points to rememberp. 106
How E.S.P. Can Reveal Your True Reason for Livingp. 107
The age-old question, "Why am I here?"p. 107
Your place in the scheme of thingsp. 109
How to discover your individual mission in this lifep. 111
How to direct your efforts toward accomplishing your spiritual missionp. 112
How to start your spiritual chain reaction of goodp. 114
Your path to peace of mindp. 115
Points to rememberp. 116
How E.S.P. Can Insure the Success of Your Every Undertakingp. 119
The law of personal successp. 119
How to examine a contemplated new undertaking in light of your spiritual missionp. 121
How to summon your spirit teachers to assist youp. 123
Your law of growthp. 125
How to succeed every timep. 126
Points to rememberp. 127
How to Use E.S.P. to Establish a Personal Relationship with Godp. 129
How your active intuition expands your concept of Godp. 129
The reciprocal relationship among you, your spirit teachers, and Godp. 132
How to reach God through your spirit teachersp. 133
How Gladys G. found enrichmentp. 134
How to reach God directlyp. 135
How your mystic experience will change your life foreverp. 137
How to live the practical mystic lifep. 139
Points to rememberp. 141
How to Use Advanced Psychic Phenomena for E.S.P.p. 143
Now you are ready for advanced phenomenap. 143
Types of experience you may expectp. 144
How to discover your own advanced phenomenap. 156
Concentrate your efforts on one simple phenomenon at a timep. 158
How to seek spontaneous phenomenap. 159
How to approach the direction of phenomenap. 162
Directed phenomena in the darknessp. 164
Directed phenomena in the lightp. 165
Points to rememberp. 166
How to Insure Your New Growthp. 169
Science vs. religionp. 170
Science and religion look at matterp. 172
Your new beginning is your contribution to the world's futurep. 174
Your new beginning of spiritual accomplishment in E.S.P.p. 175
Your prayers are important!p. 175
Points to rememberp. 176
Afterword: Major Problem-Solving to Start a Fresh New Life with E.S.P.p. 177
Dr. J. B. Rhine assaults the scentific community and shows that seriousness is a disadvantage to psychic activitiesp. 177
The scientific and semiscientific approachp. 178
Orgone vs. the Odic Forcep. 179
The miracle of pyramid energyp. 179
The religious and occult approach: thoughtforms nurtured by pyramid energyp. 180
Using the power while recognizing the danger of the pyramid as a thoughtform incubatorp. 180
How to understand and practically use the pyramid energyp. 182
C. G.'s early results from the pyramid workp. 183
Past-life studies--reincarnation made practicalp. 183
Past-life exploration as research for a new bookp. 184
A simple technique for examining past lives by yourselfp. 185
More uses for the astral realmsp. 186
Hey! Let's get back to at least starting the partyp. 187
Spirit Party games can include winning the lottery, casino gambling, bingo, and whatever you likep. 188
Now the Spirit Party "how to"p. 189
How to transfer your pyramid and other magickal gadgetry to the astral and make them even more effectivep. 190
What kind of results should you expect from your ongoing Spirit Party?p. 191
Points to rememberp. 193
Indexp. 195
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ISBN: 9780735201248
ISBN-10: 0735201242
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 219
Published: 1st November 1999
Publisher: Cengage Gale
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 23.5 x 15.24  x 1.27
Weight (kg): 0.36
Edition Number: 2
Edition Type: Revised