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Hegel's Philosophy of Right, with Marx's Commentary : A Handbook for Students - Howard P. Kainz

Hegel's Philosophy of Right, with Marx's Commentary

A Handbook for Students

Paperback Published: 30th September 1974
ISBN: 9789024716203
Number Of Pages: 87

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GEORG WILHELM FRIEDRICH HEGEL (1770-1831) THE PLACE OF HEGEL IN THE HIS TOR Y OF PHILOSOPHY In order to gain a proper perspective of Hegel's place in the history of philo- sophy, it might be useful to focus on one key concept which has evolved significantly in meaning, from the time of Aristotle to Hegel. I am speaking of the philosophical concept of the "category. " In Aristotle's system, there were ten categories (or "predicaments") of reality or being. These included substantiality, time, place, quantity, quality, and other aspects of knowable beings. The most notable thing about these categories is that they all have to do with what we would call "objective" realities. That is, none of them purport to describe subjective or mental states or conditions. In modern philosophy (i. e. , philosophy since the time of Descartes), there was a swing of the pendulum in the opposite direction, from objectivity to subjectivity - culminating in the twelve new "categories" of Kant. All of Kant's categories were subjective ways oflooking at reality: We can organize objective phenomena into universal unities; therefore the first Kantian cate- gory is "unity. " We can separate objective phenomena into particular divi- sions; therefore the second category is "plurality. " And so forth. With Hegel, the modern trend to subjectivism is arrested, and we have, not surprisingly, a new type of "category" - the category of the unity of thought and being, of self and other, of subject and object.

General Introduction.- The Place of Hegel in the History of Philosophy.- The Importance of Hegel's Philosophy.- The Importance of Hegel's "Philosophy of Right".- Hegel's "System".- The Dialectic.- Hegel's Terminology.- Marx's Critique of the Philosophy of Right.- Sample Examination Questions & Term Paper Topics.- Analysis of Hegel's "Philosophy of Right".- The Preface to the 'Philosophy of Right'.- The Introduction to the P.R. (xx I-33).- Sample exam questions, sample essays.- Diagram of the development of the Philosophy of Right.- I. Abstract Right (xx 4-104).- Sample exam questions, sample essay.- II. Morality (xx 105-141).- Sample exam questions, term paper topic.- III. Ethical Life (xx 142-360).- Term paper topic.- 1. The Family (xx 158-181).- A. The stage of love and marriage.- B. Family capital.- C. Education of children and dissolution of the family.- Sample exam questions, etc..- 2. Civil Society (xx 182-256).- A. The system of needs.- 1) The development of need and satisfaction into "genera".- 2) The development of work into "genera".- 3) Resources.- a) The agricultural class.- b) The business class.- c) The bureaucracy.- B. The administration of justice.- 1) The process by which right becomes law.- 2) The process by which law becomes existent.- 3) The process by which existent law vindicates itself through judgements.- a) The process of inquiry.- b) The stages of legal action.- c) The process of legal judgement.- C. The police and the corporation.- 1) The police.- 2) The corporation.- Sample exam questions, etc..- 3. The State (xx 257-360).- A. The constitution.- Marx's commentary.- 1) The inner constitution of the state, in its existence-for-self.- Marx's commentary.- a) The crown.- Marx's commentary.- b) The executive.- Marx's commentary.- c) The legislature.- Marx's commentary.- 2) Sovereignty in relation to foreign states.- B. International law.- C. World history.- Sample exam questions, etc..- Appendix, Marx's commentary.- Selected bibliography.- Index of Names.

ISBN: 9789024716203
ISBN-10: 9024716209
Audience: General
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 87
Published: 30th September 1974
Publisher: Springer
Country of Publication: NL
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