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Heaven and Earth : Global Warming, the Missing Science - Ian Plimer

Heaven and Earth

Global Warming, the Missing Science

Paperback Published: 1st July 2009
ISBN: 9781589794726
Number Of Pages: 504

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Climate, sea level, and ice sheets have always changed, and the changes observed today are less than those of the past. Climate changes are cyclical and are driven by the Earth's position in the galaxy, the sun, wobbles in the Earth's orbit, ocean currents, and plate tectonics. In previous times, atmospheric carbon dioxide was far higher than at present but did not drive climate change. No runaway greenhouse effect or acid oceans occurred during times of excessively high carbon dioxide. During past glaciations, carbon dioxide was higher than it is today. The non-scientific popular political view is that humans change climate. Do we have reason for concern about possible human-induced climate change?
This book's 504 pages and over 2,300 references to peer-reviewed scientific literature and other authoritative sources engagingly synthesize what we know about the sun, earth, ice, water, and air. Importantly, in a parallel to his 1994 book challenging "creation science," Telling Lies for God, Ian Plimer describes Al Gore's book and movie An Inconvenient Truth as long on scientific "misrepresentations." "Trying to deal with these misrepresentations is somewhat like trying to argue with creationists," he writes, "who misquote, concoct evidence, quote out of context, ignore contrary evidence, and create evidence ex nihilo."

Industry Reviews

This is a very powerful, clear, understandable and extremely useful book ... [Plimer] convincingly criticizes the UN, the IPCC, U.K. and U.S. politicians, as well as Hollywood show business celebrities. He strictly distinguishes science from environmental activism, politics, and opportunism. -- Vadav Klaus, President, The European Union ... a damning critique of the 'evidence' underpinning man-made global warming. -- Kimberley A. Strassel The Wall Street Journal ...a brilliantly argued book... Heaven and Earth is an evidence-based attack on conformity and orthodoxy, including my own, and a reminder to respect informed dissent and beware of ideology subverting evidence. -- Paul Sheehan Sydney Morning Herald ...the best book on science and scientists I have ever read. -- Andrew Alexander Daily Mail (UK), (Uk) Only a geological perspective can provide a proper view of climate change. Professor Plimer's book does a masterful job of demonstrating that Nature rules the climate, not human activity. -- S. Fred Singer, Professor Emeritus of Environmental Sciences, University of Virginia ...[A] wonderfully comprehensive and fearless book... If there are any willing to hear some truly inconvenient truths on the stampeding advocacy of global warming, Mr. Plimer's book is a collection of some of the sternest. The Globe and Mail ...[A]rguably no one is more responsible for the shift in opinion than University of Adelaide geologist Ian Plimer, whose new book Heaven and Earth: Global Warming, the Missing Science is an authoritative scientific refutation of the claims of human-caused global warming. RealClearPolitics ...a bible for climate change skeptics. Financial Times For those who want to take a thinking approach to global warming untainted by politics or faith, Heaven and Earth is a worthwhile consideration. Midwest Book Review Plimer will convince you. -- Energy, Environment, & Earth blog ...the climate sceptic bible... The Guardian

interesting and nuanced read


valuable resource in relation to climate change discourse



Heaven and Earth

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Introductionp. 9
Climatep. 10
Carbon dioxide and pollutionp. 12
The science of climatep. 14
Why the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)?p. 17
Climate changep. 23
A retreat to the good old daysp. 27
Acknowledgementsp. 28
Historyp. 30
Are the speed and amount of modern climate change unprecedented?
Is dangerous warming occurring?
Is the temperature range observed in the 20th Century outside the range of normal variability?
Our changing climatesp. 32
The last great warmingp. 35
The last big freezep. 37
The end of the freezep. 40
The Roman Warming (250 BC-450 AD)p. 59
The Dark Ages (535-900 AD)p. 61
The Medieval Warming (900-1300 AD)p. 63
The Little Ice Age (1280-1850 AD)p. 72
The Late 20th Century Warming (1850 AD to the present)p. 86
The long tale of the lone pinep. 87
The Sunp. 100
Does the Sun influence the Earth's climate?
The bringer of life, heat and coldp. 101
Dirt in the airp. 102
Snowballs and spiral armsp. 105
Galactic time travelp. 106
Galactic bulletsp. 109
The engine of weatherp. 112
That big ball of heat in the skyp. 115
Angry solar emissionsp. 116
Inner turbulence of the Sunp. 119
Shock, horror. The solar constant is not constantp. 121
Blemishes on her beautyp. 125
Water, carbon dioxide, temperature and the Sunp. 130
Ancient signals of solar activityp. 133
The Sun and climatep. 144
Earthp. 148
Do volcanoes change climate?
Do wobbles in the Earth's orbit change climate?
Have past climate changes driven extinctions?
Life on Earthp. 149
Single celled lifep. 149
What are the chances of multicellular life on Earth?p. 160
The biggest climate change of all timep. 165
The first multicellular lifep. 170
The explosion of lifep. 171
Extinctionp. 175
Minor and major mass extinctions of lifep. 175
Recent macrofauna extinctionp. 188
Modern climate change and extinctionp. 191
Global warming and infectious diseasesp. 199
Desertificationp. 203
One volcano can ruin your whole dayp. 207
Supervolcanoesp. 211
Volcanic gasesp. 216
Ice, volcanoes and earthquakesp. 225
Milankovitch wobble theory wobblesp. 229
Icep. 236
Is global warming melting the polar ice caps and alpine valley glaciers?
Icep. 237
Ice agesp. 239
Ice advance and retreatp. 243
The Arcticp. 257
The Antarcticp. 267
Alpine valley glaciersp. 281
Sea icep. 287
Waterp. 292
Do human emissions of carbon dioxide create a rise in the sea level?
Will the seas become acid?
Does sea level rise kill coral atolls?
Are humans forcing changes in ocean currents?
Weird waterp. 294
The great floodp. 296
Sea levelp. 298
Coral atollsp. 318
Dissolved carbon dioxide in seawaterp. 323
Acid oceansp. 331
Sea surface temperaturep. 339
El Ninop. 350
Water cyclep. 360
The rock that made a fool out of humansp. 362
Airp. 364
Do thermometer measurements show the planet is warming?
Do other temperature measurements show the planet is warming?
Is atmospheric carbon dioxide increasing?
Is atmospheric carbon dioxide approaching a dangerous level?
Do higher sea temperatures cause more hurricanes?
Do clouds influence climate?
The greenhouse effectp. 365
The measurement of temperaturep. 376
Measurement and order of accuracyp. 376
Treatment of datap. 382
Urban heat island effectp. 384
Temperature proxiesp. 393
Hurricanesp. 405
Carbon dioxidep. 411
The global carbon cyclep. 411
Measurement of CO2p. 416
Methane and other greenhouse gasesp. 428
Cloudsp. 432
Et moip. 435
Ubi dubium ibi libertasp. 435
The vernalisation of sciencep. 441
Tip of the icebergp. 446
Scientific consensusp. 449
The end is nighp. 456
Religion, environmentalism and romanticismp. 462
The Kyoto Protocolp. 471
Oh dear, oh dear, oh dearp. 472
What if I'm wrong?p. 489
Indexp. 494
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ISBN: 9781589794726
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Format: Paperback
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Number Of Pages: 504
Published: 1st July 2009
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Country of Publication: US
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