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Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Diabetes - Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Diabetes

Paperback Published: January 2002
ISBN: 9780471435983
Number Of Pages: 256

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A simple new dietary approach to preventing and treating diabetes

You can help prevent and control diabetes through simple diet and lifestyle changes that are a pleasure to make instead of a chore. This book shows you how. Drawing on the latest diabetes research, Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Diabetes presents a complete and sensible plant-based nutrition program that can help you prevent, manage, and, in certain cases, even reverse diabetes.

Covering Type 1(childhood-onset), Type 2 (adult-onset), and gestational diabetes, this book provides detailed nutritional guidelines that have been carefully drafted by Physicians Committee diabetes experts, along with nearly 100 delicious, easy-to-make recipes to help you put these healthy eating principles to work right away. Healthy Eating for Life to Prevent and Treat Diabetes contains important information on:

  • Exercise and lifestyle issues
  • Achieving and maintaining healthy weight
  • Diabetes and pregnancy
  • Preventing complications from diabetes
  • And more

Whether you or a loved one has diabetes or is at risk of developing it, this book will give you the crucial knowledge you need to take charge now– of your diet, your health, and your life.

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List of Recipes.



1. Understanding Diabetes.

Diabetes Basics.

Hormones and Sugar.

Types of Diabetes.

Symptoms and Diagnosis.

Testing for Diabetes.

Impaired Fasting Glucose.

Understanding Your Blood Sugar Test.

Who Should Be Tested?

The Importance of Overcoming Diabetes.

Can Diabetes Be Reversed?

2. The Power of Food: A New Dietary Approach to Overcoming Diabetes.

A New Dietary Approach to Diabetes.

The Problem with Dairy Products.

Does Sugar Cause Diabetes?

Carbohydrate Powerhouses.

Don't Forget the Fiber.

A New Look at Protein.

The Facts about Fat.

Pulling It All Together.

3. Healthy Eating Basics.

Health Advantages of Plant-Based Diets.

The New Four Food Groups.

Key Nutrients and Where to Find Them.

What about Meat, Dairy, and Eggs?

What about Sugary Foods?

What about Artificial Sweeteners?

Does the Amount of Processing Matter?

A Healthy Dietary Approach for People with Diabetes.


4. Preventing Diabetes.

Preventing Type 1 Diabetes.

Preventing of Type 2 Diabetes.

5. Achieving and Maintaining a Healthy Weight.

The Problem with Dieting.

A Better Approach.

Reaching Your Goal with the New Four Food Groups.

6. Managing Your Diabetes with Food.

How to Work with Exchange Lists.

How to Work with Carbohydrate Counting.

7. Managing Your Diabetes with Medicine.

Medications for Controlling Diabetes: Type 1 Diabetes.

Different Types of Insulin.

Testing Your Blood Sugar.

Medications for Controlling Diabetes: Type 2 Diabetes.

Staying on Track.

When Medicines Are Too Strong: Hypoglycemia.

When Blood Sugar Goes Too High: Hyperglycemia.

How Food and Medicines Interact.

8. Healthy Blood Vessels, Healthy Heart.

What Is Heart Disease?

Toss Out the Cigarettes.

Managing Your Blood Pressure.

Lowering Your Cholesterol Level.

Putting Foods to Work.

Taking Care of Your Blood Vessels.

9. Preventing Complications.

Keeping Healthy Eyes.

Healthy Nerves.

Healthy Kidneys.

It's Time to Take Control.


10. Exercise Matters.

Aerobic and Resistance Exercise.

For People with Type 1 Diabetes.

For People with Type 2 Diabetes.

Before You Begin.

Let's Get Started.

Stay Hydrated.

Taking Care of Your Feet.

Fueling Your Active Body.

Sticking with It.

11. Diabetes During Pregnancy.

Before Your Baby Is Conceived.

Who Is on Your Healthcare Team?

What to Expect at the Doctor's.

Now That You Are Pregnant.

If Diabetes Starts during Pregnancy.

Good Nutrition during Pregnancy.

12. Putting it All Together.

13. Cooking Tips and Techniques.

Getting Started.

Planning a Menu.

Making a Shopping List.

Seasonal Eating.

Stocking Up.

Meal Preparation.

14. Menus for a Week.

15. The Recipes.



Sandwiches and Wraps.


Dips, Dressings, and Sauces.

Soups and Stews.



Breads and Desserts.





ISBN: 9780471435983
ISBN-10: 0471435988
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 256
Published: January 2002
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
Country of Publication: US
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