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Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, Third Edition : Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment - Mohammad Pessarakli

Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress, Third Edition

Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment

By: Mohammad Pessarakli (Editor), Kim H. Tan (Editor)

Hardcover Published: 16th November 2010
ISBN: 9781439813966
Number Of Pages: 1215

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The dynamic and expanding knowledge of environmental stresses and their effects on plants and crops have resulted in the compilation of a large volume of information in the last ten years since the publication of the second edition of the Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress. With 90 percent new material and a new organization that reflects this increased knowledge base, this new edition, like the first two, provides comprehensive and complete coverage of the issues on stress imposed on plants and crops.

Accessibility of knowledge is among the most critical of factors involved with plant/crop stress problems. Without due consideration of all the factors contributing to a specific plant/crop stress problem, it is unlikely that a permanent solution can be found. Facilitating the accessibility of the desired information, the volume is divided into ten sections. Each section consists of one or more chapters that discuss as many aspects of stress as possible.

While many references cover soil salinity, sodicity, specific plant/crop salt and water stress, pollution, and other environmental stresses, they exist relatively in isolation, focusing mainly on one specific topic. Prepared with input from more than a hundred contributors from twenty seven countries, this book combines information on these interrelated areas into a single resource. Packed with illustrations, figures, and tables, covering plant/crop stress problems from the soil to the atmosphere, this book puts this expanded environmental stressors knowledge base within easy reach.

... some excellent summaries of specific topics... ... this book contains much useful information and can be dipped into to source specific facts ... --Hamlyn Jones, in Experimental Agriculture, Oct 2011, Vol 47(4) Praise for Previous Editions The book is supplemented with a very detailed subject index. ! [It] contains material interesting for scientists, teachers, and students interested in plant physiology and plant production. ! [T]his book should be present in very library dealing with this research topic. --Potosynthetica, 40(4), 2003 This work is of considerable scientific value and constitutes an important contribution to scientific literature on the complex relationship between the environment and plants. --Advances in Horticultural Science Pessarakli has done a good job in maintaining high quality throughout the book... a valuable addition to the library of anyone interested in the effect of environmental stresses (especially salinity and water stress) on the physiology and quality of crop plants. --HortScience ... a good source of information for soil scientists, plant physiologists, agronomists, foresters, environmental scientists, as well as teachers and students in agricultural disciplines. --Biologia Plantarum Over 100 authors from 25 countries contribute to this handbook treating the various aspects of plant stress from the soil to the atmosphere. It is the second edition of the handbook with 37 new chapters and 19 revised chapters also contained in the first edition... ... Since the book contains a broad spectrum of information, one can recommend it primarily to plant physiologists engaged in research and teaching. Also students of biology and agriculture will appreciate the summarizing chapters presented by so many different authors. --Journal of Plant Physiology ... the Second Edition of the Handbook of Plant and Crop Stress in comparison with the first edition has been greatly enlarged. ... an excellent state-of-the art publication ... and [a] ... unique comprehensive guide. --Agrochimica, 2000

Soil Salinity and Sodicity Problems Soil Salinity and Sodicity as Particular Plant/Crop Stress Factors, M. Pessarakli and I. Szabolcs Soil Salinity Development, Classification, Assessment, and Management in Irrigated Agriculture, S.A. Shahid and K. ur Rahman Soil Salinization and Management Options for Sustainable Crop Production, D.L. Suarez Influence of Sodium on Soils in Humid Regions, R.K. Srour, L.M. McDonald, V.P. (Bill) Evangelou Plant/Crop Tolerance and Stressful Conditions Oxidative Stress and Antioxidative Defense Systems in Plants Growing under Abiotic Stresses, P. Sharma, A. Bhushan Jha, and R.S. Dubey Antioxidant Protection during Abiotic Stresses, D. Prochazkova and N. Wilhelmova Biochemical Mechanisms for the Maintenance of Oxidative Stress under Control in Plants, D.G. Arias, C.V. Piattoni, S.A. Guerrero, and A.A. Iglesias Plant Hormone Functions in Abiotic and Biotic Stress Responses, R. Vankova Role of Proline in Plant Response to Drought and Salinity, B. Heuer Role of Dehydrins in Plant Stress Response, K. Kosova, I.T. Prasil, and P. Vitamvas Behavior of Water in Plants at Low and Ultralow Temperatures, J. Zamecnik and M. Faltus Plants and Crops Responses, Physiology, Cellular, and Molecular Biology, and Microbiological Aspects under Salt, Drought, Heat, Cold, Light, and Other Stressful Conditions Germination of Seeds and Propagules under Salt Stress, A. Wahid, M. Farooq, S.M.A. Basra, E. Rasul, and K.H.M. Siddique Response of Crop Plants to Nitrogen Stress: Opportunities to Increase Nitrogen Use Efficiency, J. Rane, M. Ishitani, and I. Rao Photosynthesis and Light Stress in a Model Plant: Role of Chloroplast Transporters, C. Spetea and B. Schoefs Photosynthetic Pigment Apparatus in Northern Plants, T. Golovko, O. Dymova, Y. Yatsco, and G. Tabalenkova Modifications of the Carotenoid Metabolism in Plastids: A Response to Stress Conditions, P. Moulin, Y. Lemoine, and B. Schoefs Thermoluminescence Study of Photosystem II Activity in Resurrection Plant Haberlea rhodopensis during Desiccation, L.T. Maslenkova, V.N. Peeva, Y.K. Markovska, and Y. Zeinalov Carbon Metabolism and Plant Stress, C.M. Figueroa, A.A. Iglesias, and F.E. Podesta Protein Synthesis by Plants under Stressful Conditions, P. Sharma and R.S. Dubey Heat Shock Proteins and Acquisition of Thermotolerance in Plants, S. Huq and H. Nakamoto Effect of Low Temperatures on the Structure of Plant Cells: Structural, Biochemical, and Molecular Aspects, L. Slovakova, I. Matusikova, J. Salaj, and J. Hudak Effects of UV-B Radiation on Plants: Molecular Mechanisms Involved in UV-B Responses, B.R. Jordan Effect of High Temperature and UV-A Radiation on Photosystem II, E.L. Apostolova and A.G. Dobrikova Plant and Crop Responses to Pollution Stress Plant Responses to Toxic Metal Stress, E. Masarovicova, K. Kral'ova, and F. Sersen Heavy Metal Pollution: Damage and Defense Strategies in Plants, F. Navari-Izzo and N. Rascio Heavy Metals and Plastid Metabolism, K. Solymosi and M. Bertrand Plant Responses to Cadmium and Mercury Stress, E. Garmash, S. Skugoreva, and T. Golovko Plant and Crop Responses to Weeds, Pests, Pathogens, and Agrichemical Stress Conditions Stress in Plants and Crops Induced by Parasitic Weeds, A. Cavalieri and A. Heydari Involvement of Insect Pests in Plant and Crop Stress, S. Speranza, A. Mazzaglia, A. Harfouche, and A. Heydari Stress in Plants and Crops Induced by Herbicide-Mediated Alteration in the Population and Activity of Root-Associated Microorganisms, A. Heydari and I.J. Misaghi Stress in Plants and Crops Induced by Fungal Pathogens, A. Heydari and G.M. Balestra Genetic Factors and Plant/ Crop Genomics under Stress Genetic Factors Affecting Abiotic Stress Tolerance in Crops, A.K. Joshi Genetic Improvement of Cold Hardiness in Bermudagrass, Y. Wu and J.A. Anderson Candidate Gene Expression Involved in Plant Drought Resistance, Y. Jiang and Y. Wang Examples of Empirical Investigations of Specific Plants and Crops Grown in Salt, Drought, and Other Environmental Stress Conditions Responses of Green Beans (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) in Terms of Dry Matter Production, Nitrogen Uptake, and Water Absorption under Salt-Stress Conditions, M. Pessarakli Physiology and Molecular Biology of the Effects of Salinity on Rice, R.K. Singh and T.J. Flowers Landscape under Water Stress Conditions, A. Riaz Turfgrass Nutrient Management under Stresses: A Part of Integrated Stress Management, H. Liu, N. Menchyk, F. Bethea, and C. Baldwin Nutrient Management of Golf Course Putting Greens under Stresses, H. Liu, N. Menchyk, F. Bethea, and C. Baldwin Climatic Changes, Elevated Carbon Dioxide, and Plant/Crop Responses Plant Biomass and Stem Juice of the C4 Sugarcane at Elevated Growth CO2 and Temperature, J.C.V. Vu and L.H. Allen Jr. Future Promises: Improving Plant and Crop Adaptation/Tolerance and Cultivation under Stressful Conditions Improving Crop Resistance to Abiotic Stresses through Seed Invigoration, M. Farooq, A. Wahid, S.M.A. Basra, and K.H.M. Siddique Plant Stress Physiology: Physiological and Biochemical Strategies Allowing Plants/Crops to Thrive under Ionic Stress, H.-W. Koyro, N. Geissler, R. Seenivasan, and B. Huchzermeyer The Role of Acacia ampliceps in Managing Salt-Affected Lands, N. Marcar, S. Ismail, A. Yuvaniyama, and R. Ansari Adaptive Strategies of Tropical Forage Grasses to Low Phosphorus Stress: The Case of Brachiaria grasses, A.E. Louw-Gaume, I.M. Rao, E. Frossard, and A.J. Gaume The Forgotten Link in Improving Crop Salt Tolerance under Brackish Irrigation: Lateral Soil Salinity Gradients around Roots, U. Schleiff Improving Crop Production on Saline Soils in Arid Regions: Do We Need a Different Approach to Develop and Select Plants for These Regions? S. Farooq and F. Azam Beneficial Aspects of Stress Salinity-Induced Enhancement of Horticultural Crop Quality, C.M. Grieve Index

ISBN: 9781439813966
ISBN-10: 1439813965
Series: Books in Soils, Plants, and the Environment
Audience: Tertiary; University or College
Format: Hardcover
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 1215
Published: 16th November 2010
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 25.65 x 18.03  x 6.1
Weight (kg): 2.27
Edition Number: 3
Edition Type: New edition