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Hand Reflexology : Key to Perfect Health - Mildred Carter

Hand Reflexology

Key to Perfect Health

Paperback Published: 1st February 2000
ISBN: 9780735201286
Number Of Pages: 299
For Ages: 18+ years old

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Imagine immediate relief from headaches, back pain, sciatica, ulcers, sinus problems, hemorrhoids, and a host of conditions -- without drugs or surgery. Imagine having a balm against stress and an energy, booster free for the taking and always within reach. Reflexology makes such amazing healing and vitality a reality. A pioneer in the modern of practice of this ancient natural art, Mildred Carter shares her techniques for releasing the body's own powerful healing energies by utilizing a simple tool at everyone's fingertips -- their own hands.

Step by step, in straightforward language backed by instructive line drawings and photographs, Hand Reflexology shows just how to massage "reflex buttons" located in the hands and connected to every gland and organ in the body. Within minutes, readers will master simple moves to calm frazzled nerves, ease painful symptoms, and ward off disease. Safe, easy to learn, and adaptable to any environment -- even the office -- these techniques will help readers alleviate hay fever, asthma, arthritis, and digestive problems; stop the common cold in its tracks; and strengthen the heart, lungs, and kidneys. Men will discover techniques to combat baldness, while women will find massages to promote painless childbirth. And every reader will enjoy freedom from tension and a surge in energy.

Rich in illuminating case histories and lively anecdotes, Hand Reflexology holds the key to optimal health -- naturally.

Acknowledgmentsp. v
Forewordp. vii
Prefacep. ix
Brief History of Reflexologyp. xi
How This Book Came to Be Writtenp. xiii
Amazing Quick Recoveriesp. xiv
Reflexology Seems Like a Miraclep. xiv
Testimonials Prove Reflexology Restores Healthp. xiv
What This Book Will Do for Youp. 1
The Value of Good Energy Flowp. 2
How You Can Get Instant Relief with Reflexologyp. 3
Reflexology and Acupuncturep. 3
Reflexology Is a Natural Method of Healingp. 4
Reflexology Can Be Used by Anyonep. 4
The True Physicianp. 5
What a Medical Doctor Had to Say about Reflexologyp. 6
Why Reflexology Works to Bring Health Benefitsp. 6
Do Not Be Confused about Your Healthp. 7
Step-by-Step Guide to Hand Reflexology Chartsp. 8
Hand Reflexology Is Convenient to Usep. 8
Visual Guide to the Organs and Glands, Chart Ap. 10
Hand Reflexology (Palms), Chart Bp. 11
Hand Reflexology (Back of Hands), Chart Cp. 12
How Energy Circuits Are Activated Through the Hands, Chart Dp. 13
Ten Energy Zones, Chart Ep. 14
Explanation of the Energy Zone Chartp. 14
Analyzing the Zone Chartp. 15
Divisions of the Body and Hands, Chart Fp. 16
Guide to Hand Reflexology Chartsp. 17
Summary of Chartsp. 18
Easy-to-Use Hand Reflexology Techniquesp. 19
Simple Guidelines for Using Reflex Proceduresp. 20
How to Work Reflexes with Your Thumbsp. 20
How to Work Reflexes with Your Fingersp. 23
Give Your Thumbs and Fingers a Restp. 25
Hand, Finger, and Thumb Rotationsp. 25
Reflex with Caution the First Weekp. 26
How Much Pressure Should Be Usedp. 26
How Long Should Pressure Be Appliedp. 27
How to Know Which Reflex Buttons to Pressp. 27
Practice Makes Perfectp. 28
Learning to Work the Reflex Points in Your Fingers and Handsp. 29
How to Work Reflexes in Thumbs and Fingersp. 29
How to Work Between the Webbing of Fingersp. 32
Easy Techniques for Finding Reflex Points in Your Palmsp. 35
How to Work Reflexes on Back (or Top) of Handsp. 37
Some Reflex Buttons May Be Difficult to Locatep. 37
Nature's Gift to Relieve Painp. 38
How to Use Self-Help Tools at Home to Relieve Painp. 39
How to Use the Magic Reflexerp. 40
Case History of First Experiment with Magic Reflexerp. 41
Magic Reflexer Relieves Aching Armp. 41
Techniques for Using the Magic Reflexerp. 41
Athletes Love the Magic Reflexerp. 43
How to Stop Pain with a Reflex Comb and Reflex Clampsp. 44
The Advantage of Using Reflex Clampsp. 45
Doctor Demonstrates Proof of Reflexologyp. 46
How to Benefit from Using Reflex Combsp. 46
How to Regain Health with the Deluxe Hand and Foot Rollerp. 47
Reflexology Is a Godsendp. 50
Your Life and Your Endocrine Glandsp. 51
Three Important Glands Are Located in the Brainp. 51
How to Activate More Hormone-Producing Glandsp. 53
The Endocrine System and Its Reflexes, Chart Gp. 57
Reflexology Transforms Vital Life Forces into Activityp. 58
Reflexology Helpful for Delinquent Childrenp. 58
Reflexology Keeps Glands in Tunep. 59
Strengthen Endocrine Glands for Natural Healingp. 59
Parkinson's Disease Helped with Reflexologyp. 60
Treating the Eyes at Home with Reflexologyp. 63
How to Locate Reflexes for the Eyesp. 63
Reflexes to Improve Eyesightp. 64
How to Relieve Eyestrainp. 65
Exercises to Renew Eye Healthp. 66
How to Use Reflexology to Stop Eye Troublesp. 66
How to Use Reflexology to Regain Hearingp. 69
Reflex Techniques to Improve Hearingp. 69
Highlighting Reflex Zones to the Earsp. 70
How to Use Body Reflex Methods to Improve Hearingp. 72
How Doctors Used a Special Reflex Point in the Mouthp. 73
Case Histories from the Files of Various Doctorsp. 73
How to Ease an Aching Earp. 76
Help for Gradual Hearing Lossp. 76
You Can Help Hearing Loss in Childrenp. 77
How to Work Reflexes in the Tonguep. 78
How Entertainers Use Reflexology to Keep Their Voices Beautifulp. 78
How to Find Zones in the Tonguep. 79
How Reflexology Helps the Jaw and Teethp. 81
How to Stop an Aching Tooth with Reflexologyp. 81
Work the Reflex on the Same Side of the Body as the Painp. 82
How to Stop an Aching Jaw with Reflexologyp. 82
How to Keep Bones and Teeth Healthyp. 83
How to Work Reflex Areas for Lung and Respiratory Problemsp. 85
The Importance of the Respiratory Systemp. 86
Faulty Lungs Cause Body Imbalancep. 87
Healing Exercises for the Lungsp. 88
How Reflexology Speeds the Healing Processp. 88
How We Know the Benefits of Reflexology Are Realp. 89
How Your Thoughts Can Control Your Futurep. 89
Animals Show Proof that Reflexology Really Worksp. 90
How You Can Abort a Cold and Stop Coughsp. 92
The Trachea (Windpipe) and How It Worksp. 94
Do Not Overwork Reflexes for Coldsp. 94
Helpful Tips to Avoid a Coldp. 95
How to Ease Asthma, Hay Fever, and Emphysemap. 98
How to Work Various Reflexes for Respiratory Problemsp. 99
Reflex Help for Asthma Attacksp. 100
Calming Hay Fever with Reflexologyp. 100
Additional Reflex Help for Unhealthy Lungsp. 101
Reflex Help for Tuberculosis and Emphysemap. 103
How to Cure a Sick Voice with Reflexologyp. 105
Use Tongue Reflexology to Ease Throat Tensionp. 106
Reflexology Used by Opera Singer to Keep Voice Beautifulp. 107
Grandmothers Used Reflexology to Relieve Choking in Croupp. 107
Many Speakers Turn to Reflexology for Relief of Vocal Strainp. 107
How a Speaker Regained His Voicep. 107
Technique of Finding Reflexes in the Tonguep. 108
Professional Performers Helped by Reflexologyp. 108
How to Relax While Making a Speechp. 109
How Reflexology Can Stop Your Headachep. 111
Reflex Help for Various Types of Headache Painp. 112
Spread the News of Reflexologyp. 116
How a Hangover Was Quickly Relievedp. 116
How to Stop Hair Loss with Reflexologyp. 119
Hair Is Barometer of Your Healthp. 119
Doctor Gives Magic Secret of How to Grow New Hairp. 119
How to Use Reflexology to Prevent Gray Hairp. 120
Woman's Hair Changes from Gray to Blondep. 121
Anemia Can Be Helped with Reflexologyp. 122
Anemia Drains Energyp. 122
How to Treat Arthritis with Reflexologyp. 125
How Arthritis Affects the Whole Bodyp. 126
How You Can Relieve Arthritisp. 126
Reactivate Glandular System to Ease Painp. 127
Flush Out Clogged Channelsp. 128
How Renewed Circulation Helps Stop Painp. 130
How to Preserve Your Muscles and Jointsp. 130
How a Ranch Woman Recovered from Arthritisp. 131
How Reflexology Helps Stop Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Wrist Painp. 134
To Understand CTS, Create Your Own Visual Aidp. 135
Take a Reflex Break Every Hourp. 136
Reflexology Techniques to Ease Wrist and Hand Painp. 137
Continue to Care for Your Hands after Work Hoursp. 138
Hand Exercises to Help Eliminate Painp. 138
Research Shows Vitamin B[subscript 6] Helps Relieve CTSp. 140
Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (TTS) Is Similar to CTSp. 140
How Reflexology Can Help Your Backp. 142
How to Work the Spinal Reflexesp. 143
Key Reflex Areas to Help Heal Back Troublesp. 145
Common Causes of Back Painp. 146
How Reflexology Relieves Minister of Back Painsp. 147
Man Cured of Back Pain in a Few Minutesp. 148
Train Conductor Relieved of Back Painp. 148
Reflexology Saves Man from Operation on Spinep. 149
How Reflexology Can Help Your Digestive Systemp. 150
The Importance of Your Stomachp. 150
Reflex Techniques to Relieve Stomach Troublesp. 151
Reflexology Helps Relieve Many Digestive Complaintsp. 153
Reflex Help for Hiccupsp. 155
How Reflexology Helps Stop Motion Sicknessp. 156
The Significance of the Large and Small Intestinesp. 157
Reflexology Helps Stimulate Better Intestinal Healthp. 158
Reflexology Has Been Stopping Pain for Many Yearsp. 159
Reflexology Will Continue to Stop Pain for Many Yearsp. 160
A Journey Through the Alimentary Canalp. 161
Easy-to-Follow Explanations of the Digestive Systemp. 161
We Learn a Truth from Studying the Digestive Systemp. 163
A Visual Chart of the Alimentary Canal, Chart Hp. 164
Reflexology Help for Diabetes and Hypoglycemiap. 165
The Importance of the Pancreasp. 165
How to Stimulate the Pancreas with Reflexologyp. 166
How Reflexology Helps Diabetics Feel Betterp. 166
How Reflexology Helps Hypoglycemia Victimsp. 169
How to Work the Reflexes for Hypoglycemiap. 170
How a Doctor Recovered after Three Years of Illnessp. 173
How to Take Care of Your Appendix and Ileo-cecal Valvep. 174
Help Stop Appendicitis with Reflexologyp. 174
Allergies and the Ileo-cecal Valvep. 176
How Reflexology Can Heal Hemorrhoidsp. 179
Victims of Hemorrhoids Suffer in Silencep. 180
Foot Reflexology Stopped Hemorrhoid Pain in Minutesp. 181
Reflexology Helps Prolapsed Rectump. 181
How Reflexology Can Help Your Heartp. 183
The Heart and How It Worksp. 183
Key Reflexes for a Healthier Heartp. 184
How Heart Pain Can Be Relieved with Reflexologyp. 186
Work Your Reflexes While in a Prone Positionp. 189
How to Regulate Blood Pressure and Lower Cholesterolp. 190
How to Bring Down High Blood Pressurep. 190
How to Manage Low Blood Pressurep. 191
How to Normalize Blood Pressure with Reflexologyp. 191
How to Measure Your Own Blood Pressurep. 192
Buddha Physician Could Feel Despair by Touching Pulsep. 193
How to Regulate Cholesterolp. 193
Helpful Tips to Lower Cholesterol Levelp. 193
How to Correct Circulatory Problemsp. 195
Key Reflex Points to Help Improve Circulationp. 195
How to Use Reflexology for a Strokep. 198
How to Prevent a Strokep. 199
How to Use Reflexology After a Strokep. 199
Helping the Kidneys and Bladder with Reflexologyp. 203
Revitalize Your Kidneys with Reflexologyp. 203
How to Test for Kidney Weaknessp. 205
Faulty Kidneys Can Cause Various Health Troublesp. 206
Reflexology for Bladder Troublesp. 208
Reflex Help for the Urinary Systemp. 209
How Bedwetting Can Be Helped with Reflexologyp. 209
Reflexologist from India Gives History of Healingsp. 210
How to Use Reflexology to Help the Liverp. 211
The Liver Is Your Body's High-Tech Laboratory and Storehousep. 211
Working Reflexes to Help the Liver Heal Itselfp. 213
How Finger Squeezing Benefits the Liverp. 214
Symptoms from a Neglected Liverp. 215
Tips for a Healthy Liverp. 215
Key Reflexes for Gall Bladder Troublep. 216
Help Avoid Female Discomforts with Reflexologyp. 218
How Old-Fashioned Doctor Ends Female Troublesp. 219
Reflexology and Tonic End Operationsp. 219
How to Stop Painful Menstruationp. 220
How to Use Reflexology During Menopausep. 223
Using Reflexology to Treat Sex Glandsp. 225
The Importance of Sex Glandsp. 225
How to Enhance the Health of Your Sex Glandsp. 226
How to Lessen Pain with Reflexologyp. 228
Hormonal Imbalances in Men and Womenp. 228
Malfunctioning Sex Glandsp. 228
Reflex Help for Prostate Problemsp. 229
Reflex Techniques for Easier Childbirthp. 231
Doctor Lectures on Childbirthp. 231
Helpful Reflexology Techniques for Easier Laborp. 232
Reflexology Used Instinctively by Women in Laborp. 232
Special Tips Make Delivery Easierp. 232
Use Reflex Comb Technique Only When Doctor Is Presentp. 233
Reflexology Used to Shorten Laborp. 234
How Reflexology Helps Mothers Breast-Feed Their Babiesp. 236
Reflexology for Childrenp. 239
How to Maintain Your Child's Healthp. 240
Reflexology Is Good Preventionp. 241
Children Use Reflexology to Help Othersp. 241
Children Use Reflexology in Sportsp. 243
Be a Winner with Reflexologyp. 243
Reflexology in Undeveloped Countriesp. 244
Glandular Disorders May Cause Alcoholism and Drug Addictionp. 246
How Malfunctioning Adrenal Glands Are to Blamep. 246
How to Help the Alcoholic with Reflexologyp. 247
Reflexology Helpful in Treatment of Drug Withdrawalp. 248
Reflexology for Those in Wheelchairsp. 251
A Few Basic Reflex Proceduresp. 252
Using the Referral Systemp. 253
Self-Help Tools Benefit Circulationp. 253
Helpful Tipsp. 254
Relaxing Nervous Tension with Reflexologyp. 257
Quickest Way to Calm Nervesp. 258
How Reflexology Cures Neuralgia in Tonguep. 259
How a Doctor Cured Tri-facial Neuralgiap. 259
How Reflexology Stops Nervous Anxietyp. 260
How to Use Your Hands and Feet to Reduce Stressp. 260
Reflexology Help for Claustrophobiap. 262
Reflexology Helps Alleviate Precarious Situationsp. 262
Reflex Help for Mental Tensionp. 263
Using Reflexology to Cure Insomniap. 264
Reflexology Is Important to Our Healthp. 264
How to Rebuild New Cells with Reflexologyp. 265
How Healthy Cells Stop Process of Agingp. 265
How to Eliminate Toxic Wastes with Reflexologyp. 266
The Importance of Our Elimination Organsp. 266
How to Start the Process of Rejuvenationp. 267
Revitalizing Skin and Bones with Reflexologyp. 267
Balancing Body Chemistry to Help Cure Diseasesp. 269
Edgar Cayce on the Aurap. 270
Many Countries Use Methods Related to Reflexologyp. 270
How Rejuvenation Is Possible with Reflexologyp. 272
Return to Youth Is Possiblep. 272
Ancient Masters Spoke of Rejuvenationp. 272
Your Youth Can Be Renewed Like the Eagle'sp. 273
Rejuvenation by Modern Ponce de Leonp. 276
Woman in Mid Sixties Has Healthy Babyp. 276
Famous Person Dances After Treatmentp. 277
Rejuvenation Therapy Used by Renaissance Spap. 277
Reversing the Process of Agep. 277
Reflexology Is for Everyonep. 278
Reflexology Photo Albump. 280
At-a-Glance Photos with Highlights of Special Reflex Techniquesp. 280
Self-Help Reflexology Toolsp. 292
Indexp. 293
Table of Contents provided by Syndetics. All Rights Reserved.

ISBN: 9780735201286
ISBN-10: 0735201285
Audience: General
For Ages: 18+ years old
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 299
Published: 1st February 2000
Country of Publication: US
Dimensions (cm): 22.86 x 15.24  x 2.54
Weight (kg): 0.36
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