Hagitude : Reimagining the Second Half of Life - Sharon Blackie


Reimagining the Second Half of Life

By: Sharon Blackie

Paperback | 11 October 2022

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"There can be a certain perverse pleasure, as well as a sense of rightness and beauty, in insisting on flowering just when the world expects you to become quiet and diminish."
- from the book

For any woman over fifty who has ever asked "What now? Who do I want to be?" comes a life-changing book showing how your next phase of life may be your most dynamic yet. As mythologist and psychologist Sharon Blackie describes it, midlife is the threshold to decades of opportunity and profound transformation, a time to learn, flourish, and claim the desires and identities that are often limited during earlier life stages. This is a time for gaining new perspectives, challenging and evolving belief systems, exploring callings, uncovering meaning, and ultimately finding healing for accumulated wounds.

Western folklore and mythology are rife with brilliantly creative, fulfilled, feisty, and furious role models for aging women, despite our culture's focus on youthfulness. Blackie explores these archetypes in Hagitude, presenting them in a way sure to appeal to contemporary women. Drawing inspiration from these examples as well as modern mentors, you can reclaim midlife as a liberating, alchemical moment rich with possibility and your elder years as a path to feminine power.

Industry Reviews
"Hagitude is a fascinating book. It's well researched, packed with stories and bursting with lovely descriptions of the natural world. There's plenty in it to inspire women of every age."
-- The Sunday Times

"Hagitude has the power to change lives. By sharing her personal story alongside potent female figures from myth and history, Sharon Blackie offers us a rich and exciting vision of how we can grow into a more connected and creative second half of life. Full of fierce energy, this is a book that acts like a ration of courage, of purpose."
-- Tanya Shadrick, author of The Cure for Sleep

"Like all Blackie's works it is erudite, wise, passionate and empowering -- a feast and a joy of a book."
-- Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

"Hagitude takes readers through the "house of elders" -- an extraordinary cast of figures including fairy godmothers, wise women, tricksters and creators, offering bewitching role models for women in their later years."
-- Western Mail

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