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Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix, Anchor and Adhesion Proteins : The Guidebook Series - Thomas Kreis

Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix, Anchor and Adhesion Proteins

The Guidebook Series

By: Thomas Kreis (Editor), Ronald Vale (Editor)

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This new edition of Guidebook to the Extracellular Matrix and Adhesion Proteins brings up-to-date information on the purification, activities, antibodies and genes for the proteins found in the extracellular matrix and those known to be involved in cell-cell contact and adhesion. Since the first edition much has been learned on the structure of these proteins and their diverse roles in cell communication and metabolite exchange. The Sambrook and Tooze guidebooks provide succinct and up-to-date information on particular classes of important biological molecules, accompanied by short bibliographies, which enable both specialists and newcomers to the field to gain access to unfamiliar work. Drawing on a wide range of sources, this volume addresses all aspects of the structure and function of modules in the extracellular matrix, adhesion molecules, cell adhesion and cell-cell contact proteins.

Industry Reviews

`Indeed, `essential' is the spiritus rector of these publications ... will be welcomed by those new to these fields and, I dare say, virtually everyone already working in them ... these publications are bound to remain in demand and are likely to become even more effective and valuable in the future.' Manfred Schliwa, University of Munich, Nature, Vol. 367, 1994 `this small guidebook is indispensable ... Investigators in the field will probably also benefit from having this guidebook as a ready reference ... visuals add immeasurably to the appeal of the book ... informative and authoritative ... introduced by three brief but more comprehensive overviews ... a valuable perspective on the field ... the guidebooks should remain a valuable resource for some time to come.' Thomas D. Pollard, Johns Hopkins Medical School, TIBS 19 - February 1994 `the book is successful in providing a first glimpse into this seemingly overwhelming scientific arena ... The best aspect of the book is the schematic illustrations included in many of the descriptions ... the book offers newcomers an excellent introduction into the world of the ECM and cell adhesion, compiling an extraordinary amount of information into a well-organized, easy-to-use format ... even veterans might enjoy the luxury of a single book that can be leafed at any time of the night or day to find just that one small desperately needed fact.' Lora Hedrick, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Trends in Cell Biology, Vol. 4 `A really excellent compendium of essential information on proteins involved in cellular adhesion and the extracellular matrix. Although commendably exhaustive, information is sensibly restricted to well-characterized proteins.' Aslib Book Guide, vol. 59, no. 2, February 1994 `People who came into my room, picked up this and the companion contractile protein book and all wanted to borrow them for a few hours!' International Journal of Biochemistry, Vol. 26, No. 6, 1994 `the Guidebook was designed to be a collage of the various proteins, pointing readers in the appropriate direction for further research via references ... It succeeds in this manner. The information provided is up to date and accurate and the book should be a valuable starting point before ensconcing oneself in the library to carry out detailed investigation. The book should also be especially valuable to students needing to perceive the interrelations of the proteins that they are studying.' Cell Biology International, Vol. 17, No. 12, 1993 `The book is nicely presented, conveniently sized and competitively priced and will make an excellent companion for those interested generally and specifically in cell adhesion.' A.I. Magee, FEBS Letters 337 (1994)

Louis Reichardt: Introduction Jurgen Engel: Modules in ECM and Adhesion Molecules Arthur Lander: Proteoglycans Section 1: ECM Molecules Kurt Doege: Aggrecan Bruce Wallace and U.J. McMahan: Agrin Larry Fisher: Biglycan (BGN) Larry Fisher: Bone Sialoprotein Paul Goetnick: Cartillage Matrix Protein Susan Hockfield: Cat-301 Proteoglycan Palmer Taylor: Cholinesterases B. Olsen: Collagens Larry Fisher: Decorin Paul Wasserman: Egg Zona Pellucida Glycoproteins Robert P. Mecham: Elastin Zaverio M. Ruggeri: Fibrinogen-Fibrin Ake Oldberg: Fibromodulin Richard Hynes: Fibronectin W. Scott Argraves: Fibulin Bryan Toole: Hyaluronan, Hyaluronan Synthases and Hyaluronan Binding Proteins Rupert Timpl and Takako Sasaki: Laminins Paul Goetnick: Link Protein J. Burchell and Joyce Taylor-Papadimitriou: Mucins Patricia Crisanti: Nectinepsin T. Serafini, Marc Tessier-Lavigne, and J. Culotti: Netrin Rupert Timpl: Nidogen Cecilia Giachelli: Osteopontin Bill Boyle: Osteoprotegerin Shukti Chakravarti: Perlecan Tom Curran: Reelin Gary Wessel: Sea urchin ECM proteins Adam Koppel and John Raper: Semaphorins Helene Sage and Alexander Redlitz: SPARC (osteonectin/BM40) Ruth Chiquet-Ehrismann: Tenascins Jack Lawler: Thrombospondins Dieter Zimmerman: Versican Deborah Hall: Vitronectin Zaverio Ruggeri and Jerry Ware: von Willebrand Factor Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Section II: ECM Proteinases Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Astacin/Tolloid Proteinases Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Lyosomal Proteinases Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Matrix Metaloproteinases Mark Sternlicht and Zena: Neutrophil Elastase and Cathespins G Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Plasminogen Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Plasminogen Inhibitors Mark Sternlicht and Zena Werb: Tissue-type Plasminogen Activator Section 2: Cell Adhesion and Cell-Cell Contact Proteins Birchmeister: Introduction Thiery: The Ig superfamily of adhesion molecules Behrens: Introduction: Cadherin-mediated signal transduction Dans/Giancotti: Signalling via Intergrins Primakoff/Myles: ADAMs Johnson/Wheelock/Takeichi: Cadherins C C-CAM and ontherCEA-related CAMsObrink: Dustin/Springer: CD2/LFA-3 Puré/Hodge-Dufour: CD44 Shur: Cell Surface Galactosyltransferase Moser: Chemokine Receptors Besmer: C-Kit Receptor Tyrosine Kinase - Kit Ligand / Stem Cell Factor Paul: Connexins Faix/Gerisch: Contact site A Leonardo/Tessier-Lavigne/Culotti: DCC Family Henry/Campbell: Dystroglycan Eigenthaler/Shattil: -Endonexin Litvinoff: Ep-CAM (Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule) Hortsch: Fascilin I Hortsch: Fascilin II Hortsch: Fascilin III Hemler: Intergrins Brown/Lindberg: Intergrin-Associated Protein Dustin/Springer: ICAMs (Intracellular Adhesion Molecules) Veugelers/David: Glypicans Levitt/Pimenta: LAMP (Limbic System Associated Membrane Protein) Ruggeri/Ware: Leucine-Rich Repeat Family of Proteins Dustin/Springer: LFA-1 Krissansen/Leung/Lehnert: MAdCam-1 Sastry/Esekowitz: MBP (Mannose Binding Proteins) Story/Ploegh: MHC class I and II Colman: Myelin Sheath Proteins Colman: Lipophilins McKerracher/Dunn: MAG (Myelin Associated Glycoprotein) Colman: MBP (Myelin Basic Proteins Colman: MOG (Myelin Oligodendrocyte Glycoprotein) Colman: Po (Peripheral Myelin Protein 22) Colman: PMP22 (Peripheral Myelin Protein 22) Brümmendorf: NCAM (Neural Cell Adhesion Molecule) Brümmendorf: Neural Cell Recognition Molecule F11 (Contaction) Brümmendorf: Neural Cell Recognition Molecule L1 (Contaction) Volkner: Neurofascin Hortsch: Neuroglian Jimenez/Piovant: Neurotactin Sun/Caron/Artavanis-Tsakonas: Notch/Delta/Serrate Volkner/Brümmendorf: NrCAM (NgCAM related cell adhesion molecule) Tsukita: Occludin PECAM-1/CD31 Primakoff/Myles: PH-20 Ruggeri/Ware: Platelet GP Ib-IX-V Complex Rosen: Selectins Vestweber: Selectin Ligands Kramer: Sevenless and Bride of Sevenless Fitzgerald/Bernfield: Syndecans Furley-Sonderegger: TAG-1/Axonin-1 Jakobs: TCR/CD3 complexes and the CD4 and CD8 co-receptors Rubenstein/Boucheix: Tetraspans Culotti/Hinck/Tessier-Lavigne: UNC-5 Family Lobb/Osborn: VCAM-1 Johnson: V-V-C2-C2-C2 CAMs Lipke/Kurjan: Yeast Sexual Agglutins

ISBN: 9780198599586
ISBN-10: 0198599587
Series: The Guidebook Series
Audience: Professional
Format: Paperback
Language: English
Number Of Pages: 588
Published: 1st September 1998
Country of Publication: GB
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